Monday, January 5, 2009

Halloween in January

Saw that Franken is ahead by 225 votes now. A few people forwarded me the Wall Street Journal article from today which is a good summary for those who haven't been following the recount.

It really makes NO SENSE for 500 votes to magically switch hands when they were all counted by computers. But of course, the Democrats don't care about silly things like logic when there's a Senate seat to be stolen.

If Coleman loses this seat, it will achieve on thing that Coleman couldn't achieve before this mess: A very motivated, ticked-off bunch of Republicans that will work extremely hard to win an election.

Klobuchar would be extrememly difficult- but not impossible- to beat. Unfortunately we'd have to have four years of Klobuchar/Franken to deal with. How embarassing, how completely embarassing for Minnesota.


Goose said...

I don't understand why the recount follows different processes and standards than the original election processes, which have already been certified and approved by election officials. Explain that to me, AG Ritchie??? It's like watching a tennis match live, and then afterwards, watching the tape in slow motion, seeing which balls truly hit the lines, in or out, and rescoring the entire match. This is pure voter disenfranchisement at its finest. If that is the case, then just hand count all the damn ballots to begin with and eliminate the machines.

Yeah, I guess the only thing to do the next four to six years is to bombard their offices with constituent calls and emails, and maybe they will actually believe there are non-liberals out there. I have yet to receive one response from Klobuchar from the various emails regarding legislation.

Coleman responded to all of mine, although he disagreed with my positions for the most part. At least it was nice to have been heard.

Jim said...

I doubt we've seen the last of Norm (even after the upcoming months of legal action). As a career politician, he'll be back, even if the people in the state and the party foot soldiers aren't particularly fond of him. The party heads seem to like him, so they'll stick him somewhere.

Goose, I think you're right. At least his staff sends an on-topic canned reply. Most recently, I sent emails to Amy and Norm suggesting they oppose the auto bailout, and only Norm's office sent a followup other than the "thanks for your email" instant auto reply.

Also, I do think it's a little lame to have such a swing in the vote count. If you can't fill in a little oval, you probably deserve to have your ballot rejected no matter what you intended. Of course, it was pretty safe to assume the feeble-minded twits who can't fill in an oval would end up being Dem votes, so it's not a complete shock.

Sheila said...

What else would Norm do besides be a politician? there are some out there saying he'll run for Governor- no way.