Friday, January 30, 2009

New RNC Chair

I'm thrilled that Michael Steele is the new head of the RNC.

We need some reform. We need our grassroots efforts to be recognized and energized.

We need people who don't say stupid things like "we need to stop talking about Ronald Reagan". I've heard a lot of this nonsense out of Minnesota Republicans- they don't get it. Reagan is our FDR, our JFK-- the "common" Republican (who doesn't attend caucus or help with campaigns) loves Ronald Reagan.

Now all we need is a new Chair here in Minnesota.

The Color of Money?

Well the new website is up-

Look at Biden's so serious face, because this is serious business right?

Why then is their first meeting going to be dedicated to "green jobs"?

Save the Date: First Meeting 2/27/2009

The task force’s first focus will be green jobs as a pathway to a strong middle class.

Green jobs are jobs that provide products and services which use renewable energy resources, reduce pollution, conserve energy and natural resources and reconstitute waste.

So what do green jobs mean for the middle class?

First, quite simply, it means more jobs. At a time when good jobs at good wages are harder and harder to come by, it is critical we find new and innovate ways to create more such jobs. Building a new power grid, manufacturing solar panels, weatherizing homes and office buildings, and renovating schools are just a few examples of ways to create new good quality jobs – green jobs – and strengthen the foundation of this country at the same time.

Second, more green jobs mean more money in your pocketbook at the end of the month. If we create jobs that aim to reduce your energy costs – like your electric bill and your home heating bill – that means you have more disposable income for other things.

Creating more green jobs has multiple benefits. It helps the economy as a whole; it helps our environment; and it will save you money.

P.S. I sent an email through the website asking for the task force's definition of "middle class" with income/family size. Wonder if I'll see anything back.

This is So Scary

Powerline outlines the expansion of Medicaid (Medicare is for the old, Medicaid is for the poor) under the pork-u-lus bill:

No income checks for unemployed people- and their families- wanting to sign up for Medicaid? Where are the liberals demanding that this money is reserved for the poor?

New federal COBRA subsidies (65%!)? I know a lot of people who made $100,000+ before they lost their jobs who will be signing right up.

We are truly creating a complete dependency-society here.

We already have an upside down health care system with rising costs due to over-involvement of government in the industry- and they want more.

How are we EVER going to afford this?

Union Pay-Back Time

Obama and Biden are speaking now in the White House to representatives of Big Labor...(I wonder if there's a lobbyist in the room?)

They are getting huge rounds of applause from the crowd as they take about making things more fair for the middle class and the poor. "We're on your side again". They are even saying "um, hm" out loud (you can hear it!)-- Talk about a new religion! Can I hear an AMEN!

They're ripping on Bush- they just can't help themselves. Biden made a snarky remark about the "Vice President's task force will be transparent" and repeated it like a comic and got his big laugh from the audience (a rip on Cheney). Could he be any less dignified?

They're launching a website for people to "share their stories"
(It wasn't up when I clicked it).

Obama is putting Biden in charge of the "Middle Class Task Force" and lists his credentials for the job as "growing up as a working class kid in Scranton, PA". Biden says all people want is for "the government to understand the problems" (of the middle class)- they want the kind, caring, love of big government.

Biden also talks about "green jobs" as part of this initiative and "shared prosperity".

Talk, talk, talk and yet they NEVER define what Middle Class is.

Hole getting deeper.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lawyer Nirvana

Obama signed into law today the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009"- my guess is this will be the first of many laws directed at "pay equity".

Read about the Lilly Ledbetter case here:

Here's my question- did any of the men making less than the highest-paid male in this case get compensation as well? If not, why not? That guy making only 15% more than the woman should have sued because he wasn't making as much as the guy making 40% more than the woman.

Now- if you want the real story about Ms. Ledbetter- an under-performing employee- (of course the media wants you to only see the "Alabama grandmother" angle) this article by Phyllis Schafly is a MUST READ:

So basically you'll be able to wake up after twenty years with a company and say "gee, I wonder if I was making the same amount as Bob was in 1989?" and sue.

Look- I was in the corporate world for a mere 7 years. In that time, I worked for a major software manufacturer with about 70 outside sales reps- 6 of us were women. I had a team of all men and had a boss who told me I wouldn't get a choice sales territory because "I had less ability to travel" (even though I was the only one without kids). I had a guy interview me and ask me when I planned on having children. I was called sweetheart and dear more times than I can count. I also made very good money and had a lot of success before the age of 30, hint: you don't make a lot of money without a lot of stress. I ended up happily taking a severance package at the job where I felt that I wasn't getting a fair shake. It was their loss. But, I wouldn't imagine- in a million years- suing a company for "discrimination". Life isn't fair- get over it.

And why should one person make the exact same amount as another? I want the best workers to make the most money and if I were running a company I'd be dammed if the federal government was going to dictate to me what I was going to pay people. If there are annual reviews and one person consistently makes their review and receives raises every year while the other person doesn't, there's going to be a gap in pay. I don't care if you're a man, woman or dog. Talk about legislation that puts the rubber stamp on mediocrity. You can now be a woman and not work as hard as a man, but if you have the same job title you'll be guaranteed the same pay? Does anybody wonder if this is going to make companies more gun-shy in hiring women? OF COURSE IT WILL! It's bull! I don't want it, I don't want it for my daughters. I don't want that kind of help as a woman, thank you very much.

So, who will benefit the most from this new legislation?

Lawyers- and Obama being one of them loves the trial attorneys. They were some of the biggest donors to his campaign.

Here's what the law does (according to the liberal Law Memo Blog who celebrates it)
  • Increase available remedies in Equal Pay Act cases by adding compensatory damages and punitive damages
  • Allow class action lawsuits
  • Require the EEOC and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to "provide training to [EEOC] employees and affected individuals and entities on matters involving discrimination in the payment of wages."

Just what we need right now- more lawsuits on business. More lawyers making money for manufacturing NOTHING, selling NOTHING, fixing NOTHING. John Edwards is putting together his list of new clients as I type this.

Mantra: Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcomes. Head now banging against wall.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not a single Republican in the house voted in favor of Obama's pork-laden stimulus package.


Now- let's see if the wimps in the Senate can tow the line.

I hear a bunch of Democrats whining and whining though on the network news. I don't get it. Why are they mad? They passed the legislation. They are frustrated that we're not like China with 400-2 votes? They thought it "would be different now". They thought that Obama "reached out"....excuse me, wasn't he sworn eight days ago? How much reaching out can be done in eight days on a nearly trillion bill? It's really careless.

And how many times did Senator Obama vote in favor of Bush-led legislation?

Caught Lou Dobbs and Campbell Brown on CNN tonight heavily criticizing the new President. Wow. I can't wait to see how the messiah handles the pressure.

P.S. No answer from Senator Klobuchar's office on my question about the Geithner vote. What a suprise. I'll have to call tomorrow.

Say What?

I was reading the Strib online and they have a section called "Your Voices" and this week they are featuring feedback to Governor Pawlenty's budget proposals.

