Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It's a perfect turkey day here in Minnesota. The sun just came out, the grass is still green.

I can't wait to get down to Lakeville to consume the feast that my dad has been working on for days. Don Corbett is one hell of a chef. This year he called me asking where to find Juniper berries (are they even edible?) for a new recipe he's trying. The man is 67 and moves around his small galley kitchen with the skill of a pro.

We just watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade- wonderful. Although man-oh-man do we have an obesity problem in this country. One quarter of all of the high school dancers and band cheer squads were overweight.

Last Thanksgiving, my mom had just returned from seven weeks staying at The Hope Lodge at Mayo Clinic where she underwent chemo and radiation treatment for anaplastic thyroid cancer. She couldn't talk and she ate about a teaspoon full of mashed potatoes. We didn't know if she's be with us for much longer. This year my mom has her thick black hair back and will be eating like the old Lucy that we know and love. We have so much to be grateful for.

Pour a nice big glass of wine and toast those friends and family. I'll be back :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best Lunch on the Prairie

In anticipation of all of the turkey I'll be consuming this week, I needed a pastrami on rye today we went to the best Jewish Deli outside NYC Pastrami Jacks. Here's a good story on the place from the local paper a couple years back.

They've remodeled the restaurant since I was last there, taking out the Caribou Coffee bar and adding more seating- good move.

The Matzo ball soup, kosher dill pickles, red potato salad and cole slaw are all made from scratch and simply divine. But it's really all about the hot pastrami and corned beef sandwiches- they are huge and for $11.95 you can easily feed two people. Their sandwich BEATS- yes BEATS- the famous Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (My dad's from The Bronx, I know good deli food). I asked my dad once what a good NY deli needed- he didn't hesitate: Egg Salad, Lox, Chopped Liver sandwiches and Cheesecake. Pastrami Jack's features all of these and more.

It's kid-friendly with crayons to draw and kid's cups. Their meals start at $2.95 and could easily be split by two or more kids.

Pastrami Jacks is in a very low rent strip mall off of City West Parkway, but they have a nice view onto a pond with lots of trees and bird houses. We watched two squirrels battle with two blue jays for about 30 minutes. If this place was located near EP Center- they'd do three times the business. And- they should also be open on Sunday's-- the best day for a bagel with cream cheese and lox, red onions and capers- Yummmm.

Pastrami Jacks proves the adage: "build it and they will come". EP is in desperate need of affordable non-chain restaurants with atmosphere, service and above all- excellent food.

If you haven't been there yet- give it a try. It's addicting!

Oxymoron of the Year

Obama at his press conference today:

"It's not about big government or small government, it's about building a smarter government."

THERE IS NO SUCH THING- Government cannot be "smart"

But this guy is SO intelligent.

Help Us.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh- I forgot. I also spent Sunday morning- as I always do- watching the talk shows. I watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and switch between "Meet the Press" and George Stephanopolus. Tom Brokaw was a complete ass to Joe Lieberman, I sincerely don't know how he is considered a journalist. I miss Tim Russert.

I also watch the local shows "Capitol Report" and "At Issue". Yes- I'm a nerd.

The spin on all of the National shows was that Obama was not going to keep his promise of raising taxes on those making over $250,000. That he'll let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011.

They're lying.

They want "the rich" to shop over the Holidays, they know things are bleak. He'll raise taxes- he'll have to- in order to pay for his new WPA that will "rebuild roads and schools"--which schools? Do you think the government will make sure that no illegals are hired for these plumb jobs?

Back to "the rich". A fellow HENRY (High Earner, Not Rich Yet) sent this great article from FORTUNE magazine from last month describing the people that Obama wants to nail.

Accompany Obama's plans with a $4 Billion projected budget deficit in Minnesota- with Democrats in Control of both the House and the Senate- and it spells major tax hikes. The Senate PASSED a 9.7% top income tax rate in Minnesota last year!

I've thought about going back to work. I have an opportunity to earn about $40,000 a year doing something I really enjoy- but why would I? I'm not giving the government half of my salary- I'd be pretty stupid wouldn't I? The irony is if I were a single mom- I'd be getting money back if I were to take that job.


My Weekend

Todd and I took the girls to the EPHS Production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" to see our babysitter perform. I've never been a fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber -and I'm still not- it was an ambitious production that only a school the size of EP could pull off. The leads were highly talented, the costumes fantastic and it was an enjoyable afternoon. Joseph himself was especially good. Jane and Kathleen ran up to him afterward and hugged him. He was a sweet guy.

I saw Congressman-elect Erik Paulsen- who was there to watch his daughter. We chatted a bit as I hadn't seen him after the election.

Then we went to dinner in Wayzata and we saw outgoing Congressman Jim Ramstad. My friend B. said that I was right- politics seems to follow me wherever I go.

