Friday, November 21, 2008

How Many Senators Does It Take To Screw up the Country?

We all know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden came out of the Senate.

He's already named Tom Daschle (the losing Senator from SD) as Secretary of Health and Human Services and now it look's like he's going to name New York Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Add in Chuck Hagel from Nebraska-who's in the running for another top Cabinet position as the Secretary of Defense- and you're guaranteed whole lot of bloviating at the highest levels of government.

More change we can believe in.


Goose said...

No change here to look at, just keep moving along, folks.

Obama is just paying off his debts with all the people who helped him get elected.

Very boring. I wonder what all the young Obamanians are thinking about him putting all the Clinton baggage handlers on his cabinet. You have been duped!

Jim said...

Yep, "change" means drag out the old Clinton stooges and other liberal twits with old ideas. Those ideas were rejected, and Bush really botched the "conservative" part of his time in office, and now we go back to the same liberal agenda. I feel like a communist Humanities professor who moans that "true communism was never tried and it's a good theory." Well, true conservatism was not tried under Bush, and it's a good theory.

The Senate does seem to be the most sleazy and corrupt part of the government. Probably the six-year terms, but more likely is that you have to be kind of sleazy to hang around Washington long enough to build up a network of sleazeballs who are willing to help you become a Senator :)

Bob Davis (AM1500) occasionally mentions the repeal of the 17th Amendment to take the popular election of Senators away and give it back to the state legislature. I haven't thought about it too much, but it doesn't seem like a horrible idea. Instead of spending millions of dollars in advertising your handouts to boobs who don't know what the heck is going on, just let the local state government choose Senators and force the people to pay more attention to local politics. Reducing the need for multi-million dollar Senatorial campaigns would (in theory) eliminate a lot (or at least some) of the corruption.

Sheila said...

Fascinating Jim!