Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jumping Through Hoops

This is a joke- a complete joke.

Tough-talking Democrats trying to make us believe that they want the auto industry to have accountability before they hand over billions of dollars. They don't. This is about one thing: the failure of Unions in this country, the grip they have on U.S. manufacturers which has led to our dependence on imports.

Pelosi's going to "show them the money" allright and this grandstanding is tedious and childish.

I drive a Ford, I like it, but if American car companies go broke- it's their own fault.

We MUST be able to have manufacturing capabilities in the country. It's not good enough to rely on trade partners. But this is a time to talk about Union pay and benefits, stupid government CAFE standards (which actually cause people to drive more, not less), and a ridiculously high corporate tax environment-- not about how to properly write grant request in order to get money from the rest of us.

Hello- Republicans-- Where are you?


Goose said...

We don't own any foreign cars, not that we don't like or want any, we just don't right now. We actually have two Chrysler products, one Ford and one GM. However, I could care less if they cease to exist, but that won't happen. There is a lot of fear mongering going on right now, talk of liquidation/etc. That won't happen. If these companies go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they will be able to reorganize and renegotiate bad contracts with unions, and come out in better shape in the global economy.

Goose said...

Here's one:

But, not happy with his vote on the financial bailout however...

Jim said...

Yep, that's what Chapter 11 is for. You can redo all the unsustainable Union contracts that are dragging you down without having to liquidate the entire business.

There's still an advantage to building cars in the US (which is why many foreign companies have bothered to build plants here... except they build their plants in the South, w/o Union labor). If the "big 3" all did Chapter 11, the end result wouldn't be no more cars built in the USA. Being unchained from Union contracts might allow them to keep more factories open in the North.

If you are worried about national security and the need to build tanks and bombers for some WWII style huge land war (how quaint), you can always take control of the foreign-owned factories and convert them to whatever production you need. Not that I approve or disapprove, but that's what happens. GM and Ford factories in Germany ended up helping build up Hilter's war machine. In fact, after the war, GM was compensated with millions of US tax dollars for one of their Opel factories that was bombed by the Allies. Ford also got some money for similar reasons. At least that's what some internet monkeys say, so it must be true :)