Todd got up Christmas lights on Sunday. Bring on the Holidays!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pot. Kettle. Black.

So Harry Reid is up in arms because the auto industry big wigs flew on private jets to D.C. to ask for money.

How many private jet rides has Reid taken?

Harry Reid took 36 rides on Corporate Private jets from 2001-2005.

Enough please sir of your mock disdain.

If they were from the MGM Grand Casino, you'd be having drinks with them.

Star Trib Piece on U President's Pay

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks has boldly called for a salary freeze for the top 40 employees at the U (including himself). It's going to save a whopping $500,000 a year in a school with a biennial budget of $1.5 Billion. Let's give this man a pat on the back.

Meanwhile, he's ranks #7 on the list of best-compensated University Presidents in the country (Public institutions) bringing in $733,421.

The University is a fine school, but it certainly isn't a top 10 public University. Top 25. U.S. News and World Report just ranked it #22. So why Top 10 pay? Well this is Minnesota, Minnesotans are proud of spending a lot of money on education- regardless of results. And is it damn cold here, so you may need to pay a bit more to attract top candidates- but Bruininks has been here since 1968. He likes it here. It is a huge University- but you have Provosts doing the job at the other campuses. I give. I don't know.

One interesting item from the Strib piece:

Over five years, public presidents' median compensation climbed 36 percent, while private presidents' rose 19 percent.

There was another recent piece from ABC news on College Presidents' Pay:

Fifty-nine presidents of public universities reeled in more than $500,000 in salary and benefits during the 2007-08 academic year, more than double the number who broke the half-million mark three years earlier, according to a survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education released on Monday.

So the government workers are once again fairing much better than the private-sector ones.

My favorite part about government employees is the idea that there should never be pay cuts. When I worked in sales, it was always on commission and the better you did the harder they'd make your compensation plan. If you were stellar two years in a row, it was still quite possible that you'd make less one year vs. the other. Public employees just sit back and wait for their 3.5% or 5% or 6% compensation increases every year. They expect it for the job title. They make up their own vague benchmarks for success and then tie part of their pay to those goals- amazingly they always seem to achieve them.

I'd love to throw some of these folks outside the world of taxpayer-funded compensation and see how they'd do.

Give me $125,000 a year and I'll do Bob Bruinkink's job-- and I promise tuition wouldn't be $10,000 a year either. No way.

How Many Senators Does It Take To Screw up the Country?

We all know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden came out of the Senate.

He's already named Tom Daschle (the losing Senator from SD) as Secretary of Health and Human Services and now it look's like he's going to name New York Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Add in Chuck Hagel from Nebraska-who's in the running for another top Cabinet position as the Secretary of Defense- and you're guaranteed whole lot of bloviating at the highest levels of government.

More change we can believe in.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jumping Through Hoops

This is a joke- a complete joke.

Tough-talking Democrats trying to make us believe that they want the auto industry to have accountability before they hand over billions of dollars. They don't. This is about one thing: the failure of Unions in this country, the grip they have on U.S. manufacturers which has led to our dependence on imports.

Pelosi's going to "show them the money" allright and this grandstanding is tedious and childish.

I drive a Ford, I like it, but if American car companies go broke- it's their own fault.

We MUST be able to have manufacturing capabilities in the country. It's not good enough to rely on trade partners. But this is a time to talk about Union pay and benefits, stupid government CAFE standards (which actually cause people to drive more, not less), and a ridiculously high corporate tax environment-- not about how to properly write grant request in order to get money from the rest of us.

Hello- Republicans-- Where are you?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Ideal

Todd and I had the unique opportunity last night to be a part of a mock interview/judge panel for Miss Minnesota-Angie McDermott- as she prepares for the Miss America contest in January.

My buddy Kristen (runner-up for Miss Minnesota back in the day) invited us over to her house with several of her friends in P.R. to throw questions at the contestant and then critique her answers. We conducted it pretty officially (except for the glasses of wine in many of the judges hands). No soft balls at all.

We asked questions about her platform (early College awareness for students who may not consider attending) and her background. We also asked her a ton of political questions, which I of course enjoyed. From gay marriage to the auto bailout, from what she thought of George Bush to who she voted for and why. Ms. McDermott is most certainly left leaning, but the way she handled and defended her answers was done well. She barely missed a beat and was able to state exactly where she stood and why. She has a beaming smile and a highly engaging personality. She's smart and high-energy, but doesn't cross the border to bubbly. I was highly impressed. If we had more political candidates like her- who aren't afraid to say exactly what they think-we'd be better off.

