Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Ad. GREAT Ad.

Now let's talk about solutions so this doesn't happen again.

And just a tip for those running for President in this hostile anti-politican climate....First one to propose a 20% cut to the size of the federal budget WINS!

Free Scooters- Not Just for Seniors Anymore!

They must not have known about this:


Where Is the Love?

Why hasn't Mike Ciresi donated to Ashwin Madia's campaign?

Ciresi is one of the most high-profile DFL givers in the state. For this campaign cycle alone he and his wife have given $2,000 to Tim Walz (1st), $2,000 to Steve Sarvi (2nd), $4,100 to Betty McCollum (4th), $2,750 to Keith Ellison (5th) and $2,000 to Jim Oberstar (8th).

Ashwin Madia was his employee and his supporters claim that Ciresi's firm-Robbins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi- have an "open door" for Madia to come back anytime he wishes.

I know it's old news that Ciresi supported Terri Bonoff in the endorsement race, but this is politics. Bonoff threw her support to Madia, why hasn't Ciresi? Wouldn't it be somewhat prestigious to have an attorney at the firm win a U.S. Congress seat?

What reason could there be for Ciresi (with a $27 Million net worth) not giving to one of the Top 20 Congressional Races in the country?

The Best Job in the Whole Darn Country

Congressmen get paid $169,300 a year plus salary and benefits.

If I ran for office, I'd propose that they get paid $50,000 a year-no benefits. They'd meet no more than four times a year for no more than eight weeks total. These people need real jobs. Don't pass a budget in time? Revert to last year's. A Congress that was designed to meet "at least once" meets all year long and gets nothing done besides bringing home bacon for constituents.

They're not working today because of the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. They'll also have Oct 9th off for Yom Kippur and Oct. 13th off for Columbus Day. I guess they need all this time off because they're perpetually in session.

My husband and three of his partners will be working on Christmas Day. Doctors don't get the day off. Neither do nurses, hospital staff, policemen, firemen, military servicemen, on and on.

A Congress who already is in Washington WAY TOO MUCH takes today off. The day after their dismal failure to produce critical legislation. A day when Americans hold their breath and watch what the market does with their life savings.

Name me a large private company that lets all of their employees off for Rosh Hashanah? Name me one. I know you can take a personal day for religious holidays and that's just dandy, but to have the doors closed to Congress on a day like today makes no sense at all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

I'm glad the bailout failed. It wasn't the right legislation. There it is folks. An opinion- and I'm not even running for President.

John McCain is unhappy that the bailout failed, he said it should have passed- he went to Washington to do his part to help it pass. Here's his statement on his homepage.

Meanwhile- Barack Obama is voting "PRESENT" on the mess. He's given NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER for where he is with one of the biggest financial crisis our country has seen. Nada. Check out his homepage- is there a statement from Obama? NO- there's a statement from his campaign spokeman. Unbelievable!

There's a great chart at the sd42blog.com- it shows the following rankings of the top receipients of lobby money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (1989-2008) (From Opensecrets.org)

1 Dodd, Christopher J (D-Connecticut)
2 Kerry, John (D-Massachusetts)
3 Obama, Barack (D-Illinois)
4 Clinton, Hillary (D-New York)
5 Kanjorski, Paul E (D-Pennsylvania)

Correlate that with this 1999 New York Times article that "Cool Gal" forwarded on and please tell me why no reporters are asking these questions of Democrats? And why can't some reform of Fannie and Freddie be included in the legislation? Why are they just letting loudmouth Pelosi and her ship of fools run their mouths off at the mikes today making jokes about the vote and taking no responsibility for the failure? They just laugh along. Question Madame Speaker- aren't you in the majority?? You had Republicans voting with you and you still couldn't get the bill passed?

They are such a bunch of pass-the-buck babies. Where's your majority? The country hates Bush right?-- own it baby! It's the same thing with the War- you hate the War? Cut off the damn funding for it. It's in the Constitution, it's in your power. You think the country elected you to "do the job"...so do it! You have the votes! No. You're happier playing games. Madame Speaker, be prepared to take your place in history.

The more I think about these idiots who may throw our country into an economic Depression the more I feel like Shirley Maclaine screaming at the top of her lungs "Give my daughter the shot!!!" I think other Americans may feel like this too right now. If we had a candidate from outside the beltway- they'd win.

I now know the line about Obama voting "present" isn't original- Mary just heard it on Hannity and I just saw it on Powerline. But it's what Todd said at dinner tonight when I asked why Obama hasn't taken a stand on the mess. Todd doesn't listen to talk radio or read blogs like I do-- Todd's just one smart dude.

