Friday, January 2, 2009

Obama's Women

Ugh Vogue- again Vogue.

A friend sent this my way.....

"CHANGE! Yes, you can" boldly proclaimed from the cover. Another issue filled with Obama worshipping and Obama-isms. Four more years of this, maybe more.

There is a picture of the Obamas in the Table of Contents referring you to their website to choose Inaugural dresses for Michelle, then there's a 7 page spread of the Obamas photographed by Annie Lebowitz with only two columns of text and three references to JFK. It opens:

It's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since the country felt so inspired, so happy to look ahead.

Boy- that's not the vibe that I'm getting. A December 11th Pew poll shows the fear and uncertainty that's driving the economic downturn, umm, that's after Obama was elected.

But there's more:

(When the Obamas took the stage in November) It was a moment of such electricity and emotion that none of us at the magazine could remember- even those of us who voted for JFK.

I don't even want to entertain thoughts of what these old hags did when Obama won....

Change is not about enforcing one's will on others- but of inspiring others to follow.

Really- I'll have to remember that one. Liberalism is all about enforcing one's will on others.

The issue also included glossed-over profiles of NYC lib Spin Sisters Katie Couric (failure at CBS), Rachel Maddow, and Campbell Brown- what? No Megyn Kelly? I'm shocked!!

One brave Vogue reader- a Michelle F. Solomon of Hollywood, FL wrote a letter to the editor admonishing the magazine for trying to brainwash readers right before the election. She pointed out the exact same multitude of Obama-references in their election issue that I did a few months back.

My main issue goes back to this- you are a FASHION magazine. I made a decision during the 2000 election to stop buying Glamour, Marie Claire and Vogue for their liberal viewpoints and pushing Democrats down the throats of American women who just want to know if long hemlines are back or how to wear purple eyeshadow for evening. I can't encourage my friends enough to do the same-quit giving money to these rags. It's sad that women who enjoy fashion- yeah, I'm shallow I like fashion- can't find a decent magazine to read about designer trends without having an agenda shoved at them.


liz said...

Great post, Sheila! The January issue of Elle (with Beyonce on the cover - another one of Obama's women and subject of another blog post of yours) is yet another Obama lovefest.

I purposely have not renewed my subscriptions to Newsweek, Vanity Fair, US Weekly and Oprah because they are a source of frustration rather than relaxation.

Sheila said...