Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not a single Republican in the house voted in favor of Obama's pork-laden stimulus package.


Now- let's see if the wimps in the Senate can tow the line.

I hear a bunch of Democrats whining and whining though on the network news. I don't get it. Why are they mad? They passed the legislation. They are frustrated that we're not like China with 400-2 votes? They thought it "would be different now". They thought that Obama "reached out"....excuse me, wasn't he sworn eight days ago? How much reaching out can be done in eight days on a nearly trillion bill? It's really careless.

And how many times did Senator Obama vote in favor of Bush-led legislation?

Caught Lou Dobbs and Campbell Brown on CNN tonight heavily criticizing the new President. Wow. I can't wait to see how the messiah handles the pressure.

P.S. No answer from Senator Klobuchar's office on my question about the Geithner vote. What a suprise. I'll have to call tomorrow.


Goose said...

Wow, couldn't get one person to cross the aisle. This has little to do with the bill and everything to do with Obama's influence on Pelosi, which is clearly zilch. Guess she wears the pants in this new family.

I thought this was a new beginning, time to put aside partisan politics? Hogwash. Very embarrassing for the Dems and Obama to get a bagel from the conservatives on this vote. Curious to see what happens in the Senate, but my sense is that that version will get some support from the minority.

Just goes to show you how little respect Pelosi has for the new president. She just views him as a bill signer.

Mary said...

According to what I heard today, Republicans senators won't vote for it either. Well, maybe Olympia Snow will. I hope they keep it up. It's the only thing that makes me feel like there is...well...hope.