Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies......

\ˈpā-trē-ə-ˌti-zəm, chiefly British ˈpa-\
circa 1726
: love for or devotion to one's country

I love Michelle Bachmann (Minnesota's 6th Congressional District Rep)-listen to Chris Matthews- he just can't get it through his big fat head: Yes, there are a lot of people out there who think that Obama harbors anti-American views. Gasp, Shocker!!!

I agree with the assessments Bachmann makes of the chosen friends and mentors of Barack Obama- Rev Wright "God Damn America" and Bill Ayers: America "it makes me want to puke".

Not to mention things his wife has said and written including the gem "Because sometimes it's easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions, it makes you feel justified in your ignorance… That's America!"

Note: I don't put Michelle Obama in the same category as the other two- but when you add up one + one- i.e. attending Trinity Church in Chicago for 20 years and having Rev Wright as a close, personal friend of the family-- it adds up to AT LEAST mild anti-American views.

But it's also Obama himself who - I believe- shares views that our country is not the most wonderful, amazing country on earth.

Obama- Berlin, Summer 2008

People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our moment. This is our time.

I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.

A Senator- running for President- goes to Berlin to apologize on our behalf for not "perfecting" itself. That doesn't have at least a tinge of Anti-Americanism to it? Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by our Constitution- but we have a right to question what is said.

We're about to put the most liberal Senator (also former Academic, two-time biography writer and community organizer) in the White House- and with that comes the reality of the "Apologize-to-everyone-for-how-bad-American is World Tour". But this time- it won't be from a Senator- it would be from our President. Woodrow Wilson II.

Peace through Strength- but if you don't wholeheartedly believe this is the greatest nation in the history of nations, how can you deliver that strength?

I googled Obama+ "America is the best"-- I couldn't come up with a time when he's said that- he must have said it sometime over the last 2 years- right? Post a link if you can find it.

But I these little facts in a statement about a 10/6/08 Rasmussen Poll:

While 91% of Republicans say the United States is the world’s best nation, just 60% of Democrats feel that way.

Twenty-one percent (21%) of Democratic voters say America is not the best, and nearly as many (20%) are undecided. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of unaffiliated voters feel America is the best, while 14% disagree.

Only 56% of likely Obama voters believe the United States is the best nation in the world, compared to 92% of likely McCain voters.

To liberal Democrats (the 40% above) like Biden and Obama- patriotism means paying more taxes if you're successful- it doesn't mean thinking that your country is the best place in the world. It doesn't mean loving our traditions, our culture or heritage. To them we are a country that was only worth fighting for when Pearl Harbor was attacked. 9/11 was one man in one cave and once we get him and then give more money to the poor people that follow him, we will be worth loving again.

There are so many countries where one could live if they wanted Socialism, places where systems have been in place for decades. The possibilities are endless. But, there's only one America and if it fundamentally changes, where do the people who like Capitalism go? Well- I know where most liberals want us to go....I'll try not to get too far ahead of myself- one day at a time, right? We are a center-right country and even if this election goes badly for Republicans, there's a reason for it and we'll get through.

But I still think that Reagan is shedding a tear somewhere and our Founding Fathers are just shaking their heads.


Jim said...

I tried "America is the greatest" with Obama and ended finding this:

"I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God." from Rev. Michael Pfleger's sermon last Sunday, May 25, from the pulpit of Sen. Barack Obama's now former church, Trinity United Church of Christ on the South side of Chicago.

Not Obama's words; another Trinity wonder that's old news by now (but Bachmann did mention Pfleger in that video). Still a very inflammatory thing to say in front of a large group of people no matter the context. No "disassociation" from those kinds of comments when you're competing against other black people while running for office in Illinois, but then suddenly, when you know you can take those voters for granted, you dump 'em and try to appear more mainstream.

Sure, we're the greatest nation, but we're also heading in the wrong direction (but I suppose to some people that means we aren't heading to pure communism fast enough for their liking). We're the greatest, but there's plenty of room for improvement (again, choose your own meaning... "progress" can be good and we need more of it, or it can be a march toward socialism that should be undone, or somewhere in between). Again, we're great, but not perfect (and will probably never be perfect... but you can probably define "perfect" in many ways). Then there's the whole "hate the government, not the people" logic where you have to know what they mean when they say "America." I'd like to see the majority of the bums thrown out of Washington, but maybe that's anti-American according to the logic of the bums :) Still, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

But yes, the Founding Fathers would probably have a fit if they saw what has become of their baby. And the so-called "greatest" presidents are the ones who took advantage of crisis to move us farther from the vision of the founders. I fear Obama will try to be one of these historical figures deemed "great" by the goofballs who skew history according to their agenda. The Dem sweep will be seen as a "bold mandate for change and equality" no matter the cost or destructive consequences, and the deep recession will be used as a justification for more steps toward communism. Ugh, that's a depressing thought.

In other news, Palin on SNL was great. Seek it out if you didn't watch/record it. Well, she didn't do much, but she was a good sport and the rap was hilarious.

Jeff Rosenberg said...

Sheila, this rhetoric from the right is inflammatory and dangerous; it has to stop. Question our policies, but don't question our motives.

