Monday, December 1, 2008

Shift to the South

Minnesota may lose a Congressional Seat after the 2010 census and it may only be a matter of 1,800 people.

Quick- everybody have some more kids!

Overall, this is good news for Republicans as the red South gains seats and takes away from the blue North. But we could be in trouble depending on how they choose to combine legislative districts. My vote is for combining the Cities and making one uber-Liberal rep out of Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum.

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Jeff Rosenberg said...

Combining the 4th and 5th districts will only happen if the GOP controls the MN legislature in 2010... good luck with that. The DFL, on the other hand, could absolutely use redistricting to hurt the GOP, perhaps by eliminating the 6th District.

That said, I don't really want that. I hope we'll move to a non-partisan, data-driven system. I don't think partisan gerrymandering is a good system at all.

Majority leader Larry Pogemiller has a bill that would do that. Laura Brod also has a similar bill, although I don't like it as much. Regardless of whose bill we use, it's time to get away from our current system.