They feature Annette Meeks, Founder and CEO of the Conservative Thinktank "The Freedom Foundation", Andrew Eklund, CEO of small business Ciceron, Rev. Peg Chamberlin, Exec Director, MN Council on Churches, Doug Stone, former reporter for the Strib and WCCO and former press secretary for Paul Wellstone and a Matthew Stanford-- an author and yoga teacher.

Here are some of Mr. Sandfords musings on the Minnesota budget crisis titled "Trauma, the Economy and our Psyche":

My name is Matthew Sanford and this is the first blog I have ever written. In general, I will be writing about minds, bodies, trauma, loss, hope, transformation, and consciousness. These subjects have been defining features of my life, much of which is chronicled in my book, Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence. I come to this blog fascinated by the shift in consciousness that occurs when we integrate our minds and our bodies. I believe mind-body integration is more than a personal health strategy. I believe it also provides a powerful lens for social, political, and cultural issues, both as individuals and as a society at large.

Trauma is a subtle phenomenon and does not require physical or direct violence. In an interview in the Utne Magazine (August, 2006), I define trauma as a core loss of trust in the world, in the order of things. Given this broad definition, each and every one of us works through trauma in one form or another.

Here are two examples from my life this last week.

First, a colleague of mine came to the Twin Cities and had difficulty renting a car. When he inquired at our airport, Hertz had no cars to rent and Alamo had only six cars on their entire lot. He jokingly asked if Obama was in town. The reply he heard was unsettling. The Alamo employee said that car rental agencies are not renewing their leases. They are returning their leased cars to the Big Three without leasing new ones because they do not trust that the Big Three will be in existence to take the cars back in two years. Now, I do not know if this is true or if this really is the cause of my colleague’s troubles, but my psyche was ready and willing to hear it. That night I woke from a sound sleep and found myself feeling dread.

In another snippet, my wife Jennifer was – dare I say it – shopping. She came across a Lucky brand shirt that normally would cost about 90 dollars. It was marked down to what she thought was 21 dollars, but when she got up to the cash register she was told that it cost 42 dollars. She told me that previously she would have gobbled that shirt up at 42 dollars and felt great about it. But in this current climate, she hesitated and chose not to buy, citing that she could do without such a luxurious item. Listening to her, I called to mind a story I heard about the horrors of deflation, that is, a drop in prices driven by consumers’ unwillingness to buy because of the expectation that the price may drop still more. Apparently deflation is much more dangerous than inflation, or so I heard. That night I woke again, this time wondering if Jennifer’s choice not to buy the shirt is the innocent unfolding of this “awful” deflation. Worse yet, I was still relieved that Jennifer chose not to buy. I felt this despite knowing that she was exhibiting deflation-causing behavior. I shuddered with the worry that there are now forces at work in our psyche that are beyond our control.

I mean, seriously, what on earth is this? No wonder the Strib is going bankrupt.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Constant Campaigner

Obama is now taking the next logical step in his political career after winning the White House- he has officially begun his campaign as "President of the World". He granted his very first interview as Commander in Chief- not to the liberal media at home who helped him so much during the election- but to Arab television channel Al-Arabiya. (I bet Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters have tears welling up in their eyejobs).

Obama sets the tone of the interview, not as the President of the United States, but as a humble servant to the people he wants to serve- the people of the world.

"All too often the United States starts by dictating"

"we sometimes make mistakes, we're not perfect"

My job is to communicate the fact that the United States has a stake in the well-being of the Muslim world, that the language we use has to be a language of respect,"

Because we weren't respectful when President Bush was in office, because (as Powerline notes) George W. Bush said repeatedly that Islam was a "religion of peace"....Obama is in a realy hurry to sell out his country (that's what you do when you sell out the former President now that you're in office) for his own ego, won't he?

The interviewer gushes over Obama- sound familiar? Obama was very friendly and on good terms with his aides, said Melhem, who found the nation’s 44th president “very smart.”

Elsewhere in the article:

The interview was the first time he explicitly talked about his family’s Muslim background. “I have Muslim members of my family,” Obama told Melhem. “I have lived in Muslim countries.”

Yeah- I noticed that. We weren't even allowed to ask about his Muslim background during the election remember? We were all a bunch of fear mongers and bigots to even ask where he went to school in Indonesia. But Obama gets to use his heritage now to score points where he thinks he needs them. He is a politician to beat all others, but it's really shocking how quickly he went from never using the word "Muslim" (why??) to touting it as a credential to bring world peace.

This man is the hero of liberals everywhere, but what does it gain us? The channel, run by the Saudi government- is seen as pro-American in the Muslim world- I noticed a bunch of comments on the youtube postings that said the same thing. So, if America's problem (according to many in the Muslim world) in the Middle East is that we cozy up to regimes who don't represent Democracy, then won't this move just reinforce that notion? Obama thinks that if he just gets the love of all of the moderates in the Middle East- as he got the love of the moderates here- that our problems with Islamic Terrorism will start to resolve. Wrong. Wrong. Really wrong.

Remember a few months ago when I posted about patriotism?

We're about to put the most liberal Senator (also former Academic, two-time biography writer and community organizer) in the White House- and with that comes the reality of the "Apologize-to-everyone-for-how-bad-American is World Tour".

Not like this was hard to call, but even I wouldn't predict that he would start the tour seven days after taking the oath of office.

Klobochar says "He explained it" and Votes to confirm Geithner

Our one Minnesota Senator, Amy Klobuchar, voted this afternoon to confirm the appointment of Timothy Geithner.

Per Klobuchar:

“It’s never not important, no matter if the economy is in crisis or not,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said. “But the thing is, he’s explained it.”

I have an email into Klobuchar for that explanation, as I can't seem to find it on the Internet.

Let me test my understanding here...As long as you explain something, it's okay. This is complete nonsense that doesn't even work well in raising children:

Example from my life:

Question : "Why did you take that red permanent marker and color on my new wallpaper?"

Answer: "I wanted to draw a picture of a bird."

"Oh, okay explained it."

Uh- no- when that happened I screamed at the top of my lungs and put my old-enough-to-know-better children in their bedroom to think about what they had done. I removed every marker from their reach and didn't let them use markers (even supervised) for months.

But, to run the U.S. Treasury Department, the parent of the Internal Revenue Service, it's okay to skip paying Social Security and Medicare taxes for three years, then pay one year of back taxes only because you were audited, then purposely not pay back taxes for the other two years(which you would have deduced that you owed from the previous audit) until days before you're selected by President Obama to serve as one of the highest government officials in the nation.

Okay, now I understand.

All of the things we knew about Bill Clinton before he was elected- that he was a womanizing cheater that had a pattern of lying to cover his tracks- blew up after he was President. What we know about Obama- that he comes from the corruption of Chicago-style politics and stays friends with people regardless of their past illegal activities- will also blow up. It's a matter a time folks, just a matter of time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Much Better In Character

My good friends know that I love the show "Mad Men"...early 1960's NYC, great acting, fabulous costumes, Manhattans and Martinis and Gimlets...what's not to love?
I even had a Mad Men themed party this fall to celebrate my birthday and my mom winning her cancer battle- here's a couple pics:

How sad then to see Don Draper at the SAG Awards with Keanu Reeves hair and a date who needed a bra (Betty Draper would NEVER be caught without the proper foundations!)