When she goes to Vegas in January- my money's on this Austin, MN bred beauty to go far. It's been since Anoka's Gretchen Carlson won the title back in 1989 that we've brought home the crown. Learn more about Angie here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Critic

I caught Governor Pawlenty on Fox News Sunday yesterday. I'm really trying to help here:

1. How did the hockey hair come back already? That's the hairdo my high school boyfriend had in 1989. It is not in style, it doesn't give you blue-collar cred, it just looks bad. Cut it.

2. Get your analogies straight- The Governor stated that people who want to save money shop at Sam's Club, KMart, Target and Costco. WRONG.

People who want to save money shop at WalMart and maybe KMart. Target is expensive.

And Costco? The average household income for Costco shoppers is $75,000.

People who shop at Costco don't do so to save money. They do so to spend money. They sell brie by the pound along with Kadota figs and Bosc pears. They sell lobsters with imported County Kerry butter to dip it in. They sell fresh arrangements of roses, hydrangeas and lilies to pop on your foyer table. They sell four-story doll houses to put under (or next to) the Christmas tree for your little princess.

Okay, so they also sell the best kosher hot dog with a diet Coke for only a $1.50- but don't let that fool you. They are a luxury store for luxury buyers.

They sell artisan cheeses and meats from Italy. And if the City of Eden Prairie would ever let loose of its monopoly, our location would sell some great wine to drink with all of that food. Costco has an amazing wine department- but not in Eden Prairie where our government controls where you buy booze. This REALLY irks me.

Back to my point- People who shop at Costco have a lot of money and they like to entertain. I don't know how many fundraisers and parties now have frozen food from Costco in the chafing dishes. (And that's not such a good thing).

Please, Governor, I know about shopping. I mean, I know it. You're trying to look like the common guy. But, you are the common guy. Those are your roots, nobody can take that away. If you want to run for higher office, cut the hair and don't talk about things that you don't know about-- like shopping.

Talk about the looming budget deficits in Minnesota and how you're going to lead the charge to cut spending.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Letters to the Editor

I really liked this letter from yesterday's EP News from Mayor Phil Young:

Congratulations to each of the four candidates for Eden Prairie City Council. Sherry Butcher ran an admirable campaign and one which was, true to form, graceful and positive. Sherry is an outstanding public servant whose devotion to Eden Prairie is unquestioned. I have enjoyed working with Sherry on the council and will miss her leadership very much. Brad Aho deserved a second four-year term on the council and I am glad the residents of Eden Prairie honored him with that opportunity. No one works harder than Brad, either as a candidate or as an elected official. I look forward to working with Brad over the next four years. Jeff Meyerhofer earned a very respectable tally of votes for a first-time candidate running against three opponents with enormous name recognition. His message clearly resonated with voters.

Ron Case came back to the council on a platform of low taxes and opposition to the airport. I am intrigued by the possibility of new ideas regarding the airport, especially as Ron was part of the council which gave up the city’s right to oppose the expansion. I also look forward to his support in my efforts to control the growth of property taxes.

Congratulations, as well, to friends Jenifer Loon and Erik Paulsen. They will serve their constituencies very well.

Yes- that's the platform Case ran on. That and making sure the Council never asks for market-based rent at city-owned historic properties where Case places his campaign literature. As I've said before, should be entertaining.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

South Park Republican

I don't watch South Park very much- but when I'm in a juvenile mood- nothing is funnier.

Check out the first four minutes- the Obama celebration and the McCain bunker scenes. (If you're offended by profane language on an adult cartoon show, don't watch).

Best Lines:
"Obama's not talking about YOU!"

"Don't you get it? There isn't going to be a Hospital!"

And Sarah Palin's accent is 100% Minnesotan- not Alaskan.

Christmas Gifts for your Favorite GOP Girl

I promised initially to post shopping tips and I've been slacking. Pesky elections.

My Lilly Pulitzer catalog arrived last week. I LOVE Lilly- the epitome of Palm Beach classic, casual chic. Check out the elephants:

The pink ballerina flats are adorable, but that clutch is mine.

Available at Melly- 50th and France.

Cross posted at ThePrepublican

Eden Prairie Taxpayers Alliance

I've admired the work of the EPTA for a few years now. They occasionally submit well-reasoned letters to the editor and commentaries in the local papers.

There's no glamour in organizing a local taxpayer watchdog group. They do it for only one reason: to make Eden Prairie the best place to live for the lowest amount of tax dollars. With property values dropping and city spending continually increasing (I think it's gone up 30% in the four years I've lived here), they are a necessary organization.

I agree wholeheartedly with their philosophy that City spending should be limited to Pipes (Infrastructure), Public Safety and Parks.

The EPTA sat out this election after working hard in the 2006 Mayor's Race. You may remember their Ron Case = Higher Taxes signs. Case learned something from them and slapped on the yellow "low tax guy" stickers on his signs this time around...and he won.

Check out EPTA's new website for today's Commentary in the EP News.

