Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Long is this Speech?

He sounds like a preacher with this litany... "Yes we can!"

My favorite line was about "remaking American brick by brick". Yup- that's what he wants to do remake our country.

What kind of country do you think we'll have when he's done? Shiver.

Let's hope we can hold onto the Senate.


Jim said...

Coleman was just on and was saying something about Obama bringing everyone together. Coleman paused for applause. No one in the audience clapped. Awkward silence for a split second. Coleman raises his arms and says, "applaud for that" and then a few people obeyed him with some weak clapping. I found that whole scene to be comical.

Sheila said...

Ooh- I missed that. What a stupid thing to say to a group of Republicans who have worked their butts off. This is why I didn't give a dime to Coleman or put a sign in my yard-- and it's the same reason he's in a flipping tie with Franken.

Goose said...

Norm is way too moderate, which is why this is so close. Unfortunately it will be 6 long years before this could change.