Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Could it be true?

Could Ron Case actually kick Sherry Butcher off the City Council instead of Republican Brad Aho (as he intended)? Now that would be some irony.

There's no doubt that Case and Aho have worked the hardest in this campaign- knocking on doors and putting up signs-- the unglamorous grunt work that makes a winning campaign. All I saw from Sherry Butcher was a flyer (not even at my front door but in my newspaper slot) yesterday.

Here are the EP City Council results with 11/19 precincts reporting. They're missing EP 19- our biggest GOP precinct, plus EP 16 (my precinct which votes Republican), EP 14 (strong Republican) EP 11 (Dem) and EP 12 (mixed). We're also missing 3 precincts from the A-side (which definitely leans Dem). We shall see.

RON CASE 8411 (29.61%)
SHERRY BUTCHER 7658 (26.96%)
BRAD AHO 8729 (30.73%)

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