Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Inagural Fashion

Oh, I could kick myself- I predicted Michelle Obama would wear all-white to the Inaugural Balls and good buddy K. predicted that she'd wear a one-shoulder number.

What the heck is Barack wearing? He looks like a weird Vegas singer. You DO NOT wear white tie without tails and you do not wear white tie and tails unless the event is white tie. Todd says that's a regular suit jacket and not a tux jacket.

Really bad. But methinks the fashion media will call it "daring" and "edgy" or "youthful"

P.S. Todd informs me Obama's now going to the Youth Ball with Kanye West- Mr. "George Bush hates black people"...Todd also informs me that after 3 minutes he's "stomached enough" and is going downstairs to watch sports.


Cool Gal said...

Thought it looked like a wedding dress.

Yuck...she needs to learn how to walk like a lady.

liz said...

Excellent points on the tux. I was wondering why the white tie myself - was it to match Michelle's dress? If so, that is reserved for prom, and prom alone.

Did you catch rapper JayZ's rhyming skillz at one of the inauguration bashes last night? Shameless.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

After reading this post...I love you even more! I saw pictures of the clothes (I refused to watch all the hype on TV yesterday) and am at a complete loss by all the talk of the Obama's becoming new "Fashion Icons"...

And Cool Gal...so glad that you mentioned the "lack of" a lady-like gait. It has bothered me for months that she "cloomps" around in heels.

Sorry if I am coming across as being catty, but after 8 years of poise and grace in the White House...I cannot help myself.

raisingmykidsright said...

Laura Bush was the ultimate first lady. I'll admit that I liked Michelle's dress, it's that permanent angry scowl on her face that I can't get over. And for African Americans- or any Americans for that matter, I thought that their dancing skills SUCKED!