John Hamm is most definitely better in character:

Global Warming in Minnesota

1912, 1978, 1979, 2009

The years in Minnesota when we never hit a temp above freezing during the month of January. We have 5 days left, but the forecast doesn't call for any temps above 32 degrees.

Last month- after a record-cold December- global warming guru and local meteorologist Paul Douglas was on "Almanac" saying that we "can't judge climate change by looking out the window" (paraphrased) and promised a "milder than usual" January and February.

I'll be looking forward to him taking back his prediction soon.


Obama Puts Reversing Global Warming on Top of his To-Do List

I just watched Obama's very brief briefing...

All I can say is- I'm good. What did I just say about Republicans needing to go back to energy policy? So now here's the opportunity. And what did I just say about Global Warming?

Obama just set out his plan to re-start the economy around his belief that catastrophic man-made global warming is "fact" (no, all scientists agree it's a THEORY not a fact), and the worst thing he could say about it is that it's going to cause a lot of storms. This man thinks he can stop devastating storms from occurring on our planet....messiah moment #2.

Even hard line Republicans like myself are open to the idea of investment in alternative energy technologies, but not without even a MENTION of nuclear energy (something that even Greenpeace activists support because it generates almost ZERO greenhouse gas emissions) nor a mention of drilling for our own resources.

This is what Republicans need to hit back with- if they play their cards right on this they could articulate what the vast majority of Americans has been thinking for years- WE NEED IT ALL ON THE TABLE. We all agree- for various reasons- that we need to me more energy independent (total energy independence is impossible, but Obama's too ideological to note that). Americans have almost been screaming to our public officials to fix this problem because it's something we can't fix on our own, we actually need government action on this and the frustration has been simmering.

This should be a no-brainer. If I were a House GOP member, I'd be out with simple charts, graphs and hold press-conference after press conference (even if the media doesn't cover it, get the bloggers on board- they will, so will talk radio). They need to show the exact amount of new jobs that would be created by announcing a plan to build say 20 new nuclear plants in 20 years and to begin more domestic oil exploration. They need to show the American people that this doesn't require any of their tax dollars, just the government stepping out of the way of private industry. This would draw out the way-left environmentalists who support Obama and most people are not interested in putting their agenda ahead of an economic turnaround right now.

Obama also announced that he was going to tighten the timeline for new CAFE (Fuel Efficiency) standards on American car makers. In 2 months, he will force U.S. automakers to increase their fuel efficiency for all 2011 model cars and trucks. NOW? When Detroit is just waiting to have the last nail put in their coffin- NOW?

He also said he was going to let the EPA re-consider California's request to raise it's own environmental standards (they are $42 Billion in the hole right now and about to go bankrupt and not be able to pay state employees, financial aid or unemployment benefits). Gov Schwarzenegger was lobbying to have some environmental restrictions lifted to get some new road projects going to create jobs, now there's an opening for liberal special interests group to lobby to ensure that doesn't happen. Normally I could care less what California does- but when they're talking about bailing that bastien of liberals out of their own economic crisis- then I do care.

Obama has made a major error here in thinking that we can bail ourselves out of an economic downturn by spending based on a scientific theory (have we ever proposed such drastic public policy based on theory?) He is also looking to tie an anchor onto our country when we are in a such weak position economically. He wants to work with the rest of the world on this project of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yeah, China and India are going to hamper themselves just to please us Americans.

He's overestimated his salesmanship.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Listen To Rush

A fellow Prepublican and blog reader informed me that President Obama told Republicans they needed to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. I quickly googled to find the story and sure enough the messiah (I mean this is a major messiah move) sent down his first commandment during a meeting with GOP lawmakers on Friday.

According to the New York Post story:

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

Oh, no he di'nt. The media-obsessed Obama proves that Rush bothers him (remember how he continually referenced Sean Hannity during the campaign?)

At that point, I would have walked out of the meeting.

A man who has never had a job in the private sector, who has spent most of his working years in the halls of academia or running for office tells Republicans how to get things done. Please. PLEASE!

I'll repeat this point from my last post- Obama doesn't need the Republicans to pass his legislation. He may need a couple from the Senate, but there's enough wimps over there so it shouldn't be a problem. He wants Republicans so he can tout how bipartisan he is...much like Bush reached out to Ted Kennedy early on in his administration....and look how that turned out. But, unlike Bush- Obama wants to pass legislation that has nothing to do with the opposing side's values (as "No Child Left Behind" was something that tied in a traditionally Democrat issue like Education).

Here's the thing though- George Bush had almost unanimous support on the Iraq War -of course that's because all those brilliant Democrats were "misled". We all know what happened there- hissy fits and screaming that started almost as soon as we toppled Saddam. That's how Democrats act. Republicans (usually) don't commit to something and then start screaming "we didn't know!", so they're holding back support for this new ginormous stimulus bill. They should. Let the Democrats pass this garbage and let them own it.

As long as the GOP doesn't sit back like a bunch of babies with "I told you so" and gets to work on smaller, alternative solutions that can produce results like some targeted spending reduction proposals, reforming our welfare system to ensure that only American citizens are eligible, and getting back to the nuclear energy and drilling push-then slowly but surely we can regain the trust we need to win.

Obama wants to pass a stimulus package that includes $31 Billion to build and repair federal buildings, $10 Billion for mass-transit, $41 Billion in grant money to local school districts, Huge bailouts for states running budget deficits, $130 Billion in new Medicaid expansion (welfare), $140 Billion in Huge tax cuts for people who don't pay taxes under the Earned Income Tax Program. How does any of this create jobs (private-sector jobs)?

The Post also reported:

In an exchange with Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) about the proposal, the president shot back: "I won," according to aides briefed on the meeting.
"I will trump you on that."

Not that Obama was gloating. He was just explaining that he aims to get his way on stimulus package and all other legislation, sources said, noting his unrivaled one-party control of both congressional chambers.

I'll bet you any amount of money that George W. Bush didn't talk like that to Teddy Kennedy in order to get legislation put together. He's a man of class, and once again he worked enough in the real world to know that you don't act like a ten-year-old in order to get what you want out of a negotiation. This is Obama's first week in office- and this is the tone he's setting? Tell you what, big quit reading all of the good press about yourself and I'll quit listening to Rush.

Methinks Mr. Obama has let his approval ratings go to his head. One of many power trips? Sir, you're not running a campaign anymore. You report to the American people now. Get over yourself.

P.S. Did anyone hear the new Shanklin parody on Rush this week "I am Barack, I'm the Messiah" to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a rock". Hilarious.


A new Pew Research Poll shows that Global Warming is at the bottom of the list of "Top Priorities" for 2009 with only 30% of people putting it at the top of their list. Poor global warming!

Economy, Jobs, Terrorism rank #1, 2, 3. These are traditional Republican issues.

This poll is really interesting to me and demonstrates my theory of public opinion.

