Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Ideal

Todd and I had the unique opportunity last night to be a part of a mock interview/judge panel for Miss Minnesota-Angie McDermott- as she prepares for the Miss America contest in January.

My buddy Kristen (runner-up for Miss Minnesota back in the day) invited us over to her house with several of her friends in P.R. to throw questions at the contestant and then critique her answers. We conducted it pretty officially (except for the glasses of wine in many of the judges hands). No soft balls at all.

We asked questions about her platform (early College awareness for students who may not consider attending) and her background. We also asked her a ton of political questions, which I of course enjoyed. From gay marriage to the auto bailout, from what she thought of George Bush to who she voted for and why. Ms. McDermott is most certainly left leaning, but the way she handled and defended her answers was done well. She barely missed a beat and was able to state exactly where she stood and why. She has a beaming smile and a highly engaging personality. She's smart and high-energy, but doesn't cross the border to bubbly. I was highly impressed. If we had more political candidates like her- who aren't afraid to say exactly what they think-we'd be better off.

When she goes to Vegas in January- my money's on this Austin, MN bred beauty to go far. It's been since Anoka's Gretchen Carlson won the title back in 1989 that we've brought home the crown. Learn more about Angie here.

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Mary said...

Too bad she leans left. But if she's as smart as you say--may change. She's gorgeous!