Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freezing our Butts Off-- Literally

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days- it's been busy. We went to see the in laws which put me way behind on shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

We headed to Sioux Falls Thursday-Sunday- driving through blizzard conditions all the way home. Here are some pics...

And Barack Obama wants us to drive "fuel efficient" cars through this:

We were on All Wheel Drive the entire way and burned through the gas- take that liberals.

There were snow drifts on the highway- try getting through those in a Prius.
We saw a two sundogs (it's a tundra-thing).

My fearless driver Todd:

We stopped at an Arby's for lunch and the bathrooms were so cold that the girls jumped up off the toilet seat and yelled "Oh- COLD!". You needed mittens on to the flush the thing.

Todd is from North Dakota and we've lived in Grand Forks and Fargo- we know cold and it has been miserably frigid here for what- 10 days now?

Mr. Global Warming Paul Douglas was on Almanac last week addressing our record cold December-- he warned us not to look out the window and make assumptions about climate change. He promised that January and February would be "unusually mild". Right. I'll believe it when I see it- meanwhile I booked a trip to Florida.


Goose said...

It is freakin' cold! And there is global warming, it just has nothing to do with humans and it also isn't necessarily bad. Can someone please tell me what the "optimal" temperature is for the earth and all its inhabitants??? Who is going to decide that? I bet the dinosaurs would have voted against an ice age, but please tell me how they or humans today would have stopped it?

If you have the patience to be open to facts and science versus hyperbole and fear, then read the research below:


Cool Gal said...

Can't stand this damn weather.

Global warming, my ass.

Glad you made it home safely.

Happy holidays! :)

Sheila said...

Catastrophic man-made global warming is complete BS- we hosted an author here last year on the subject- Dennis Avery "Unstoppable Global Warming every 1,500 Years"- great book.

My FIL is brilliant- a true science guy with a Pharmacy degree and M.D.- he reads everything on global warming and can debate with anyone on the subject. I'm not quite as science oriented- but go for the arugument of logic...humans cannot warm the Earth in any sort of significant way. They are brainwashing school kids on this stuff.

Sheila said...

And Republicans who buy-into the Climate Change nonsense will always here from me.

Cool Gal said...

Your FIL makes sense.

After all, why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Too hot, too cold? Not man-made that's for sure!

Boy would I love to be more educated on global warming. The arguments I could get into with the freaky libs would be wonderful.