30% of us are Conservatives (we're mostly in our 30's and 40's)
30% of us are Liberals (20's and Boomers)
40% are a bunch of followers....this includes people who say they are Republicans and Democrats, Moderates, Independents....they sit back and see who the winner is going to be, what the popular choice is....

Factor that poll in with the recent Gallup poll that all of us are hearing about Barack Obama- that he has a approximately a 68% approval rating, a 12% disapproval rating and 21% with no opinion....Why?

1. Republicans are more polite. I've talked to many who are saying things like "we need to give him a chance" (not me- I don't need to give him a chance to know what he's going to do). So they're the "no opinion".

2. The media would have you think you're a leper if you DON'T support Obama. So that swings all the people in the middle. I've had girlfriends say "I feel like we're losers now". Yeah, we are losers technically. But remember the media has worked for two decades to make us feel like we're the minority- we're not.

Republicans need to start leading (it's been a while). People won't be following anytime soon, we need a consistent message before that happens. But the work must start now.

And when you hear Democrats and the media insist we need to work with Obama- we don't. If he crafts policies that reflects our values (as Bush did for liberals when he expanded Medicare by $770 Billion over ten years to include Prescription Drug Coverage) then sure we can work with Obama. But, I'm not holding my breath.

His party has all of the power, they can pass whatever they want without our help. Although having no control is scary and frustrating, it can also be liberating and I hope our party can get back to the basics and provide alternative solutions to the issues Americans care most about right now- the Economy, Jobs and Terrorism.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Reagans

I'm just putting this up because the Strib had quiz today about first pets and this picture made me happy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Entertainment

I found this cute little post about me on a little Twin Cities liberal blog.

Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor

If you’re a staunch, ideologically-driven conservative, the answer to our budget crisis is simple: slash funding for welfare. It’s easy, as I’ve discussed before, to simply act like the poor are all lazy bums who don’t deserve the “handouts” they’re being given.

The righty blogosphere is happy to oblige. …and some more extremism from The Activist Next Door:

Health and Human Services spending in this state is ridiculous. Cut it. Cut welfare. Quit making is so attractive for people to move here who can’t afford our above-average cost of living. Cut the maximum amount of time that people can collect welfare in this state from 60 months to 12 months.

Here’s the irony, though. It’s easy to call for massive cuts to the social safety net when you’re in The Activist Next Door’s position:

We’re looking at a $30,000 tax hike per year for my family under Obama

Well, cry me a river. Her family’s taxes are higher than many’s incomes. I can’t even imagine making as much money as she does at any point in my life. I wonder, can she even imagine being in a position where the social safety net means the difference between feeding your family and starving? For those who have no need, and who can’t conceptualize what other families are going through, the safety net is a useless waste.

So once we cut welfare, which piece of our safety net should we destroy next? How about social security? Or perhaps we should stop providing healthcare to the elderly? Maybe we should do away with unemployment assistance. Sound extreme? Destroying these links in the safety net is no more extreme than crippling our welfare system.

For some families, programs like Welfare and Food Stamps are the only thing getting them through economic times. Should we really be balancing the budget on their backs? You’d think the wealthiest among us would be happy to pay their fair share; instead, they’re suggesting that we solve the budget crisis by kicking the poorest while they’re down.

Oh, dear little liberal dolt...

It isn't ironic that I want welfare cut when our household pays a ridiculously high share of taxes. If you're a liberal you could call it selfish or unconscionable or something like that, but my dear, it's certainly not ironic. (How to tell if you're dealing with a smug little wanna-be intellectual-- misuse of the word ironic).

And honey- I wasn't even talking about our total tax bill- just an estimate of letting the Bush tax cuts expire and removing the Social Security Income cap. The young person (please, let's hope they're young) also ties my potential increased federal tax liability to my calls to cut state-based health and human services which also doesn't compute.

I ask again- aren't liberals funny? I'd be laughing if they didn't have the power to take more of our money (that grows on a magic tree in our backyard that I prune with golden shears while eating Godiva bon-bons all day).

Because THIS is What We're REALLY Worried About....

"Obama to Lift Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding"

I'm really, really worried about giving my taxmoney overseas so that poor people abroad can have abortions.

Way to use those Executive Orders! I'm sure all the people in the middle who voted for you are just thrilled because this is really what they're concerned with right now.

Funding abortions overseas with American tax dollars, shutting down Guantanamo with no plans for where the prisoners will go and limiting interrogation methods...that's change all right!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Art of Victimhood

I had to blog more about the Rev. Joseph Lowery and his the closing line from the closing Benediction at the Inaguration for our new President.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back . . . when brown can stick around . . . when yellow will be mellow . . . when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen. Say amen. And amen.

The most juvenile, openly hostile and racist line ever delivered as a benediction at a Presidential Inauguration? I'd have to read through some history books to make that determination, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say- yeah.

Do blacks always embrace what's right? Do whites never suffer indignities? What the heck does "yellow will be mellow" mean? And last time I checked calling an American of Asian descent "yellow" or a Native American a "red man" was considered extremely offensive. And P.S. since the word "black" was used by a black man at the Inauguration of a black man is it finally okay to say black? Or do we whites need to stay with African American because we're white? Just checking, I can't keep up with the rules of the PC police these days.

But ha, ha, hee, hee... the mainstream media thinks it's all so cute and I mean he's black and he was a leader in the Civil Rights movement so, it's okay!

From the San Francisco Chronicle Headline: Lowery gives sole inaugural note of racial caution

Amid the outpouring of inaugural joy over the racial progress represented by President Barack Obama, there was a single, humorous mention of work still to be done.

After the first black president had been sworn in, Rev. Joseph Lowery' ended his benediction with a rhyme familiar to black churchgoers...

"We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around..."

"There was laughter from the enormous crowd. The 87-year-old civil rights pioneer continued:
"When yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen."The crowd thundered, "Amen!"

If this is all common rhetoric to black churchgoers then all I can say is "no wonder". No wonder many parts of the black community continue to struggle 45 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed.

But hey- at least The Chronicle covered the line- The Star Trib didn't, the New York Times didn't, the L.A. Times didn' get the picture. No they only made mention of the inclusion Lowery called for. What sort of reporter listens to that line and at least doesn't perk up and say "What did he just say?"-- When I heard the line, I didn't believe it was actually said until I saw it on youtube as it was so blatantly out of place with the soaring rhetoric of Obama.

I think his closing lines are 100% racist-- after all 43% of whites voted for Obama -- that's 2% more white than voted for John Kerry in 2004. Meanwhile only 4% of blacks voted for McCain- so where does the racism lie? White Americans seem to have no problem separating race from political viewpoint.

We are a good country who almost destroyed itself to end the evil of slavery. We have given trillions and trillions of dollars in the form of welfare to African Americans since Johnson's "War on Poverty"-- and for what? For generations of young blacks to still be dependent on our government? For poor black residents of New Orleans to stand on rooftops looking for the government to help them find a way out?

