Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Reason to Drink Coke

Has anybody seen Pepsi' new logo? Here's an ad I saw running for New Year's

The concept for the ad was inspired by a Pepsi survey that found 95 percent of millennials feel it's important for them to maintain a positive outlook on life. The company surveyed more than 2,000 Americans, as part of the Pepsi Optimism Project, or POP.

In addition to launching the new ad, Pepsi has partnered with MTV to encourage U.S. consumers to "broadcast their messages of optimism and hope for 2009" during the network's New Year's coverage in Times Square.

No tie-in to the election there.

I guess they have a brand new ad agency trying to target the next generation knows as "millenials". It looks like a combo between the Obama logo and with the old Tab font.

Another blogger makes the similar observations.

I wonder how their sales will do. Between the mass marketing of "green" and the in-your-face "hope or die" messages-this stuff is ripe for a backlash.



Ginny said...

i was just talking to jeff today about how much like obamas logo the new pepsi one looked. it took me a minute last night during the new years' eve special to figure out it was pepsi. at first it just looked like a big obama fest.

Jim said...

Hehe, and in NYC they'll tax it. Another example of socialism and big government working hand in hand to simultaneously strangle your freedom and pick your pocket. Sugary drinks make the little kids chunky, and since a lot of the little pleasantly plump chilluns are on Medicaid or similar state programs, it "saves the government money to tax soft drinks" is used as an excuse to try to tax it out of existence (which it never does).

How about you don't have socialist healthcare and you let people draw their own conclusions and drink what they want? If you are incapable of moderation and ruin your health, you live with the consequences or deal with them at your own cost (or with private insurance, family, friends, charity, etc.).

Nope, that's too easy and requires independent thought, self discipline, and not enough central planner control. We are a nation of sheep and we need to be fleeced. Tax us and convince us it's for our own good. Don't require too much thinking, just do as you're told.

I'm sure there's some "forbidden fruit" logic somewhere that will make the sugar drink tax backfire. But as long as the tax stream is there, any screwy health side effects aren't important.

Instead of true free markets deciding things by themselves, we pay a tax to subsidize the corn growers and pander to their vote. We end up with so much corn that we do stupid things like run our cars on food (corn ethanol). We also have government manipulated sugar prices and sugar import quotas in our bureaucratic government-managed "free trade" agreements to pander to the domestic sugar growers. This combo makes high fructose corn syrup cheaper than natural sugar, so the big food and drink companies switch to using high fructose corn syrup in everything. Now the government says that the drinks are too fattening for our socialist healthcare system to deal with, so they must be taxed. So, to deal with the government-created problem of too much high fructose corn syrup in our drinks, they tax it! Yay, the cycle of government meddling is complete. Create a problem with too much intervention and try to solve it with more taxes and intervention! Don't remove the original intervention, that's too logical and involves giving up power and the ability to buy votes. All the while you draw a fat salary with a generous Congressional pension when you retire. You buy votes with the subsidies that benefit the well-connected few at the distributed cost to everyone else. The masses don't complain about a few dollars each, but the benefactors of the intervention will lobby/fight tooth and nail to maintain their concentrated millions. Then you become a lobbyist for the sugar industry when you're tossed out of office. This endless pattern of abuse of power and corruption goes beyond party politics. Power corrupts, and that's why the only solution is a small, Constitutional government that doesn't have a bunch of bureaucrats deciding who to bail out and who to subsidize.

Well, that's enough rambling for one night.

Goose said...

This is no coincidence, the CEO of Pepsi, Indira Nooyi, is a big fan of Obama's and vice versa...