I encourage my conservative readers to subscribe to their site.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

It's a balmy 32 degrees with freezing rain today- we stopped by the new EP Veterans Memorial for a visit. I really like the way the memorial is positioned against the small lake at Purgatory Park.

We saw a couple gentleman with Marines caps on and wished them a Happy Veterans Day. I was humming "From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..."

Jane and Kathleen posed for a couple shots...they were cold!

My grandpa, Jack Thomas, was in the Army in WWII and was stationed in Pearl Harbor. We joke that the only action he saw was on the tennis court. He was a thirty-something married father of two which warranted an easier gig at the time. Nevertheless, he didn't even see my mom until she was two-and-a-half years old.

My uncle, Bill Melby- who was a major influence on my Republican views as he was the only one is a family of FDR Democrats- was a fighter pilot in the Pacific. He was shot down over the Phillipines and his co-pilot died. He said he could hear the machetes cutting through the tall grass as he hid from the Japanese. He had heard stories of what the Japanese did to American POW's....He was picked up by an Australian patrol days later. He went on to become a very successful businessman and father of six. I miss Uncle Bill and my grandpa dearly. What a generation of men they were...

Todd's dad and each of his four brothers served during Vietnam. Their father was on the draft board in Cavalier N.D. and was able to get Todd's dad (the oldest and married) a position stateside while the younger brothers all served overseas. Three of Todd's uncles also served in Desert Storm in the National Guard.

My favorite living Vet is my brother-in-law, Jon Roscoe, who served in Desert Storm as a college student and also served in the War on Terror at Guantanamo as a Military Policeman. He was sent there immediately after 9/11 and immediately after his first child was born.

Thank you to our Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they've made to ensure our freedom. Thank God for their courage and patriotism. May we never forget the ones we've lost.

Well I hate to rain on a parade- but blogger Gavin Sullivan points out that several of the quotes (including the one Jane is standing next to) that are carved into stone at the EP Veterans Memorial, are attributed to the wrong people. That's really bad.

Obama's Big Mouth- Part II

So much for good will.

Obama is using yesterday's first Oval Office meeting with President Bush as more political posturing- blabbing to the New York Times and selling it as Bush trying to cut a deal on trade policy. This guy will make the mores of Bill Clinton look like that of an Amish Farmer.

P.S. Love this man- looking forward (ironically as most liberals are) to Bush being back at his ranch not having to deal with the B.S. anymore.

Election Demographics

I thought this was a really interesting article in The Politico about the shifting demographics in the country and how they voted this year.

It shows that the youth vote was once again way overrated. It also shows that earnings are much rosier than the bleak picture that Obama painted...of course he already knew that. Talk about the politics of fear.

In Minnesota I thought it was interesting that the only age group who voted for McCain was ages 40-49 by a 7 point margin. The Minnesota Income group that favored McCain were those making between $100,000-$200,000 a year. As with the national demographics, those making over $200,000 went with Obama by 8 points. "Tax me- I LOVE IT!"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Club Gitmo

Great picture. It always warms my heart a bit to see a transition between Presidents. We have a great country and I will not deny that it is pretty cool to see a black man in the White House. We have a really great country.
That's my props for the day- maybe for the month.
What doesn't warm my heart is this from Sky News:
The US President-elect has described the Cuban Navy base as a "sad chapter in American history" and insisted that the US legal system could deal with the detainees.
Now his aides are putting together proposals to release some detainees while sending others to criminal trials on US soil.

A third group of high-risk cases may go before a new court designed to handle sensitive national security cases, according to advisers and Democrats involved in the talks.
I'm so excited to spend money re-working our legal system to provide criminal trials (instead of military tribunals) so that enemy combatants can have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Local Media Bias

Coverage of the 42A 42B House Races:

From the Eden Prairie News:

Locally, it was a tight competition for all the races, something that came as no surprise for all the candidates involved.

In House District 42A, DFL incumbent Maria Ruud was re-elected to represent parts of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie at the State Legislature.

She defeated Republican opponent Shari May garnering approximately 58 percent of the vote (12,804 votes) to May’s 42 percent (9,154 votes).

Needless to say, Ruud said she didn’t take anything for granted in this election.

“We were door knocking up until 7:30.”She added that she was thankful to the people of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. Ruud, who will now return to a third term in the State House of Representatives, said that is has been a real pleasure to have all the conversations she’s had at people’s doorsteps.

“We have a wonderful community.”

What she’s heard during her times of door-knocking around the district has primarily been concerns about the economy, concerns about children’s futures.

“I heard those stories again and again at the door.”

Ruud’s priority will also be the economy and looking at what steps the Legislature can take to help shore up the economy for Minnesota.

There will be challenges, she noted, but “I am hopeful that it’s going to get better.”

