Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go Gov

Governor Pawlenty made his "State of the State" address last week. Much of what he talked about- massive cuts to the size of state government and consolidating things like counties delivering human services money- was music to my ears. It's about time. Another proposal:

Pawlenty wants to freeze all state government wages for two years and extend the freeze to any government entity that accepts state money. That could include local and county government workers and thousands of teachers and professors.

Alas Eden Prairie doesn't receive any state money, so the Republican Governor holds no sway here. His salary freeze proposal is a reaction to the state budget deficit, a salary freeze in our fair suburb would actually be proactive...a much harder sell it seems.

It is interesting to note that if a justification for current salaries is that employees may leave if they don't get yearly increases- and if it is only the largest cities in Minnesota who would pay more for similar public job descriptions- and they are forced to freeze salaries because most of them receive local government aid from the state- then where would these disgruntled employees venture to go?

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liz said...

Let me hear an amen!