Friday, October 17, 2008

The Continued Lies from the Madia Campaign

The Eden Prairie Sun Current arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw the candidate profiles for the 3rd Congressional District Race:

Madia's year in the District 13 years? That is an outrageous lie. He hasn't even lived here for 13 months!

I wanted to give the Madia campaign the benefit of the doubt-so I called their office this afternoon. When I asked the woman who answered the phone if what was printed in the Sun Current was true- has Madia lived in the 3rd Congressional District for 13 years? She didn't miss a beat- she said "YES" I said- "that's not true, he was in college at the U, then NYU, then the Marines, then lived in Mpls- he moved here last year"-- She replied- "his mailing address has been here for 13 years". She also added that "he's voted here for that time".

So his mail has been in the district for 13 years and that means that he has too? Madia's 30-years-old, so they're counting back to when he was 17 and moved to Osseo (which means that Madia lived in the 3rd CD for 1 year in High School). During the call, it was obvious that they've had the question before and that the paid staff member was quickly prepared for the "mail" answer.

I asked if I should maybe talk to the Communications Director and give them a chance to fix this- because I had a blog and was putting this info up- I also asked if she was paid staff or a volunteer- she said "I'm staff, but I'm not on the Communications Team"-- she took my name and number and said somebody would call me. Uh-huh.

Are you kidding me?

My husband still gets some mail at his parents home- the man is 38 years old and lived in Sioux Falls for about 6 months total. So- are you telling me that if he were to move back to Sioux Falls today- and run for office, would it be truthful- IN ANY WAY- to say that he's lived there for 20 years?

When I attended the 3rd CD Debate at the Bet Shalom temple last month- I asked the Madia Policy Director, Rishi Bhandari, for the month and date that Madia moved to his Plymouth apartment from his Minneapolis apartment...although he wouldn't give me an answer- when I offered October 2007- he said "that sounds right".

Karla Wennerstrom, Editor of The EP News reported on Sept 9th on their blog:

I talked with Madia's policy director Rishi Bhandari today.He confirms that Madia lived in the district as a teenager, graduated from Osseo, went to the University of Minnesota where he received his undergraduate degree, received a law degree from NYU, was in Japan and Iraq in the military between 2002 and 2006 and moved back to Minnesota after that.Bhandari said he moved to his apartment in Plymouth in October, 2007.He also said Madia stopped practicing law when he left Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi.Bhandari said he's not employed. He's campaigning full-time for Congress.

Okay- SO WHY IS THE MADIA CAMPAIGN CONTINUING TO LIE AND MISLEAD VOTERS and say he's lived in the district for 13 years? And this goes beyond just saying it- It's in print and he has staff members repeating the lie. Just like his misleading campaign literature printed the lies about his employment status. He's ahead in the polls, why is he lying about this?

He's been lying about his residency for months now. He lied on his campaign literature saying he was "currently an attorney" when he's been unemployed for a year. He lied about voting for George Bush- saying he didn't when he did. How can you want to elect someone who is incapable of being honest on the basics?

It's almost like he can't help himself- at the end of last week's TPT debate when Mary Lahammer mentioned that he's getting beat up more because he's ahead in polls, Madia responded with an "I don't pay much attention to those things". PLEASE! He's asking us to believe that a first-time candidate in the biggest race of his life doesn't pay attention to polls?

He lied again in that debate when he said "we're not getting rid of the secret ballot, it's a 30% issue"-- HE SIGNED A PLEDGE with the AFL-CIO in February to get rid of the secret ballot. He lied in the first debate when he said we can "fight and win this war on terror" when he's previously ONLY talked about withdrawal from Iraq. So he lies about the issues too.

Like I said- it's like he almost can't help himself when it comes to lying. How many other community newspapers in the 3rd CD did the candidate lie to when he said he's been in the district for 13 years and when is the Madia campaign going to fix this egregious error?


Mary said...


raisingmykidsright said...

MN politics at it's best.

Mary said...

The Madia campaign seems to have a pattern of "stretching the truth."

Sheila said...

I'll say- what I don't get though is why they lie about THIS-- why not just say "When Jim Ramstad's seat opened up last fall, I decided to move back to the part of town where I graduated high school. I think I can represent the people of the 3rd CD"-- purposely deceiving voters is most definitely how they've chosen to run their campaign- the question is will any media outlet-whether it be the local papers of the Star Trib call out this lie that they're printing?