Friday, December 5, 2008

Thoughts on Somalians in the News

Somalia has been making the news a lot lately. Pirates from the country threatening international shipping lines and even targeting cruise ships, young Somali men missing from Minneapolis neighborhoods who show up back in Somalia with explosives strapped to them, an Imam and a Youth Coordinator from a Minneapolis Mosque not being allowed onto a flight last week out of Mpls-St Paul Intl Airport....

I didn't see anything in the linked Star Trib pieces about how many people one of the missing man killed while in Somalia- it was 29. Here's the story on the Minnesota suicide bomber's funeral in Burnsville. (I can't link the exact spot- you have to scroll down to see it).

The Star Trib article on Nov 30th states that the men who were denied seats on the flight were from Abubakar As-Saddique Mosque in Minneapolis.

The Mosque has an attorney who says:
And he said that no one at the mosque encouraged men to return to fight, for any reason. Abubakar is a large mosque with large groups and many instructors, he said. But all the instructors are told to stay away from political talk because the issues are so divisive.

Abubakar As-Saddique is the same mosque who sponsored a 3-day seminar in August of 2007 on the theme "CORRECTING THE PATHWAY FOR REACHING THE GOAL" where Congressman Keith Ellison spoke on "The Importance of Voting". But there's "no political talk" at the mosque.

Speaking of Keith Ellison-The "Somali American Community" (I can't find a website and don't know anything about the organization) brought in Abdullahi Ugas Farah on October 26th of this year to help Keith Ellison promote again the importance of voting......for Democrats.

Ellison: “I need more friends in the senate and congress … honestly, we are in a good shape this time but I need you to help me get Al Franken elected to the senate” he said.

Ugas: Speaking to the crowd, Ugas. Abdullahi said “because we know and trust his intentions, you must help Rep. Keith Ellison … in order for Keith to be helpful to the situation in Somalia, you must also elect Al Franken to the Senate …

I've tried to contact the author of the Oct 26th article describing this event- as I can't find anything out about the organization who hosted it or where it was held. No luck.

This Washington Times piece from Nov 26th does a good job of connecting some of the dots with Somalia and explains a bit more about Mr. Ugas...

I Googled Mr. Farah and came up with one news story, a 2003 brief from the Asia Africa Intelligence Wire headlined, “New Islamic court opens in Mogadishu.” The story reported that Mr. Farah was one of two speakers who presided over the opening ceremony for a new Sharia court in Mogadishu's Shirkole area. From Sharia courts in Mogadishu to an Al Franken rally in Minnesota.

I hope our Star Tribune decides to begin some investigative reporting on all of these stories, I'm not holding my breath.


Goose said...

Keith Ellison should be censored or asked to leave the House. He was elected to represent his constituents, residents of the USA. If they come from Somalia or Australia or Russia or wherever and become US citizens, that's fine and good. But, he and other members of Congress have no business or directive to meddle in foreign affairs beyond authorizing war against other nations.

Regarding the Somali pirates and terrorists, until a country takes action and begins killing these villains, they will continue to flex their muscles.

Jim said...

Is there any information about how many, if any, of the "missing" Somali men lived in Eden Prairie?

Some other local Somali excitement:

Here's some (generally uninteresting) video of the SWAT guys (who I guess are called "Emergency Response Units" now):

I strongly suspect the taxpayers will get a healthy overtime plus hazard-pay bill for each of these men. The officers probably deserve the pay for the risk involved, but the idiot they arrested should be put on a chain-gang picking up trash along the freeway to pay off the expense of capture.

One could also go off on a politically incorrect rant about how it's completely illogical to pay a lot of money to bring unstable people from unstable countries to live in taxpayer subsidized housing, eat with food stamps, be schooled in extremely expensive multilingual special education courses, have Medicaid cover their health expenses, get free money for filing for an "earned income tax credit" and then end up having them blow themselves up or need even more tax money to have the FBI watch them and police with expensive helmets, body armor, and guns arrest them (only to use even more money on court costs and other legal expenses before they are housed and fed in prison for a few years). I don't doubt that this idiot's drunken Thanksgiving standoff will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time he's out again.

All of that doesn't apply to all of the Somalis, of course, but there's enough "stereotypical" truth there to make one wonder if the expense is worth it for the "warm fuzzy" feeling the government workers get when handing out other people's money and calling themselves humanitarians (and buying votes).

Immigration is one thing, but taxpayer subsidized immigration putting people in Eden Prairie (where people work half their lives to be able to live) is a completely different issue. When does the subsidized immigration end? How much is enough? Even with all the disease and everything else, Somalia has one of the top 10 highest birthrates in the world. That above-average birthrate doesn't stop when they come here, either; so there will never be an end to the supply of "needy" people from all over the world. Is Eden Prairie supposed to just keep absorbing their surplus population at OUR expense until the entire city looks like Mogadishu and there's no "greater fool" to tax? Is that the humanitarian thing to do? Raise generations of people dependent on government assistance and then take it away after some economic collapse? How about not raising generations of dependent people from the beginning? That's the only truly sustainable and honestly humanitarian path, and, surprise, surprise, it doesn't require a big government bureaucracy to manage. Like it or not, "white flight" does still exist, and many people will soon start to avoid Eden Prairie for other suburbs if the demographic pattern continues. Someone should be thinking about that, even if it is politically incorrect, because that's the direction we're heading now if nothing is done to reduce subsidized immigration.

No one dares say anything, however, because even something as harmless as Ron Case's statement a couple years ago about ESL kids scoring lower on tests (which is a statement of fact backed by all kinds of testing statistics) gets jumped upon by the hyper-sensitive people who think it's imperative that we "embrace diversity" at all costs, without question or analysis, no matter how questionable and expensive the result. Do you continue to subsidize immigration with tax money to "embrace diversity" when the majority becomes a minority? Is this causing the "urban sprawl" many people seem so worried about? Don't ask questions like that or you'll be labeled a "racist" and all logical and fact-based debate ends right there.

Just like communism and socialism, welfare in general is an unsustainable undertaking from an economic perspective. Luring even more people with international welfare and subsidized immigration is an even worse idea. It may take decades to fail, but it will fail. And yes, most Somalis aren't welfare-using criminals (or terrorists). However, welfare use and crime is higher, on average, while test scores are lower, on average. There are exceptions to everything and it is a sensitive topic for some people, but that shouldn't end all discussion of the issue.

Sheila said...

And 8 mos of "Refugee Assistance Cash" funded by the Federal gvt, mandated to the states to administer and before being moved to welfare (up to 60 mos in MN of addl payments)

When they tried to cut EP's Somalian Immigrant Liason position (which could be done by volunteers- working with local law enforcement, teaching people how to shop at Cub Foods, how to use computers at the local library etc) one of the men stood up at the Council meeting and said "we expect this type of service". EP is the only suburb with such a position- it was cut to PT, not elimated, because of the backlash.

There's a strong sense of entitlement there- and yes- you can't say a word about it.