Friday, January 30, 2009

The Color of Money?

Well the new website is up-

Look at Biden's so serious face, because this is serious business right?

Why then is their first meeting going to be dedicated to "green jobs"?

Save the Date: First Meeting 2/27/2009

The task force’s first focus will be green jobs as a pathway to a strong middle class.

Green jobs are jobs that provide products and services which use renewable energy resources, reduce pollution, conserve energy and natural resources and reconstitute waste.

So what do green jobs mean for the middle class?

First, quite simply, it means more jobs. At a time when good jobs at good wages are harder and harder to come by, it is critical we find new and innovate ways to create more such jobs. Building a new power grid, manufacturing solar panels, weatherizing homes and office buildings, and renovating schools are just a few examples of ways to create new good quality jobs – green jobs – and strengthen the foundation of this country at the same time.

Second, more green jobs mean more money in your pocketbook at the end of the month. If we create jobs that aim to reduce your energy costs – like your electric bill and your home heating bill – that means you have more disposable income for other things.

Creating more green jobs has multiple benefits. It helps the economy as a whole; it helps our environment; and it will save you money.

P.S. I sent an email through the website asking for the task force's definition of "middle class" with income/family size. Wonder if I'll see anything back.

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