Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best Lunch on the Prairie

In anticipation of all of the turkey I'll be consuming this week, I needed a pastrami on rye fix...so today we went to the best Jewish Deli outside NYC Pastrami Jacks. Here's a good story on the place from the local paper a couple years back.

They've remodeled the restaurant since I was last there, taking out the Caribou Coffee bar and adding more seating- good move.

The Matzo ball soup, kosher dill pickles, red potato salad and cole slaw are all made from scratch and simply divine. But it's really all about the hot pastrami and corned beef sandwiches- they are huge and for $11.95 you can easily feed two people. Their sandwich BEATS- yes BEATS- the famous Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (My dad's from The Bronx, I know good deli food). I asked my dad once what a good NY deli needed- he didn't hesitate: Egg Salad, Lox, Chopped Liver sandwiches and Cheesecake. Pastrami Jack's features all of these and more.

It's kid-friendly with crayons to draw and kid's cups. Their meals start at $2.95 and could easily be split by two or more kids.

Pastrami Jacks is in a very low rent strip mall off of City West Parkway, but they have a nice view onto a pond with lots of trees and bird houses. We watched two squirrels battle with two blue jays for about 30 minutes. If this place was located near EP Center- they'd do three times the business. And- they should also be open on Sunday's-- the best day for a bagel with cream cheese and lox, red onions and capers- Yummmm.

Pastrami Jacks proves the adage: "build it and they will come". EP is in desperate need of affordable non-chain restaurants with atmosphere, service and above all- excellent food.

If you haven't been there yet- give it a try. It's addicting!


Jim said...

Baker's Ribs is near EP Center and has wonderful beef sandwiches. The ribs are also excellent.


Jake said...

Ummmmm...now I am starving. I love a good sandwich, I will have to try it!

Mary said...

Sounds like your Dunn Brothers could learn a few things from this business model.

Sheila said...

Yes- Baker's Ribs is great!