Friday, November 14, 2008

Letters to the Editor

I really liked this letter from yesterday's EP News from Mayor Phil Young:

Congratulations to each of the four candidates for Eden Prairie City Council. Sherry Butcher ran an admirable campaign and one which was, true to form, graceful and positive. Sherry is an outstanding public servant whose devotion to Eden Prairie is unquestioned. I have enjoyed working with Sherry on the council and will miss her leadership very much. Brad Aho deserved a second four-year term on the council and I am glad the residents of Eden Prairie honored him with that opportunity. No one works harder than Brad, either as a candidate or as an elected official. I look forward to working with Brad over the next four years. Jeff Meyerhofer earned a very respectable tally of votes for a first-time candidate running against three opponents with enormous name recognition. His message clearly resonated with voters.

Ron Case came back to the council on a platform of low taxes and opposition to the airport. I am intrigued by the possibility of new ideas regarding the airport, especially as Ron was part of the council which gave up the city’s right to oppose the expansion. I also look forward to his support in my efforts to control the growth of property taxes.

Congratulations, as well, to friends Jenifer Loon and Erik Paulsen. They will serve their constituencies very well.

Yes- that's the platform Case ran on. That and making sure the Council never asks for market-based rent at city-owned historic properties where Case places his campaign literature. As I've said before, should be entertaining.

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