And the evolving black upper-middle/upper class? They're just doing what people do- taking care of their families, their needs- serving their own self interests. God bless them for that. They are not back in "their communities" in large numbers trying to fix the problems of those who are "left behind". Bill Cosby made remarks about poor blacks needing to take personal responsibility for their problems and Oprah Winfrey turned her charity work away from inner-city blacks (when all they ask for are "an iPOD and some sneakers") and turned her attention to Africa. Why can they make this distinction, but our government can't?

This all makes me sad, it truly does. But what makes me the most sad is this- the astonishment of so many black Americans that we just elected a black President. Did they really think it couldn't happen? They must of...and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that the color of your skin so defines who you are as an individual and that you believed that color could hold you back in this country. Nothing can hold you back in this country. Nothing...and for liberals to keep force-feeding black Americans the idea that there are valid reasons why they can't suceed in this country is dangerous. They are liable for this victim mentality that continues to persist.

By the way- where were the black Americans with their praise for Condoleeza Rice? A true feminist who chose career over family- a woman with a brilliant mind, a woman who was raised in segregated Alabama, who was friends with one of the four little girls killed in a Ku Klux Klan church bombing- Condi was right down the street when it happened. Our first black female Secretary of State who was 4th in the line of succession to President of the United States. Where was the praise for her? Did she ever make the cover of Ebony or JET or Ladies Home Journal for that matter? Oh, that's right she's a Republican. Of course Colin Powell- another Republican- has only recently become praiseworthy because he jumped on the Obama bandwagon.

So let's call this all for what it is- African Americans don't feel so strongly because we just elected a black man- they feel so strongly because we elected a liberal black man who they hope will be "the one" to finally deliver on the promise that government will give them what they need. He won't, it won't. It can't.

I believe that being disadvantaged has absolutely nothing to do with your race, your religion or your economic status...the only disadvantaged people in this country are those unfortunate children born to parents who don't love them. If you don't have parents (or at least one parent) who truly loves you, who instills strong values in you, who puts your interests ahead of theirs- then you are disadvantaged and you have my sympathies. But no amount of government -even a government that took children at birth and raised them can fix that problem for it's been around since the beginning of time. The best we can do is always hold everyone to the same high standards and expect the best from all Americans. (I also think getting these kids out of public schools would be an enormous help).

MLK (who Lowery worked closely with) said: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Let me tell you the content of Rev Joseph Lowery's character (at least the character he chose to display yesterday)....crap. Bigoted crap. I also have major questions about the content of the character of the man who chose this man to give the Benediction yesterday- Barack Obama.

Lowery has made many highly charged remarks from the podium saying in 2006, “We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there. But Coretta knew, and we know, that there are weapons of misdirection right down here. Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war billions more, but no more for the poor,” -- he said this while President Bush was on the stage with him at an event for MLK. Classy.

Of course Obama knew that, he chose him anyway. If he wanted to be "bipartisan" if he truly wanted to come together and turn the page to a new day- he wouldn't have had a lightening rod like Lowery have the final word yesterday. I guess Jeremiah Wright wasn't available.

And did anyone catch the 100% Marxist line from Lowery's "prayer"? "When tanks will be beaten into tractors"-- Obama nodded his head when he heard that one, watch the youtube video. Help us! The President of the United States wants our tanks to turn into tractors? Can I help thresh the wheat comrade? The tanks defend the tractors - get it? So much for peace through strength- it's going to be peace through farm equipment under Obama.

As the other religious speaker of the day- Rick Warren- Mr. "Evangelical Climate Initiative"... well, it's not as courageous of a choice as it may have seemed, it was calculated. He'll be back to sell Obama's green policies to his followers- just you wait. I love how all the major newspapers refer to Warren as conservative- uh, no he's not.

The "prayers" for President Obama at the Inauguration most certainly set the tone for his Administration. A clear call for massive redistribution of wealth and retribution against those who have not yet "embraced what's right". The federal government- run by liberals- now has the power to turn those words into action.

What a Buffoon

What was I saying about class?

Look at Joe Biden mocking Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts- and look at Obama's face- he was livid. The beginning of many, many gaffes by dimwit Biden.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sorority Girl

Buddy K. recommended an excellent movie that we saw recently- it's called "The House Bunny".

It was really cute and if you go in with low expectations, you'll like it. Now I realize I made a minor exception to my liberal celebrity boycott because Rumor Willis is in it- but I didn't know!
I liked the plot of a washed-up Playboy Bunny becoming a House Mother for a loser sorority --it's a modern-day "Revenge of the Nerds" and Anna Faris was a great comedic actress....but mostly it reminded me of my sorority days- ah, glory days...

Here's a party pic I dug up.

Now that's how you wear a tux:

And here's my freshman (1991) composite picture- Look at that hair! It looks like an animal crawled on top of my head and died. (I had a bangless bob by December!)

A Bottle Full of Hope

Anyone who thinks Fox News tilts right should have watched some of the Inauguration coverage- they were gushing (maybe not quite to the extreme as ABC and MSNBC), but gushing all the same. I don't think I heard one person talk about the extravagance of the week in contrast to current economic conditions.

Fox- like many other rank-and-file party Republicans out there- is trying to show how classy they are by displaying appropriate respect and reverence for such a historic occasion. Too bad it won't get us anywhere. Too bad liberals will STILL pursue the "I hate Bush" rhetoric while we politely take in the new President.

Todd had a tech ask him why he wasn't watching the TV yesterday at work- Todd just looked at him like "When have I ever had a TV on while I'm reading scans?"

All the people enamored with Obama's promises for hope and change just want to soak in every minute of this week. Certainly nobody was asking for the TV to be turned on at work during Bush's Inaugurals. We're all just supposed to be caught up in the history, but most Republicans that I count among my friends don't see Obama as a black-man, we see him as a liberal man- the most liberal man who has taken the oath of office. We're scared and no amount of MTV balls and fluff fashion talk changes that.

Another thing that is getting under my skin (again) is the continued mantra of hope- Hope is a word of spiritual connections- it's a word rooted in religious values. The word hope is NOT in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The words freedom and "free" are- many, many times. The word justice is...the word happiness is, the word liberty is... Why these virtues and not the virtue of hope?

Because hope is something reserved for situations where you have little or no control. "I hope my sister can beat cancer", "I hope this pregnancy goes okay and I have a healthy baby". "I hope he can beat his drug addiction". Hope is not a word one should use in situations where they have some or all control, "I hope I get a job". "I hope our finances get better". "I hope I can go to college". Yet- that's how Obama is using the word. If you "hope" for a situation to improve, it can and it will Well- sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't and if you hold on to false hope (i.e. praying, wishing, hoping something gets better, but doing nothing to make it get better), then despair is sure to set in when your desires don't match your outcomes.

The Founding Fathers didn't hope for a better life, they made a better life. They didn't hope for freedom, they fought for freedom. They didn't hope for change to come, they made change-- and they risked it all- they're lives, their livelihoods, the lives of their families for one thing and one thing only-- freedom.

