Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vote, Stupid

Caroline Kennedy didn't vote for U.S. Senate in 1994.

Kennedy offered no excuses for why she failed to vote in a number of elections since registering in New York City in 1988, including in 1994 when Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was up for re-election as the state's senior senator.

A politically conscience person votes. They vote in primaries, they vote in city council races and school board elections, they vote for judges and Soil Commissioners-and they most certainly vote in federal races. She wasn't a kid in 1994- she was a 37-year-old married mother. Now she wants to represent the people of New York without one vote being cast for her. She was all over the 2008 campaign trail encouraging people to vote for Obama.

Hypocrisy. Arrogance. Laziness. The hallmarks of the liberal elite.


Michael said...

Hey, I'll take her 'voting present' anytime over casting a definitive vote with Pelosi in the Senate.

Jim said...

Off topic, but this is a nice summary of what's going on without much objection in Washington.

It would be irresponsible in the extreme for an individual to forestall a personal recession by taking out newer, bigger loans when the old loans can't be repaid. However, this is precisely what we are planning on a national level.

Goose said...

As I was mentally complaining about her lack of any real credentials for the job, I reminded myself that Al Franken has the same resume.

To that end, as a good friend of mine reminded me when I suggested what that the Republican party needs is a serious shakeup, young blood, and a back to basics message, he said, "it's the populice, stupid" and that you are not going to change the mind of voters who want "change" or fame candidates.

Very deflating, but true.