Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 Days of Sick Leave!

I see in last week's Sun Current that EP Schools Superintendent Melissa Krull's contract was renewed for 3 years last week. So the hundreds of parents who signed a petition to have her contract renewed for only one year were soundly ignored.

Ms Krull gets 23 days of Sick Leave (in 3 years I assume)- 7-8 days of sick leave a year?? What adult gets sick leave these days? How many kids in our school district are out that many days a year? I know people that haven't missed one day of work in their careers with the excuse of being sick. Now I'll assume Krull doesn't take many (if any) of those days- so how does this work. And how much vacation pay is on top of this? All this and $189,370 a year (with 2% guaranteed increases every year). Wow.

Krull started out with a base salary of $153,000 a year in June 2003- that's a 21% in six years.

Keep in mind that Krull is only one of hundreds of highly-paid school administrators in the state.

My dad has a great idea to keep local school boards and highly consolidate administrative functions for the 343 school districts across the state. Put the money in the classrooms-where it belongs. We'd save a lot of money and based on the consolidated power that seems to be apparent in this school district, I don't think we'd miss much in the decision-making process either.


Cool Gal said...

I agree with your dad 100%. Way too many administrative positions. Most don't do a damn thing.

A school needs a good secretary and excellent teachers. That's about it. Principals could share schools.

I never understood all the sick days, either. My god, teachers only work 8 months. Yes, they receive the same amount of days. Most don't use all of them, but there are plenty who do.

Personal days range from 2-3 depending on the district.

Cool Gal said...

Forgot to comment on the salary.


After 14 years of hell in a first grade classroom I topped out at

Please. I can guarantee my job was a hell of a lot more stressful.

That's quite a salary. All paid for by YOUR tax dollars.

Jim said...

You use sick days for hangovers... and when you have a cold, you just show up and spread it around the school system :)