Obama has now tied in the concept of "hard work" into his calls for change- I'm glad to hear it, it's a great American value to work hard. But I do think those words mean very different things to different people. Certainly hard work doesn't mean sitting around and watching the TV when you're supposed to be working (as my sister Mary sat at the Atlanta airport this morning, she said a bunch of airport workers were sitting around for an hour watching today's Obama coverage- um, it's the day after the Inauguration- get back to work). Hard work is not the employees at the Penn and 66th Brueggers who were possibly all high when I sat for 10 minutes waiting for a bagel and soup (with three employees and three customers).

Hard work means hustling, moving, nose to the grindstone, no time for daydreaming-- work. But see- government can't define that for us. With freedom, you have the ability to make choices to sit on your butt or not attain an education or work only a part-time job when you should be working full-time, on and on. And you know what? As long as that doesn't affect my freedom- then I don't care if you make those choices. Obama- and liberal- ideology states we should care, we must care and that it's our communal responsibility to ensure that not only are there equal opportunities to work (which we should have) but that there are also equal outcomes from the work we do. There aren't- there can't be- and no amount of government intervention will change that fact of human nature.

To bottle up hope and sell it to the American people was pure brilliance- we are an optimistic people and a President must be optimistic. To bottle it up and sell it after the same group of people (Obama included) tried to sell us on pessimism and despair (on the Iraq war on President Bush's leadership) is pure political calculation and I believe a call to fundamentally shift our country further away from the intentions of the Founders- that we should be free, that our nation's role is to provide security so that we may attain the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Go Gov

Governor Pawlenty made his "State of the State" address last week. Much of what he talked about- massive cuts to the size of state government and consolidating things like counties delivering human services money- was music to my ears. It's about time. Another proposal:

Pawlenty wants to freeze all state government wages for two years and extend the freeze to any government entity that accepts state money. That could include local and county government workers and thousands of teachers and professors.

Alas Eden Prairie doesn't receive any state money, so the Republican Governor holds no sway here. His salary freeze proposal is a reaction to the state budget deficit, a salary freeze in our fair suburb would actually be proactive...a much harder sell it seems.

It is interesting to note that if a justification for current salaries is that employees may leave if they don't get yearly increases- and if it is only the largest cities in Minnesota who would pay more for similar public job descriptions- and they are forced to freeze salaries because most of them receive local government aid from the state- then where would these disgruntled employees venture to go?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Inagural Fashion

Oh, I could kick myself- I predicted Michelle Obama would wear all-white to the Inaugural Balls and good buddy K. predicted that she'd wear a one-shoulder number.

What the heck is Barack wearing? He looks like a weird Vegas singer. You DO NOT wear white tie without tails and you do not wear white tie and tails unless the event is white tie. Todd says that's a regular suit jacket and not a tux jacket.

Really bad. But methinks the fashion media will call it "daring" and "edgy" or "youthful"

P.S. Todd informs me Obama's now going to the Youth Ball with Kanye West- Mr. "George Bush hates black people"...Todd also informs me that after 3 minutes he's "stomached enough" and is going downstairs to watch sports.

Inaguration Day Fashion

I thought Michelle's outfit was awful- color was really bad and the shimmer very gauche for daytime. Plus it didn't look like an outdoor jacket, but an evening coat. The olive shoes and gloves were bad also- but they were from J Crew (trying to balance out the enormous price tag for the rest of the outfit?) Will they claim the full value on their tax returns if it was gifted?Questions, questions.

Bottom line- it was too much next to the new's his day and she was overshadowing him in that choice. She would have been gorgeous in deep taupe wool.

Now here was a gorgeous, perfect Inaugural Day ensemble:

I don't recall much media praise of it....Of course we only remember how sad we were supposed to be that day- how bad everything was....we could never think to praise the first lady's outfit. N

But Sasha and Malia were picture perfect today- absolutely adorable. These kids are political gold- you can't help but like them.

Now do you want to talk serious style and innate fashion sense?- look at the Bush twins+ hubby from today:

Funny- while I was googling to find a picture of Laura Bush- I came across this Vanity Fair piece run during the 2008 election criticizing the money spent on Cindy McCain's GOP Convention outfit (including the estimated cost of of her diamond earrings and watch into the pricetag). Will we see the same cost breakdowns for the new First Lady? I mean- she's the one living off the public dole now.

I also ran across a slide show from the Jan 22nd, 2005 Washington Post- lots of pictures of protesters at Bush's 2nd Inaugural- and lots of press coverage for them- Lady Liberty in chains, snowballs thrown at Cheney's Limo, people shouting protests during the parade. And Bush won against Kerry by 3 points, while Obama won over McCain by 7-not a huge difference is there? Aren't liberals funny people? And isn't it funny that we on the right choose to just turn the channel instead of flying to D.C. and acting like a bunch of freaks in order to ruin the day? I googled "protests 2009 inauguration"- not a one. Imagine that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty Morons

I really needed a good laugh after a very tough week and this did it for me.

My sister sent me this....

Watch the video:

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Then read the brilliant commentary by Andrew Breitbart....he's with me on the "NOW?" concept.

I made it to this line in the video "I pledge to reduce my use of plastic" and then I was laughing so hard I could hardly stop. I'm hormonal and emotional lately so that may have had something to do with it...but I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. (Well last night I laughed pretty hard when my sister asked me in all seriousness if I would buy a tauntaun if I could and ride it around Minnesota in bad weather....I replied, "definitely" and guessed it would retail for about $7,995).

Here's my sister's pledge about the Hollywood video:

I pledge to never buy a celebrity magazine again....To thank God every day that I'm not a high school drop-out, knocked up but not married, tattoed, stupid, more money than a stupid person should EVER have, former drug-addict-turned Political Activist."

Here's mine:

I pledge to continue my ongoing boycott of all movies and music made by these morons which really isn't all that difficult because none of these people make good movies or music. Now- the Dixie Chicks? That was a tough one to give up.

Just think if all of the money spent on drugs and plastic surgery by this ship of fools was spent on a real cause what they could actually do instead of making web videos to try to guilt the rest of the populace.

Solei Moon Frye and Ashlee Simpson? Artists indeed. Thank goodness these idiots play for the other side.

Thoughts on Obamarama

I'm in a partial media-blackout mode. Just not that interested in the theatre of this week.

Even so, while flipping through channels I saw the rock concert with Obama bobbing his head along to the music of Sheryl Crow and Will I. Am singing a duet. How absurd.

I wonder how much Michelle Obama's custom-made Narciso Rodriguez camel outfit that she wore yesterday is worth? Ah, who cares what she spends right?

Who cares that this has got to be one of the most self-indulgent Inauguration weeks in history. A whistle-stop tour following the route that Lincoln took to the White House? Wow. Who cares that spending $150 Million is tasteless right now and if it were a Republican....well, you finish the sentence.

I could take this all lightly and laugh about it, but when Obama called for a new Declaration of Independence the other day, a shiver went up my spine. Isn't the Declaration one of the greatest documents in the history of western civilization? Is anybody going to call him on such a bold statement?

He called for a declaration of freedom from small-mindedness, selfishness and ideology. Translation- "you're going to work harder, my government's going to spend more, we're going to take even more of your money and if you don't like it then you're a small-minded, selfish, ideologue".

