Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Saga of Smith Douglas More Continues

Sherry Butcher called Eden Prairie "the light on the hill.'' in a recent Star Trib article. Is Eden Prairie on a hill? Is there even a hill in Eden Prairie? Will the lights go out now that Butcher lost her City Council bid? This is very concerning.

Liberals on the Prairie love dramatics.

When we were little we used to write and produce plays for Thanksgiving. My brother, my cousins and I would dress as Pilgrims and Indians and reenact the first feast...This Thanksgiving, I think I will forgo the cast and do a dramatic recitation of these letters to the editor from this week's Eden Prairie News:

An article in the Star Tribune stated that someone is bidding to use the Smith-Douglas-More house as a bakery that will also sell coffee. I have questions for this person: Are you willing to open the building to school groups, community groups and social groups? Can people sit and enjoy the historic house for as long as they would like even without purchasing anything? Are you going to offer live music and host art and craft and antique shows? Are you going to offer fair trade coffee?

Those are all the things to think about if you are going to take over a community building. Also think about all the residents who love the Dunn Bros. business that is currently operating there. My family will be one of the many in the community who will be terribly upset with your decision to go against our will and help the City Council kick out Dunn. Bros. We will take this into account when we decide where to get out coffee and baked goods. I am not saying because your business wouldn't be welcome in out community. It just may be more welcome in another location.

Just things to think about. Good luck to you.


It is time for our city leaders to realize that certain amenities, such as Dunn Bros. and art centers, draw people to our community who in turn bring money and jobs. If you are looking for a precedent take a close look at Northeast Minneapolis, it is populated by coffee shops, artist and creative businesses and it is thriving.

There is more to life than the bottom line and sometimes you just need to step up and do the right thing. Keep Dunn Bros. as a tenant and keep Eden Prairie from becoming a drab suburban wasteland.

End scene.

Music going through my head right now? "The Man of La Mancha". The lyrics say it all for these folks.

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Jim said...

To be too literal, I must say there are some good hills in EP. The river bluffs are full of them, and Starring Lake Park has a large sledding hill.

I wonder if the letter's author wants to model our city after not just "thriving" Northeast Minneapolis, but also North Minneapolis. That'll bring some more excitement to our "drab" suburb.