Meanwhile, as Eden Prairie’s former District 42B representative takes a national stage, Erik Paulsen’s spot will be filled by Republican Jenifer Loon.

Loon defeated DFL challenger Jerry Pitzrick, garnering approximately 57 percent of the vote (13,452 votes) to Pitzrick’s 43 percent (10,002 votes).

The entire story is dedicated to Maria Ruud (Democrat)- two sentences on Jenifer Loon (Republican).

But this is even better: From the EP Sun-Current (couldn't link)

42B: Republican Jenifer Loon pulled out a victory over DFLer Jerry Pitzrick. Loon polled 13,452 votes for just over 57%, Pitzrick had 10,002 or just under 43%.

42A: Incumbent DFLer Maria Ruud won convincingly over her Republican challenger Shari May. Rudd polled 12,804 votes for just over 58% of the vote. May had 9,154 votes.

So with almost the exact same winning/losing percentages- the Republican "pulled out a victory" and the Democrat "won convincingly". Uh-huh.

This stuff cracks me up.


EP News Editor Karla Wennerstrom points out my major oversight in not including the rest of the story (I didn't see it online). My apologies for poor reporting!

The rest of the story.

This portion of the story from the Eden Prairie News was left off of this post (the story appeared in the print edition and online, however the online version of the story did have an ad in it, which may have made it appear like the story ended):

Loon noted that it was a well-fought race. “I think it was a very positive campaign.” She said she was very gratified to have the support of voters of Eden Prairie. Loon talked about the flurry of work that had been involved in the tight race. “I wanted to run a really positive campaign to really talk about my ideas,” she said. The last week was a “flurry of door knocking and phone calling and efforts to get out the vote." She’d been campaigning hard for 10 months – “the hard work has paid off.” Her first priority will be stimulating the economy “and get people back to work.” She added, as somebody who has worked with small businesses for 16 years she knows that such enterprises are the engine that is going to drive this economy forward. “I want to really focus some of our policies in Minnesota on trying to be more favorable toward promoting small- or medium-sized business.”

Off to a Great Start

Check out this AP story today:

So- Barack is going to use his Executive Power to reverse the limitation of federal funds for stem cell research and to reverse opening up areas in the U.S. for oil exploration?

According to an August 2007 Pew Research Poll, only 51% of Americans support ANY embryonic stem cell research- and I'd like to see a poll of how many Americans support using their tax dollars to conduct new research.

In another Pew Poll from June 0f 2008 50% of the country thinks we should begin drilling in ANWR while only 34% believe that protecting the environment is more important than developing new energy sources.

I don't believe in leading by polls- and obviously neither does Obama. But we are facing some very serious issues. Now is not the time to get into a debate on stem cell research- that will do nothing to bring the country together. And now is not the time to throw any option under the bus when it comes to addressing scarcity of energy resources. These are the two issues he wants to tackle by issuing immediate Executive orders?

It shows exactly who he is beholden to....the left.

P.S. The fact that Obama thinks he has some 1980 Reagan mandate is also ridiculous.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's Big Mouth

A well known Republican strategist described Obama this way "We all know this guy, he's the guy who stands against the wall at a party. Martini in one hand, cigarette in the other...making wry comments about people in the room."

Obama's already proven that desription with his shameless put-down of Nancy Reagan yesterday. When asked which Presidents he's talked to in order to prepare- he says he's talked to all of them, but "didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any seances." The press corps laughs. Imagine Bush saying this. What would the reaction be?

The AP piece is spin-city even launching an attack on Hillary Clinton. The media is not going to be able to cover him for long.

Obama will not be able to help himself...he's not a "nice guy". He's kind of a jerk and you can never hide who you really are....most especially not with the intense level of scrutiny he'll be under now. Note: he received little of this scutiny in the two years that he ran for the office. He'll continue to prove who he really is as he's forced to move away from campaign rhetoric.

Day 3 as President-Elect, first Press Conference as President-Elect, first gaffe. Many more to come.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Ba, ha, ha

I have been laughing to myself all week- I don't know why. Yes- there's an underlying fear about the War, about taxes, about the economy....but I find so much humor in Obama. This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. On election night my group of friends was cracking self-deprecating jokes about Republicans and making more jokes about the impending Obama presidency. Democrats: "I HATE BUSH". It was the only thing in their vocabulary.

Well folks Bushie is almost gone and I don't want to hear the B-word out of your mouths anymore. It's done. You have your man and he is going to be really entertaining.

I listened to his press conference today and all I could think is: SHALLOW and DULL. He is not as brilliant as everyone likes to think and I look forward to the days ahead and watching him have to actually answer questions from the media. He's going to be very, very bad at it. Trust me.

And his administration so far? Rahm Emanuel? Classic. Bring it on.

