Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Change You Can Believe In

You know the other part of the Blagojevech story is the desire for Barack Obama to appoint his close personal friend and advisor Valerie Jarrett to a U.S. Senate Seat.

According to the Vogue article posted earlier:

But Valerie Jarrett's real clout comes less from her career than from her extraordinary connections and seemingly endless capacity for extracurriculars. As one observer put it, "She knows everyone in Chicago."

She worked in Chicago City Hall from 1987-1995 and met Michelle and Barack Obama in 1991. She has impressive resume in private business as well- but so do Karl Rove and Karen Hughes. Jarrett was one of the top advisers in the Obama campaign- she was certainly his top personal advisor after Michelle-and her payoff would be his Senate seat.

What would have happened if George Bush had a Senate Seat to fill and wanted Rove or Hughes to take it? There would have been a media outcry and a lot of scrutiny. What happens here? Nothing. Not one word about it from the mainstream media. Not one question.

Change to Obama means nothing more than further redistribution of wealth in this country and "saving the planet" (as he mentioned in Tuesday's meeting with Al Gore when the Blogojevech story broke and he felt it was "inappropriate to comment".)

Let's hear those tapes, let's here the overt cronyism that IS Brack Obama. This guy is the biggest political hack I think we'll see in our lifetimes. He will put Bill Clinton to shame...but is anybody in the press going to call him on it?

Press Corp: "Mr. Obama, when you talked about "Change" on the campaign trail for 20 months, did you include moving away from cronyism in Washington? Isn't wanting Valerie Jarrett in your Senate Seat cronyism?"

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