Monday, January 26, 2009

Much Better In Character

My good friends know that I love the show "Mad Men"...early 1960's NYC, great acting, fabulous costumes, Manhattans and Martinis and Gimlets...what's not to love?
I even had a Mad Men themed party this fall to celebrate my birthday and my mom winning her cancer battle- here's a couple pics:

How sad then to see Don Draper at the SAG Awards with Keanu Reeves hair and a date who needed a bra (Betty Draper would NEVER be caught without the proper foundations!)

John Hamm is most definitely better in character:


Mary said...

Don Draper--dreamboat. Jon Hamm? Not a List Man.

You all look great. Makes me sad seeing Dad all Don-like.

Sheila said...

Our Don was very Don Draper that night...I know it makes me sad too.