From the Times Online:

At a dinner to celebrate Bill Clinton’s first presidential victory – Mr Emanuel was his chief fundraiser – he began to reel off the names of those who had 'crossed' him. He grabbed a steak knife and began plunging it into the table shouting “Dead! Dead! Dead!” after each name.
“When he was done the table looked like a lunar landscape,” a witness relates. “It was like something out of The Godfather. But that’s Rahm for you.”

John Kerry for Secretary of State...please say it is so!

I've also been thinking about the Inauguration. It is going bring the best fodder! Everybody in Hollywood will be angling for a seat. The average IQ in the ballroom will be about 95.

And the entertainment? I knew it.

Beyonce is begging to sing. (wonder if she'll perform this little number)

P Diddy has promised to DJ the event for free.

Bruce Springsteen may perform and is timing the release of his new album around the Inauguration.

Oprah's had her dress picked out since last February having created a "vision board" for the Obama presidency.

It will be the MTV party of the century.

Obama's people are savvy and should tone it down with the current economic woes. But, if it's as over-the-top obnoxious as I think it may be- then I will be laughing even harder.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Saga of Smith Douglas More Continues

Sherry Butcher called Eden Prairie "the light on the hill.'' in a recent Star Trib article. Is Eden Prairie on a hill? Is there even a hill in Eden Prairie? Will the lights go out now that Butcher lost her City Council bid? This is very concerning.

Liberals on the Prairie love dramatics.

When we were little we used to write and produce plays for Thanksgiving. My brother, my cousins and I would dress as Pilgrims and Indians and reenact the first feast...This Thanksgiving, I think I will forgo the cast and do a dramatic recitation of these letters to the editor from this week's Eden Prairie News:

An article in the Star Tribune stated that someone is bidding to use the Smith-Douglas-More house as a bakery that will also sell coffee. I have questions for this person: Are you willing to open the building to school groups, community groups and social groups? Can people sit and enjoy the historic house for as long as they would like even without purchasing anything? Are you going to offer live music and host art and craft and antique shows? Are you going to offer fair trade coffee?

Those are all the things to think about if you are going to take over a community building. Also think about all the residents who love the Dunn Bros. business that is currently operating there. My family will be one of the many in the community who will be terribly upset with your decision to go against our will and help the City Council kick out Dunn. Bros. We will take this into account when we decide where to get out coffee and baked goods. I am not saying because your business wouldn't be welcome in out community. It just may be more welcome in another location.

Just things to think about. Good luck to you.


It is time for our city leaders to realize that certain amenities, such as Dunn Bros. and art centers, draw people to our community who in turn bring money and jobs. If you are looking for a precedent take a close look at Northeast Minneapolis, it is populated by coffee shops, artist and creative businesses and it is thriving.

There is more to life than the bottom line and sometimes you just need to step up and do the right thing. Keep Dunn Bros. as a tenant and keep Eden Prairie from becoming a drab suburban wasteland.

End scene.

Music going through my head right now? "The Man of La Mancha". The lyrics say it all for these folks.

Ryback Backs Local Dems

Uber Liberal Mayor of Minneapolis -and world's worst crime-stopper- R.T. Ryback was in Eden Prairie last week.

He was sporting pins for local Democrats Sherry Butcher, Ron Case and Jerry Pitzrick along with a Franken-Obama pin.

I can't pull the picture up- but here's the link.


Are you kidding me??

I missed this a last week-

So you can overspend to your heart's content- live well over your means and then simply not pay 60% of the bill?

This has got to be stopped.

The companies who overextended credit to people should eat it- and the people who took out the credit should file bankruptcy and call it a day.

When will this lack of responsibility ever end?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pawlenty Again Trying to Lead our Party's "re-Branding"

Pawlenty on our party: (from the City Pages Blog)

"I think the Republican Party is going to go through a national 'Dr. Phil' moment," Pawlenty said, drawing chuckles from the CBS studio. "Or more than one moment, but it's going to need to come to grips with the fact that this is a changing country in terms of technology, demographics, culture, economics, and we have to rely on our principles, and make sure we stick with them, but we have to apply them in the emerging issues and circumstances of our time. We need to do a better job of that. We also have to do a better job of reaching out to modest income people, Hispanics, African Americans, women, and younger voters. That's a tall order, but we have not been forward looking in that regard. I think we've been too much time looking backwards."

I'm tired of Pawlenty's simplistic terminology "Sam's Club Republicans" "Dr. Phil moment". Contrived. I've been a critic of the Governor since he went wacko on Global Warming (and has since backed off). I worry about his political expediency.

What we need is people who can sell our ideas, not people who think they can package "limited government" into conservative-alternative government programs for people.

Who advised the Governor to go on CBS News with Katie Couric on election night and suck up to the audence for some laughs at the moment of a huge defeat for his party and his friend John McCain? Dude, have some loyalty.

