Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fashion for Barry

I was once again at the nail salon last weekend where reading material was slim and picked up the October issue of Vogue. The cover proclaimed "Obama's Secret Weapon: Hint, it's not Michelle!"-- inside there was a 4 page spread of one of Obama's top female advisers donning Oscar de la Renta. Michelle Obama was featured separately though in a section on accessories- wearing a pin from a Chicago-designer.

In order to try to be "fair and balanced"- the magazine devotes 1/3 page to unknown socialites sporting McCain buttons. One has a patriotically-attired pooch another is wearing a generic elephant tee.

Elsewhere in the magazine was a page-and-a-half dedicated to "Runway for Change"- Designers who donated their talents to the Obama campaign by designing $70+ t-shirts and $95 scarves to be sold on his website. Some of my favorite designers- Nanette LePore, Tracy Reese, Tory Burch- contributed- there are 25 designers in all. I can't even look at a damn sweater these days without having liberal politics shoved at me. Poor John McCain- not one NYC designer is doing a thing for him. All he gets is stupid campaign buttons designed by the Republican party. I bet he's crying in his coffee.

Some of my favorite quotes from the piece:

"This election is much more serious than styling" Zac Posen said about his silk-jersey T-shirt with tulle OBAMA IS OUR MAN lettering, "but it also very Warholian".

"Even before the Runway to Change effort, when celebrities such as Halle Berry and Beyonce knew paparazzi would lie in wait for them, they made sure that they were photographed in Obama T-shirts. So, too, George Clooney and his omnipresent white Obama bracelet. Vacationing recently in the South of France, Irena Medavyoy, a national finance chair for the Obama campaign, wore a jangle of Obama bracelets and a white-and-purple Obama t-shirt underneath a sequined Louis Vuitton shirt to a party and was offered money-euros, even- for her gear."

Here's the Obama online store in case you want to grab a $75 Rag & Bone "Change is Awesome" tote bag.

According to this article in the New York Times online, it was the Obama campaign who solicited the duds.

Glambama strikes again! Barack Obama's campaign has arranged for twenty fashion designers to create clothing and tote bags to sell on the campaign's Website next month.

"The benefit to the candidate is a direct line to the 'Project Runway' crowd. The risk, of course, is being perceived as highbrow or shallow." We say go ahead and sling that mud, Obama haters. It will be hard to make it stick to his supporters when they're looking so Glambamarous in their new duds.

Highbrow and Shallow? Yes- I'd also add out-of-touch and overly-commercial. I've read that we Gen-X'rs (born between 1965-1976) are challenging to market to. We're skeptical about advertising and we don't like things pushed at us. We're in the shadow of the boomers and there's way more of them then there are of us. I have hope that those in my generation see through these attempts to market the style of the Obamas vs their politics- and will reject it. But it's probably not enough to stem the tide of "change" -for fashion's sake- that appears to be coming.


West Metro Dem said...

You do have to admit that it is ironic that you are complaining about content in a fluff magazine while having your nails done......and whining about shallowness in the Gen-X agers. Not a comment on you personally, but on the irony of it. I also love having a personal maintenance trip to the nail salon.

Sheila said...

Vogue isn't a fulff magazine at all- US Magazine's a fluff magazine.

Yes- if you read this blog there's lots of irony. I very much enjoy playing into the stereotype of a Republican woman that most liberals have and have been doing that for a long time. My very first letter to an editor made a serious point and then said I 'had to go do my nails'. I also wear a lot of lipstick.

Although I don't think it's shallow to get your nails done once a month though- it's called a sanity break from being in a house with 2-3 year olds all day.

And I wasn't "whining" about the shallowness of Gen-X'rs- I was pointing out our skepticism of things like designer t-shirts that read "Change is Awesome" and being force-fed candidates by the media.

West Metro Dem said...

Au contraire....Vogue is very much a fluff magazine. Newsweek or US News and World Report or Business Week are not fluff.

I don't think there's anything wrong with getting your nails done. I do it, too...but it is ironic to be complaining about shallowness while reading a vapid magazine in a nail salon....

Ah...force fed candidates by the media. Would that the fair and balanced FoxNews? You know, McCain-Palin central. Even my Republican mother can't stomach that channel any more. While she'll vote for McCain-Palin she does see there is something wrong with the fawning adoration they bestow upon them.

liz said...

"something wrong with the fawning adoration they bestow upon them"

Ok. And then let's take a look at the mainstream media, shall we? Fair and balanced? No.