Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I managed to stay up until 11pm before heading to bed last night.

I caught Bill and Hill in Times Square- kind of cute:

You know what she was thinking about 2008, "What the hell was that?"

I'm never great about keeping New Year's Resolutions, but, I'll give it a try:

1. I resolve to drive more and get out of Eden Prairie for some adventures and to use more gasoline in my big SUV.

2. I resolve to stop saying "Okay?" after I tell my kids to do something- (I read this in a parenting magazine the other day and I can't believe how much I do it!)-- "Jane, please stop whining, okay?" "Kathleen, please buckle your seat belt, okay?" What a wimp!

3. I resolve to spend maximum time with my friends and family and minimum time with people who annoy me- hmmm, I already got rid of a lot of kid's activities with other stay-at-home mommies- so I guess that means I may miss a lot of political meetings.


4. I resolve to embrace the love that IS Barack Obama- to become part of the "Obama Generation" and hold hands with my fellow man and not worry about silly things like taxes and spending and terrorist attacks. It's all about hope and change for me in 2009.

What are your resolutions?


Preppy 101 said...

Loving your resolutions :-) I have to make my list asap...gotta jump on the bandwagon and make my reso's and hope I do better this year...all I'm gonna say about that ;-)

Goose said...

I resolve to be extremely critical of our governement and its entities in a productive manner as they are paid by and serve the people of the United States of America and not vice versa. They are employed by us, we are their supervisors.