Pawlenty proposed a 9% budget increase last session- and got it. Not a fan.

Loon Wins!

Photo courtsey of Loon's website (Jenifer's in the green in the middle- Todd, Jane and I are off to her left).

Jenifer Loon won by 14 points with 57% of the vote. Yet 42B went narrowly to Obama (by 634 votes). We went for Bush in both '00 and '04...We're also the home district of Erik Paulsen, I guess you can say the district predicts winners.

Loon ran a perfect campaign. It was entirely open, honest and positive. Always the secret to success. She's one of the hardest working people I've ever met and she earned this victory. She worked hard by tirelessly knocking on doors and reaching out to voters. She worked smart by attending tons of community meetings across the district and diligently earning the endorsements of influential groups.

This decisive win should make DFL'rs think twice about who they put up in 2 years.
It was unfortunate that it took this long to report on a race that wasn't even close. 2am and there were still missing two precincts- hopefully Jenifer still had chance to celebrate a little bit.
Loon was a great candidate- but she's going to be an even better legislator. Keep your eye on this petite dynamo-- she's going places.

The Biden Nepotism Continues

Joe Biden wants to get his son Beau in to fill his Senate Seat...

That's "change you can believe in".

It's Official- Aho and Case Win City Council

I am curious how the City of EP has the elections results, but we still don't have the results for 5/12 precincts in 42B....

Brad Aho worked tirelessly in a difficult year for Republicans- and he won- with the most amount of votes.

Case worked too- running a highly negative campaign. The audacity of his "the low tax guy" stickers was a shameless last minute move- but it proves that taxes will always be the #1 issue for the Council-- even Case figured this out and tried to cook some numbers to his advantage.

The fireworks on the Council should be interesting to watch. Unfortunately for the local DFL- one of their own defeated a highly likable moderate Democrat candidate in Sherry Butcher. She's replaced with the lightning rod Case.

The Republicans maintain a 3/5 majority on the Council.


This is wonderful news!

Bachmann Wins!
Kline Wins!

We maintain our 3 Congressional Seats in an uber tough year for Minnesota Republicans. These campaigns should be proud of their efforts.

Could it be true?

Could Ron Case actually kick Sherry Butcher off the City Council instead of Republican Brad Aho (as he intended)? Now that would be some irony.

There's no doubt that Case and Aho have worked the hardest in this campaign- knocking on doors and putting up signs-- the unglamorous grunt work that makes a winning campaign. All I saw from Sherry Butcher was a flyer (not even at my front door but in my newspaper slot) yesterday.

Here are the EP City Council results with 11/19 precincts reporting. They're missing EP 19- our biggest GOP precinct, plus EP 16 (my precinct which votes Republican), EP 14 (strong Republican) EP 11 (Dem) and EP 12 (mixed). We're also missing 3 precincts from the A-side (which definitely leans Dem). We shall see.

RON CASE 8411 (29.61%)
SHERRY BUTCHER 7658 (26.96%)
BRAD AHO 8729 (30.73%)

Can the Stupid Media Do It's Job????

I heard that there was a problem with EP voting machines and votes had to be brought down to the Secretary of State's office- the polls closed four hours ago-what the heck is going on? It's past midnight and we don't have the results for our local races.

Why isn't the local media at Secretary of State Mark Richie's office asking him some questions.

And why can't they do simple analysis of what precincts are voting and how they trend.

Coleman wins, Paulsen wins, Loon wins.

Why are we always jipped from a party?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Good News

Erik Paulsen's going to win this race- YES!

The votes missing are from Eden Prairie in some of our strongest GOP precincts and red suburb Maple Grove.

This is another major accomplishment- replacing a moderate Republican (Jim Ramstad) with a common-sense conservative.


Go Edina

With 14/15 Precincts Reporting- Keith Downey (R) is up by almost 1,000 votes.

This is a huge WIN for the local GOP- kicking moderate whiner Ron Erhardt to the curb (who still ran as an Independent). Downey is a conservative Republican.

Amen for some good news.

How Long is this Speech?

He sounds like a preacher with this litany... "Yes we can!"

My favorite line was about "remaking American brick by brick". Yup- that's what he wants to do remake our country.

What kind of country do you think we'll have when he's done? Shiver.

Let's hope we can hold onto the Senate.

Racism is Done

President O-o-o-o-bama-- there I said it.

$640 Million to $340 Million- we didn't stand a chance.

Here's the good news- Racism is done. It's over. There are no more reasons why a black man or woman cannot achieve everything that our country offers. Not one. This has been true for some time now- but I hope the liberals can admit this truth too after this win.

