Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will it Ever End?

The Star Trib saw fit to print an article yesterday about the cost of Sarah Palin's makeup artist on the campaign trail.

WHO CARES?? Is this really news? What a piece of garbage newspaper- barely fit to line a hamster's cage. It's a joke. There was a funeral this week for a Minneapolis man who blew up 29 people in another country- and they print this fluff piece on the incident in the South Metro Section of the paper. You have to search for it, while the Palin piece is the #2 item under "Politically Connected" on the home page. I wonder what page of the print edition it was on.

I'll have to point out that Hillary Clinton's shellac for 18 months of the campaign trail surely cost a pretty penny- that she also had paid professionals applying her makeup and styling her hair on the road. And FYI- the men use professionals too. But would a MSM reporter ever take the time to pick up the phone, call the Clinton campaign and ask what her final tab was for purposes of comparison in a news story? No way.

This is getting old. The editors of these papers sitting around the news room "Well, here are the stories we have today....Recession looming, market down, still no energy policy, still no immigration reform...nah, let's go with the Palin makeup story."

The election is over- your guy won. You barely asked any substantive questions of Barack Obama- neither of his background nor his proposed policies. You effectively destroyed Sarah Palin's reputation. Mission accomplished.

Now go report some damn news.


Jim said...

The image of a bunch of twits sitting around the news producer's desk deciding what's news (usually based on what they think will have higher ratings, not what's important) reminds me of the Canadian show, The Newsroom.

James said...

"no-no, no - not God bless Palin's Stylist, God &%&% "My Pretty Pony's" stylist..."

C'mon Big K - embed the video in the healine of this post...

Goose said...

Newspapers are worth the toilet paper they are printed upon.

I tried to get the Pioneer Press, but they don't deliver to my house. So, I am stuck with the STRIB for the sports section.

The local TV news is as bad, and I have stopped watching that for the most part and just get updates from the web.

Mary said...

No Goose, no! Say it ain't so, Joe. You CAN'T get the Strib. You just can't. You must cancel. No sports section can be worth the humiliation of having that sack of shit delivered to your doorstep!