Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ron Case Campaign Literature at Smith-Douglas-More

I stopped by Dunn Bros this morning. I have to admit, it's not a regular haunt- not on my end of town. A friend told me that I might be interested in campaign literature at the coffee shop.

I picked up a couple cookies for the girls and couldn't believe what I saw.

Here's Ron Case's Campaign Advertisement as well as a couple of Commentary pieces about the Dunn Bros lease taped to the glass near the cash register.

Here's a stack of Ron Case's campaign literature at the cash register:

There's another stack of Case literature on the bulletin board:

I asked to speak to the owner - I told her that this was a City owned building and there's no way that any campaign literature should be displayed. She said that any candidate was welcome to display. I said again- this is a City owned building and she's a lessee and that there's no way that candidate literature should be displayed.

She explained that they have had Norm Coleman and Jenifer Loon (Republicans) speak at the Dunn Bros. I asked if Norm Coleman or Loon campaign literature was being displayed at the cash register? No- but Loon had accidentally left a sign outside when she spoke there and there was a phone call to take it down- which she did.

I let her know it was very bad business to display ANY political literature at a private business. Can you see Starbucks having a stack of Obama lit at the register? She made the argument that a Dunn Bros franchisee at a strip mall may be able to do so- perhaps (it would still be foolish) but, the franchisee at the strip mall isn't sitting in a taxpayer-owned building.

She finally said that Ron Case's son works there and it was his idea to display the literature. I said she was the boss and needed to make the decisions. She also said she felt "used" and had "no idea" what she was getting into with the lease and the political fight. I actually felt bad for her- but not bad enough to tolerate using a taxpayer-owned building as Ron Case's personal campaign headquarters.

She told me all of the literature would be removed.

In the end- I blame Ron Case. What is he thinking? I know what he's thinking- that the Dunn Bros coffeehouse is his personal accomplishment- it's a reflection of him and he deserves to have his lit displayed for all he's done. This isn't the first time when Case has used taxpayer resources to campaign for office, but it's the first time he's been called on it.

I've made jokes about Case and his ego- but using businesspeople stuck in the middle of your political fight is not a joke. Mr. Eden Prairie has stepped over the line.


Jim said...

"Can you see Starbucks having a stack of Obama lit at the register?"

Yes we can... imagine that scenario. Hehe, that sounds completely believable ;)

But when you look at the economy and current headlines, you really should think about the candidates. Do we want ones who aren't afraid to cut spending on things the city shouldn't be doing or doesn't need? Or should we vote for people who are unable to come up with decent examples of their own fiscal conservatism and instead point out that "conservative" is a loaded word.

Maybe EP won't be hurt as much as other places, but there is a recession, and unnecessary spending on coffee shops and art museums doesn't seem to be justified (not that it ever is, but certainly not now).

Mary said...

Good job, Sheila. Very few people would make that kind of effort. Hope the girls liked the cookies. It probably kept them quiet for a total of five seconds :)

Sheila said...

Right on Jim-
Case has fooled a lot of "Republicans"

West Metro Dem said...

Couldn't agree more on this. Nice job on pointing out that city owned property should not be used by anyone exclusively. I agree that all candidates should be able to hold events there (like when Coleman, Paulsen and Loon were there recently) but displaying literature which implies endorsement is wrong. Thanks for standing up for this.

TwoPutt said...

The GOP's hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

On September 28th, "Conservative" Christian Pastors in 31 churches "... took part in "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" (Sept. 28), according to the initiative's organizers at the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian law firm based in Arizona." (Christianity Today).

Rightwingers cheered.

Now, a private businesswoman, in property she legally leases, allows campaign literature to be displayed, and rightwingers are outraged??!?

Sheila said...

You're so Juvenile-"Republithugs"-ah, ha, ha- so funny! Tommy-you fall under the category of "obnoxious"- (see my original dislcaimer) - please don't post here- spend your time on your own blog-- maybe all the liberals here can go over there and talk to you.

TwoPutt said...

Sheila, I agree with you - standing up and insisting laws and rules apply to all is definitely a liberal position.

I'm proud to believe laws, rules, and property rights of Lessors and Lessees apply to all; it's obvious ignoring rules and laws they don't like is today's conservative position.

And thank you for making the difference between liberals and conservatives crystal clear.