Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amy, What you wanna do? Get free style advice from the Activist Next Door!

Senator Amy Klobuchar is popular and smart politically- there's no doubt about that. I might argue that legislation to eliminate trace quantities of lead in toys has about as much political gravitas as "Bruiser's Bill" from "Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde", but nevertheless Ms. Klobuchar isn't going anywhere- yet.

So while she's our Senator I'd like to ask- I mean implore her people to take her image up a bit. We may not be New York or Chicago, but there are some chic women here in Minnesota. I respectfully request representation that reflects some of that style and polish. You're in the "big time", look like it.

The Conventions are over, we're waiting for the debates and I'm growing tired of the Palin media backlash news. What to do? What all good Republicans do-- give time to a charitable cause. Philanthropy's important- so I'm ready to give one of my talents to our Jr. Senator- my style advice.

Now Amy may have had some media consultants early on- trying to tweak some things-but Senator Klobuchar- I'm FREE! I've been dressing my girlfriends, sisters and mom for years. I have seven years of retail experience under my belt, and I'm GOOD. .

Let me start by saying that I try very hard not to criticize any woman's actual appearance, we're all sensitive to these things, even big bad Senators. I truly believe with good hair, makeup and lighting, anybody can look like a cover girl. I mean look at Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston. So let's begin.

Senator Klobuchar has one thing going for her that Senator Clinton can never quite manage well- a nice, natural smile. (She shares the same strange monotone speech deliver though). But her smiles shows that she probably has a good sense of humor- something missing from SO many liberals. That's good, it's inviting. I like this picture without the glasses. We Republican women invest in great shoes and handbags. Liberal women invest in great glasses- usually $700 frames from Invision in the Galleria. It's 2008, there's really no need. I'm as blind as a bat with astigmatism in both eyes- you'll still rarely catch me in my glasses. Sarah Palin has the frameless thing going on. My guess is she wears them to play down how pretty she is. Ms. Klobuchar looks much better without her glasses- so ditch them.

Some more tips for Amy:

Tip 1: Get some color up by your face, you have very fair skin - you need a pop. But don't do it with these large collars over the lapel- outdated and manish. Buy some great scarves- they're back in. Or- some funky jewelry. You're a liberal! Get's some artsy, large rock-crystal jewelry going on. Like this red choker from (a fair trade web site).

Tip 2: I like the Senator in that deep ruby red she wore to the DNC- a lovely GOP color- works well for her. Amy's a "winter"- she needs jewel tones emerald greens, pretty purples, royal blues. Black is great on her (and everyone) or white- no cream/ivory.

Tip 2: Beware of the pants suits, (a Clinton staple). Wear them with great care and only in dark colors. I love a great cream/white pantsuit, they're sharp and dressy for evening. But they just ain't good in full length pictures as evidenced here.

I wore a cream pants suit to the 3rd Congressional District Convention- I had ink on my butt and highlighter on my thigh by the end of the day. Good in theory- not in practice.

As for the gal standing next to the Senator- well, hmm, I'll just caution her to stay away from the short-sleeve T-shirt over long-sleeve. I know- you're at these events and the candidates want you to put on their shirts....don't do it. Don't do it.

Tip 3: Follow Nancy Pelosi's lead and add some more soft natural-looking highlights to your hair. Dark Brunettes need a bit of softness as we age. Grow out the hair maybe just another inch or two and keep it bigger as you have in this picture. The Senator's only 48!! She's aging herself with the hair.

The makeup needs to be a bit heavier. More blush- some light bronzer and when you're on state there is this amazing product called Revlon "Skin Lights" it's a great anti-aging tool and brightener-- buy some, use it.

Tip 4: Always try to create a waistline for yourself. Easy this season with belts. Or look at rouged waists on suit jackets. Stay away from linen and never wear untucked shirts this way- I don't care if you're at the State Fair. It's sloppy.
A couple ideas when you're on the stump or in more casual settings:

And here aer some D.C. Power Suits (from Saks)

Or if you really want to get some serious legislation passed while turning heads Senator, just go for this:

I'm really hoping someone out there can get this blog post into the right hands.

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raisingmykidsright said...

You are so nice Sheila, to offer this much needed advise to the senator. Hopefully, she will take it! You can easily spot many libs just by walking down Nicollett Mall. They are usually a dead give away with their shabby dresses, hippie wear, lack of make-up, messed up " I didn't brush my hair this morning" look. Oh and that angry scowl that adorns their faces. :)

On the other hand, Michelle Bachman looked great last night when she was interviewed by channel 5. Wow what a great outfit, did you see it?!