Here's my pledge to you dear readers:

I will treat our new President with as much respect as liberal Democrats gave to President Bush for the last eight years. That I can do.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that America- somehow- knows best. They wanted change- they wanted a new party in the White House. It's cyclical, it's normal.

And as for the GOP- let's not mistake this choice (for a great looking, charismatic man with a young family and eloquent speeches) with a call to change our mission of working for less spending, limited government, individual responsibility and personal freedom. Quite the contrary.

Some Minnesota Republicans say- "we need to listen to the marketplace" because "they're not buying our product".

It's not time to change our product, it's time to hire a new sales force. Let's get to it.

With My Peeps

Todd and I managed to get a last minute babysitter- so we caught a quick dinner and are at the home of a good friend (and former high-level GOP operative I might add)...watching the returns.

Our spirits are still high- making lots of jokes about our apparent fate.

MN returns are coming in- Paulsen is up with only 6% reporting-- but it's looking good.

Nothing in our our local Senate District races.


I voted at 2:30 today at Pax Christi- had to wait all of one minute for a voting booth. Todd voted at 4:30 and said it was dead. The location only covers two small precincts (maybe 2,000 total households) so not suprising.

Seeing some exit polls- but know enought not to believe anything until the numbers come in.

I feel like I'm waiting to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

Four years ago today I was at Southdale Hospital. John Kerry didn't concede the election until about 11am on Nov 3rd, 2004. I was induced at 9am. When "big head" finally threw in the towel, I said "all right, wheel me in, we can have these kids now". The girls were born at 2:45 and 3:35 that afternoon.

We spent today celebrating the girl's 4th birthday- with friends at the "Build-A-Bear Workshop" this morning, followed by cupcakes at pre-school and a dinner here with my parents. It was nice to take the "day off" from thinking about politics....well, almost.

Here's the animal I built at Build-A-Bear:

His name is John S. McCain. It was George W. until we spotted the "Officer and a Gentleman" Naval dress uniform. Build-A-Bear is creative capitalism at it's finest- on top of standard princess dresses and sports uniforms, they offer an outfit for every occupation including each branch of the U.S. Armed Services.

We chatted a bit at lunch about the election- my friends Betsy and Kristen still had hope- I was down. But after looking at the latest battleground polls- maybe, just maybe....

At Jerry's grocery store this afternoon, a guy behind me was on his cell phone "Yeah, that's what I want him to do, get us out of Iraq and then cut the size of our military."....Yeah- that's what they want to do all right. The liberals and our foreign enemies. Cut the size of our military- when it should be increased.

A two year campaign and zero questions from the media for Obama on what "rebuilding" our military means.

I wonder if Build-A-Bear will be selling a U.N. solder's uniform this time next year.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

They'll Stop At Nothing, Part 2

Apparently the effort to have developmentally disabled men and women vote for Obama has been happening in other places as well.

In California, State Republicans requested a probe a month ago into a Director of an Adult Care facility taking out 25 absentee ballots and helping as many as ten clients complete the forms.

Among those voting was Michael Rascon, 56, whose father described him as having the mental capacity of a 5-year-old.

"What kind of people would do this to somebody like that," asked Sam Rascon, who discovered his son had registered and voted only after seeing him with an Obama button last Thursday.

"He wouldn't know one candidate from another."

News10 spoke to Michael Rascon at the Thumbs Up! center about the election. When asked which candidate he'd voted for, Rascon answered "the black man." He was unable to remember Obama's name.

When asked why all but one of the ballots was cast for Barack Obama, the Director replied:

"I think maybe Obama would appeal to people with disabilities,"

As of yesterday, there has been no confirmation from the Secretary of State as to whether the investigation has even been initiated.


I went to google a picture of Trig Palin in his elephant costume- thought it would be cute to post.

here's what I found instead at Wonkette:

Little baby Trig must be so glad he wasn’t aborted for this, his first Halloween, because his parents dressed him up like a political party symbol to be carried around at snarling political events. Aww. Isn’t life just grand?

I don't even have words. Making fun of a candidate's child? Making fun of a little kid on Halloween? Making fun of a developmentally disabled baby?

I don't know man, I don't know.

They'll Stop At Nothing

My sister is an Executive Producer for "The Happy Housewives Radio Show"-- it runs on Saturdays in cities around the country.

Mary booked a guest today- her name is Brenda. She is a member of "Moms for McCain" -- Mary's had members of the group on the show previously.

Brenda's son is developmentally disabled and cannot read. He lives in a group home and was taken to vote this week- a worker at the group home helped complete his ballot...for Barack Obama.

During the show- another called phoned in to say the same thing happened to her developmentally disabled son.

We're working to get some national media attention for this story although nothing seems to stick to the corrupt Obama campaign. And before long- I guarantee- Brenda will be under fierce attack for daring to speak out.

Check out the blog post for the whole story: