Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Well not too much to say lately- the holidays wore me out and we've been busy with the girls home from preschool.


1. Franken has a 50 vote lead. I've said nothing on the recount, because there's really nothing to say. The Obama vote in Minnesota produced the Franken vote. I think Coleman lost votes to Barkely that he shouldn't have but that's what you get running to the middle. The Democrats will keep counting votes until they get the result they want. It's shameless. And yes- it would be a total embarrassment to have Franken as our Senator, but this is Minnesota so what else is new?

2. Obama sure is enjoying his trip to Hawaii, but as of yet has "no comment" on the grave situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip. We look forward to years of photo op foreign policy from this lightweight.

3. I agree with what Mitt Romney said a week ago on "Meet the Press"- it's unbelievable that Congress is doing absolutely nothing right now about the economy. Nada. I know many people out of jobs and waiting on companies who can't make hiring decisions until they have some ability to predict the short-term future. Washington is a total failure and the Obama administration will do nothing to fix that.

4. Somebody run on term limits in 2010- I will work for your campaign.

I know I should be more optimistic about the New Year- and I'm optimistic about many things in life- but the lack of leadership out there is not one of them.

I miss Rush Limbaugh this week.



Jim said...

Happy New Year!

Given how they always tend to screw things up and spend a lot of money doing it, maybe we need more Congressional inaction regarding the economy :) Instead, we'll get more FDR part 2 failed policies like some rehash of the WPA or some new "green initiatives" based on Gore's fear-science. Add in a few new socialist Ponzi schemes on top of FDR and LBJ's doings, and we'll be all set for the media to list Obama as one of our greatest presidents.

As our nation travels down the road to socialism and eventual economic collapse, we vote for "change." The change we get is not to apply the brakes, but to stomp on the accelerator. Ignore the smoking wreckage of the USSR we see against the brick wall of economic ruin ahead of us, for any thoughts of backing up to the freedom we once had are going against "progress." But we are different. No nation in the history of time as been able to print money and spend its way to prosperity. But we have hope. If we think we can, we think we can, we think we can, then maybe yes we can plow through that brick wall without destroying ourselves. Anyone who doesn't want to try isn't in favor of "progress." On the other side of that wall are all the rainbows and unicorns you can wish for. Some say its a myth, and the only way to prosperity is hard work and saving, but they aren't bold leaders. They aren't inspirational. They claim to be realists, but we'll dismiss them as pessimists. Forward! To a new enlightened time! Happy days are just around the corner, behind that brick wall! And if you don't like it, too bad, because we're all in it together! Ramming speed!

Sheila said...

You are right- we need less gvtaction.

But the action they can take is cutting spending NOW- reducing regulation to encourage new FOSSIL FUEL energy growth NOW- but that's my rainbows and unicorns talking I suppose :)

Gerat post!