Then he said "people who love this country can change it". Change it to what? Change it from the world's superpower to an acquiescing nation of wimps? Change it from a capitalist country to a socialist one? What is he talking about? Will anybody ask him to clarify?

You'd think that he won in some landslide. He didn't. He won 53% to 46% (and that was against a pretty weak 72-year-old Washington Insider as the GOP opponent). If I hear one more commentator (Democrat or Republican) say "now is the time to come together, now is the time for bipartisanship", I will scream.

Oh, okay, now's the time. NOW's the time?? Not for the last 7 years, NOW. Not when Bush tried to do something on Social Security, not when Bush tried to do something on Actually, for Republicans, now is the time to learn from liberals and openly question Democrats every single step of the way from day one. When ridiculously simple notions of jump starting an economy by building windmills are presented, it is our job to call that idea what it is....stupid. We women can also call out the hypocrisy of the press questioning the cost of Sarah Palin's wardrobe while fawning over everything Michelle Obama wears.

Predictions now (easy ones): Obama will continue to campaign, rather than lead. He is the ultimate Commander-in-Marketing-Chief. Every issue he tackles will be branded and then appropriately marketed to the people accompanied by slick, expensive web and TV commercials. He will show his abs in Hawaii anytime things get too sticky in D.C. He will fumble in live press conferences (but he won't get called on it because his trademark "ums and ahs" are seen as intellectual, and his charm will soon wear thin with "average" Americans if people don't start seeing action on the economy (and talking about green energy isn't going to do the trick).

It will take a true crisis to see how he really leads and for our country's sake, I hope we don't face one with him in the White House.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Politically Correct Sledding

My sister Mary sent this to me the other day (forwarded from my brother Tom who saw it in the Pi Press this week).

Here are some tips on how adults and children of all ages can avoid sledding injuries:

  • Choose designated sledding hills with a gentle slope and long run-off area; avoid steep hills
  • Avoid ice-covered hills
  • Stay away from roads, lakes, rivers, heavily wooded areas, parking lots, etc.
  • Make sure the sliding area is free of obstacles
  • Be aware of others sliding on the hill
  • Dress appropriately – layers are best because they can also help “cushion” any falls and wear a helmet
  • Don’t pile too many people on one sled
  • Always ride on the sled sitting and facing forward
  • Avoid jumps or piles of snow that can cause a sled to become airborne
  • Children under 12 should be supervised by an adult
  • Children under 5 should be accompanied by an adult on the sled
  • Don’t “drink and sled”

I'm pretty sure I've broken every rule on this list- if you haven't almost killed yourself on a sled at some point in your life, then you're not a true Minnesotan.

But really- children under 12 must be supervised by an adult? How much more over-protective can you be?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Break

I wanted to let you know that I'm taking some time off from posting.

On our way home from the airport on Saturday night, I got a call from my sister. My father had a stroke. He is in Southdale Hospital and I'm back and forth right now with a lot of unknowns.

My dad is a great guy with a brilliant mind. He plays Soduku puzzles and does the NYT Crossword puzzle daily. He has an amazing head for numbers- from Baseball Stats to Stock Margins. He was the #1 caretaker for my mom's cancer last year and he had just booked a cruise for them 24 hours before this happened.

We hope he will be back with us very soon.

Politics is a passion, but my family is the passion in my life. I have a close, close-knit group of siblings and we are close with our parents. We are quite clan-like in our loyalty to each other.

Most importantly, we have a very deep faith in God that always pulls us through. My mom had a miraculous recovery last year from a cancer with a 4% one year survival rate, so we don't bother much with statistics and even though I'm married to a Doctor, I know that they certainly don't know everything.

My dad received the Annointing of the Sick Sacrament today and he grasped my hand tightly- his parish priest made the trip over even though no request was made. He just heard dad was sick- that's what you get for dutifully attending mass at the same church for 20 years.

They asked dad if he knew the President's Name- he said "Yes", but when they asked him what the name was he said "No". Now that could be taken as a bad sign, but I have a feeling my Republican dad had Obama on his mind and just didn't want to say his name.

Please use the subscribe feature if you want to know when new posts are up. I'm sure I'll have something to say about the Inauguration :)

If you're a person of faith, please keep me and my family in your prayers.


Monday, January 12, 2009

An Inconvenient Class

Reader Jeff Wita was set to put on a class through Minnetonka Community Education which would include a viewing of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and Martin Durkin's film "The Great Global Warming Swindle" with a discussion to follow. Jeff came up with the class idea in order to balance out a class being led by Don Shelby a couple weeks prior- which would discuss the topics "What is Climate Change?"and "Energy Independence". Rather than simply call and complain about the sure-to-be one-sided Shelby class, he was more pro-active and put his own citizen-led class together. That's activism!

The idea received initial support, but now there have been phone calls made to the Director of Community Ed., Tim Litfin, saying they do not want Jeff's class taught.


Please call, and show your positive support for Jeff's class- I've watched "The Great Global Warming Swindle"- but not "An Inconvenient Truth" and I think it would be an educational experience to compare/contrast the two points of view.

If you agree- please call Tim Litfin, (952) 401-6800 or email

Friday, January 9, 2009


We'll be leaving 80 degree FL for 20 degree Minnesota tomorrow- it's been a great vacation. Well- sort of- I've still blogged and certain people have dared to leave me voicemails knowing I'm out of town. I hate voicemails.

A couple of parting pictures and I'll talk to y'all next week!

Mandatory family picture at the beach:

A glorious sunset:

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I also saw this in USA TODAY:

On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a fist-bump between Spidey and the new president.

Has there been any precedent for this love-fest?

Solid as Barack

This had me rolling over laughing this morning-


Just in: On Jan. 20, Ashford & Simpson will release a single version of Solid (As Barack), a remake of their popular # 1 single Solid (As A Rock), originally released in 1984. Demand has been overwhelming since a recent airing of a version of the song was sung by cast members on Saturday Night Live. This new version, complete with expanded lyrics for the entire song, is a reverential tribute to President-elect Barack Obama.

The Real World and the World of Government

A couple weeks ago I blogged about City spending and asked how Eden Prairie can just move forward- status quo- with staff salaries and regular raises while other companies like Best Buy are offering severance packages to their entire corporate office.

Now Eden Prairie based company, Value Vision (Shop NBC) has hit the Strib annoucing a layoff of 60 people- 11% of its workforce and salary and bonus freezes for the rest of its employees.

Another business- with it's large corporate offices in Eden Prairie- has annouced thi week that it's freezing base salaries for all employees in 2009 instead of resorting to layoffs.

The City Government- and County, and State, and Federal- don't have to make these tough decisions because they have a guaranteed revenue stream- our tax dollars. It's infuriating.

How hard is it? How hard is it to freeze city employees' salaries? If we have such a low attrition rate of city staff then this seems like a "no brainer" to me. Are people going to quit if they don't get a raise? Well good- then consolidate job responsibilities as is being done in the private sector.

Companies- property tax paying companies- in Eden Prairie have to tighten their belts- they're consolidating job responsibilties, they're not hiring any new staff, they're immediately freezing pay, but our City Government just keeps on spending and spending. It makes no sense.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gone Fishing

Sorry- I won't be posting much until next week- We're exploring southwest FL and having a great time. Here are some more pictures:

Everglades National Park- an Airboat Ride

The Pelicans are scary- they land about two feet from you because the captains feed them.

The Mangroves were beautiful- you go through tunnels of them.

This guy was way too close to our boat for my liking- Alligators are like squirrels down here.

Jane wasn't afraid of anything:
We lucked out and saw about four dolphins swimming near shore on Sanibel Island today:
Collecting shells on Sanibel:Very cute husband and a Naples sunset:

I don't want to go back to the snow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Franken Claims Victory

I just saw the Franken video claming how humbled he is to be Minnesota's next Senator. Is this guy kidding?

I hope I'm back in town before this clown makes any sort of public acceptance speech-- I will be there booing- loudly.

So much for using optical scanners in an election. What's the point?

We've Only Just Begun

Well Obama has come out with his "stimulus" plan and there are no surprises here:

  • Redistribute hard earned money from people who pay taxes to those who don't.
  • Bail out irresponsible state governments so they can hand out more welfare.
  • Tax breaks for companies to create jobs- uh, huh- which companies? I'll be very interested to see where these go.

Here's a new one:
  • Start giving unemployment benefits to part-time workers-- excuse me??
And how-exactly- does all of this create jobs? This is welfare, welfare, welfare. I still see job listings on, I still see "Now Hiring" signs in storefronts. No, there aren't as many jobs, no they may not pay as much, but there are jobs available. Why not get two jobs? Why not work full-time if you're only working part-time?

I don't get it. I'm not trying to be dense, but I don't get it.

My favorite item from the Fox New Story:

Obama is also scheduled to give a major economic policy address on Thursday. Ahead of that as many as 20 groups that supported Obama during the election are planning to hold rallies calling for quick action on his stimulus proposal.

This is how his entire term is going to run- every time he has legislation he wants passed- there will be immediate coordination of Big Labor, the environmental groups and other Obama-worshipping sub-groups to back up what their messiah wants. They will run ads, hold rallies, do mailings/calling to shout down any opposition. They know how to coordinate.

The money will hit their pockets- and bingo votes are bought.

And it's only the beginning.

Halloween in January

Saw that Franken is ahead by 225 votes now. A few people forwarded me the Wall Street Journal article from today which is a good summary for those who haven't been following the recount.

It really makes NO SENSE for 500 votes to magically switch hands when they were all counted by computers. But of course, the Democrats don't care about silly things like logic when there's a Senate seat to be stolen.

If Coleman loses this seat, it will achieve on thing that Coleman couldn't achieve before this mess: A very motivated, ticked-off bunch of Republicans that will work extremely hard to win an election.

Klobuchar would be extrememly difficult- but not impossible- to beat. Unfortunately we'd have to have four years of Klobuchar/Franken to deal with. How embarassing, how completely embarassing for Minnesota.

Sunshine State

We're down in FL this week enjoying the warmest weather in the country - yes I'm rubbing it in.

Here are the girls headed to the beach....

Kathleen in the pool

And Jane collecting seashells

I need to get some pictures of all of the Europeans down here in their swim attire. It ain't pretty. It ain't pretty.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Obama's Women

Ugh Vogue- again Vogue.

A friend sent this my way.....

"CHANGE! Yes, you can" boldly proclaimed from the cover. Another issue filled with Obama worshipping and Obama-isms. Four more years of this, maybe more.

There is a picture of the Obamas in the Table of Contents referring you to their website to choose Inaugural dresses for Michelle, then there's a 7 page spread of the Obamas photographed by Annie Lebowitz with only two columns of text and three references to JFK. It opens:

It's hard to believe that it's been 50 years since the country felt so inspired, so happy to look ahead.

Boy- that's not the vibe that I'm getting. A December 11th Pew poll shows the fear and uncertainty that's driving the economic downturn, umm, that's after Obama was elected.

But there's more:

(When the Obamas took the stage in November) It was a moment of such electricity and emotion that none of us at the magazine could remember- even those of us who voted for JFK.

I don't even want to entertain thoughts of what these old hags did when Obama won....

Change is not about enforcing one's will on others- but of inspiring others to follow.

Really- I'll have to remember that one. Liberalism is all about enforcing one's will on others.

The issue also included glossed-over profiles of NYC lib Spin Sisters Katie Couric (failure at CBS), Rachel Maddow, and Campbell Brown- what? No Megyn Kelly? I'm shocked!!

One brave Vogue reader- a Michelle F. Solomon of Hollywood, FL wrote a letter to the editor admonishing the magazine for trying to brainwash readers right before the election. She pointed out the exact same multitude of Obama-references in their election issue that I did a few months back.

My main issue goes back to this- you are a FASHION magazine. I made a decision during the 2000 election to stop buying Glamour, Marie Claire and Vogue for their liberal viewpoints and pushing Democrats down the throats of American women who just want to know if long hemlines are back or how to wear purple eyeshadow for evening. I can't encourage my friends enough to do the same-quit giving money to these rags. It's sad that women who enjoy fashion- yeah, I'm shallow I like fashion- can't find a decent magazine to read about designer trends without having an agenda shoved at them.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Reason to Drink Coke

Has anybody seen Pepsi' new logo? Here's an ad I saw running for New Year's

The concept for the ad was inspired by a Pepsi survey that found 95 percent of millennials feel it's important for them to maintain a positive outlook on life. The company surveyed more than 2,000 Americans, as part of the Pepsi Optimism Project, or POP.

In addition to launching the new ad, Pepsi has partnered with MTV to encourage U.S. consumers to "broadcast their messages of optimism and hope for 2009" during the network's New Year's coverage in Times Square.

No tie-in to the election there.

I guess they have a brand new ad agency trying to target the next generation knows as "millenials". It looks like a combo between the Obama logo and with the old Tab font.

Another blogger makes the similar observations.

I wonder how their sales will do. Between the mass marketing of "green" and the in-your-face "hope or die" messages-this stuff is ripe for a backlash.


Happy New Year!

I managed to stay up until 11pm before heading to bed last night.

I caught Bill and Hill in Times Square- kind of cute:

You know what she was thinking about 2008, "What the hell was that?"

I'm never great about keeping New Year's Resolutions, but, I'll give it a try:

1. I resolve to drive more and get out of Eden Prairie for some adventures and to use more gasoline in my big SUV.

2. I resolve to stop saying "Okay?" after I tell my kids to do something- (I read this in a parenting magazine the other day and I can't believe how much I do it!)-- "Jane, please stop whining, okay?" "Kathleen, please buckle your seat belt, okay?" What a wimp!

3. I resolve to spend maximum time with my friends and family and minimum time with people who annoy me- hmmm, I already got rid of a lot of kid's activities with other stay-at-home mommies- so I guess that means I may miss a lot of political meetings.


4. I resolve to embrace the love that IS Barack Obama- to become part of the "Obama Generation" and hold hands with my fellow man and not worry about silly things like taxes and spending and terrorist attacks. It's all about hope and change for me in 2009.

What are your resolutions?