It may shock you, but I love America "despite" my liberal values. I am absolutely, 100 percent furious at the wave of hatred and name-calling from righties daring to challenge my patriotism. This level of discourse is simply poisonous.

Do you honestly believe that admitting America is imperfect is anti-American? Is blind approval of every single moment of our nation's history the only litmus test for patriotism? Obama said our nation had not "perfected itself." Do you disagree? Can't you agree that we should always be striving to make our country better?

I hope Rep. Bachmann, yourself, and all the righties out there will rethink this line of attack. I don't question your patriotism, you shouldn't question mine.

Sheila said...

" has to stop"-- Spoken like a true Communist. How about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine? That would shut all of us up.

Quit trying to tell people what to think.

Jeff- This "righty" stands 100% behind every word in my post- if you don't like the blog- don't read it. I never read yours.

Jeff Rosenberg said...


Thanks for your vitriol.

I'm not trying to tell you what to think. I'm asking you to rethink the suggestion that, because I have liberal views, I hate America. You can feel free to continue thinking that I hate America. I'm not interested in censoring you, I'm asking you whether you really believe that nearly a third of our country who are self-described "liberals" hate America.

The idea that "if I don't like it, I should just stop reading" leads to the sort of echo chamber that allows this poisonous rhetoric to thrive.

Sheila said...

When did I say that you, or liberals, or Obama hate America?

I'm saying- like Bachmann- that I have concern that he may harbor some anti-American views. In my opinion there's now way that- in the bowels of Hyde Park Academia and in the aisles of Trinity Church- that Obama didn't engage in many conversations about all of the things that are wrong with our country- all of the sins we must be absolved of before we're worthy of liberal admiration.

That's a legitimate concern but liberals like you start screaming for people to "be stopped" for even daring to raise the point. I mean- how dare we conservatives make such an illogical leap based on his chosen friends and mentors.

Hate is the bumper sticker I just saw out while running errands- a picture of President Bush with the large letters WTF?

Mary said...

I agree 100 percent with you, Sheila. So do most of the people I know. It's what a lot of people think about Obama and many on the far left (interesting poll BTW) Obama is responsible for the choices he's made in his life and the company he has kept. We go into this election with our eyes wide open (no thanks to the media). There is a pattern of anti-Americanism.You can say whatever you want. "Dangerous"...that's the line from the left. The dangers that I worry about have much more to do with crazy Islamic radicals killing us then what people say on their blogs. The DRAMA! Really. I still don't get why people who are so obviously on the opposite side of thepolitical spectrum even bother. Like they will ever change your mind. I honestly think that people just want to sound smarter than you. Good luck with that.

Cool Gal said...

No, Jeff, I don't believe that Americans saying that America is less than perfect is "Anti-American."

But this is what I do think is "Anti-American"...

Stepping on or burning the American flag.

Unrepentant American terrorists.

People who socialize with unrepentant American terrorists.

"American" preachers preaching, "Goddamn America!

People who constantly bitch about our country.

People who poke fun of guys like "Joe the plumber."

Redistribution of wealth.



Voter fraud.

Anyone who supports the above.

Cool Gal said...

I need to addd to my list...

Those who do not support our troops.

West Metro Dem said...

Some of us have actually served our country in uniform and served in foreign lands yet are liberals. In fact, many are. This is one reason that young soldiers - under 30 - are 6x more supportive of Obama than McCain. Stats are available from

I do resent the right for insulting my patriotism because I happen to believe that the US is flawed - as are all countries. Anyone who grew up in the south in the 1950's and 1960's can attest to the warts on this country. Many of those warts still remain, just less obvious in some places.

It's a far cry from shouting "country first" at a rally and enlisting to serve our country. There's a huge difference between going to boot camp and being deployed abroad in support of our country and sticking a stupid yellow magnet on the back of your car and putting a "Let Our Troops Win" sign in the yard.

It's time for the right to stop questioning people's patriotism every time they disagree with anything.

James said...

WMD, you are simply wrong about which action is more important - because you (the left) can't keep your arguments straight.

You contend that:

“There's a huge difference between going to boot camp and being deployed abroad in support of our country and sticking a stupid yellow magnet on the back of your car and putting a "Let Our Troops Win" sign in the yard.”

As a rule, political leftists believe that the poor enter the military as an economic vehicle of last resort - hardly an action worth claiming as patriotic.

As an Officer, I can tell you that we are not in danger of losing a "bullet-fight" in the next 30 years - such is our tech overmatch, level of professionalism and number of adult citizens that choose to not only serve, but extend past their first term.

Despite this - we are at the very edge of losing the "media-fight", and have been for most of 2004-2007. Fortunately, there is a candidate for president that fought to reverse the left's tireless assault on "our" (your and my) republic's attempt to finish with a win in the SW Asia theater of the GWOT.

So let's put the blame of suffering under the stigma of being "unpatriotic" where it surely belongs - the left wing of the Democrat party. You.

It's easy enough to divine, WMD. The sign that so offends you - the "let our troops win" sign. Any unbiased adult can easily see that such a sign ought to be unnecessary. A confusing oddity that elicits either no response at all from passer-by's, or a lesser level of curiosity... "what the hell is that supposed to be...?"

That you so readily understand and are offended by it's message is your admission of guilt to all of us here at TAND. It’s your shame – own it.