Very Interesting

Staunch Conservative John Kline (2nd) voted with Liberals Betty McCollum (4th), Keith Ellison (5th) and Jim Oberstar (8th) for the Bailout.

Democrat Colin Peterson (7th) voted with Staunch Conservative Michelle Bachmann (6th) and Republican Jim Ramstad (3rd) GO JIM! against the Bailout.

Pepe le Pew

Senator Norm Coleman is a principled moderate. His speech at the State GOP Convention could have easily been given at the State DFL Convention. He's unafraid to state his middle-of-the-road views, even to his party's base. I give him credit for always "showing up" for the party, but this former Democrat is awfully lucky that his former party didn't pick a better candidate than Al Franken to face him this fall.

They talk about "holding your nose and voting"....after reading these recent announcements from his website, I'm going to have to use my left hand to hold down my right hand in order to mark the box next to his name. You'd have absolutely no idea that the man was a Republican based on these statements:


"People were sold loans they could not afford"

Um, how does that work Senator? Did someone hold their hand down and make them sign on the line, are people really that stupid? (no they're not) There isn't one word in this speech addressing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and their direct responsibility in handing out home mortgages like candy at Halloween.

Sept 27th, COLEMAN ANNOUNCES OVER $57 MILLION TO STABLIZE MINESOTA NEIGHBORHOODS HARD-HIT BY FORECLOSURES: Neighborhood Stabilization Program funding provides targeted emergency assistance to state and local governments to acquire and redevelop foreclosed homes

“Home ownership is a basic building-block of our society and the sobering reality is that the current financial crisis is taking this dream away from families....The NSP Program also seeks to prevent future foreclosures by requiring housing counseling for families receiving homebuyer assistance."

Again- people are not stupid!! Do you really think that government counseling will solve the problem because then people will REALLY, REALLY understand this time that they need to buy a home that they can actually afford both today and in the future.

I don't get it, I just don't get it.

Intellectual Perversity in Chicago

I've been following Stan Kurtz's attempts to get public records from the University of Illinois at Chicago on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge- the $49 Million Foundation that Barack Obama headed from 1995-2000. He continued to serve on the Board until 2002. Oh so long ago. Unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers wrote the original grant application for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and worked there with Obama for seven years.

Kurtz - a reporter- has been fighting with the University for seven weeks now to release all the documentation from that organization (I'd assume meeting minutes, agendas, applications, etc). After initially telling him he'd have the information, they then said:

"The donor of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Records has alerted us to the fact that we do not have a signed deed of gift. We do not have the legal right to make the material available. The donor is working with us to resolve this issue and we hope to be able to provide access within the next few weeks.”

I've learned a little bit in my activist career- one is that when people initially tell you that you can have information and then call you back to say you can't-- it ain't good. The University of Illinois at Chicago is now apparently trying to block Kurtz from getting any documentation from the Foundation where our potentially soon-to-be President served on only six years ago. It is Obama's only executive management experience and we can't even see the meeting minutes? The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public institution. Any proponent for open government should be outraged.

Here's the latest from the Sept 24th National Review online. It's really fascinating to follow.

Obama has described Ayers as "a guy who lives in my neighborhood," but "not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis." The left reports that Ayers never held a 1995 State Senate fundraiser for Obama at his home, that it was only a "small gathering of people" although Ayers contributed to his campaign. I can tell you from being involved at the local level that the line between "small gathering of people" and fundraiser can be fuzzy. If someone writes a check to the candidate who attended the event- is it considered a fundraiser? I do know this- the most critical and influential political meetings take place in private homes- not public places and the fact that Obama was in Ayers home- knowing full-well the man's history- says a lot about his judgement and who he deemed worthy of his time.

To quote Ayers: (in 1995 the same year he held the Obama meeting at his house) "I am a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist ... [Laughs] Maybe I'm the last communist who is willing to admit it. [Laughs] We have always been small 'c' communists in the sense that we were never in the [Communist] party and never Stalinists. The ethics of Communism still appeal to me."

My mom used to tell me that you'll be judged by the company you keep. She probably monitored who I was friends with more than she monitored me. In politics you run across people who say some pretty crazy things. You distance yourself from these people. You don't associate yourself with these people.

Because the University of Illinois at Chicago is still refusing to release all of the documents from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, we won't be allowed to judge for ourselves whether Obama "exchanged ideas" with Ayers and how much distance there was (or wasn't) between the two men.

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Ron Case's website has this on his Educational Background:

In 2003, Ron received his Administration Licensure Degree from St. Mary’s. Ron has completed his coursework in a Doctor of Education in Leadership Degree at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and will receive his EdD on October 12th, 2008! On September 4th 2008, Ron Case became Dr. Case when he successfully defended his dissertation titled, “A Mixed-Method Study of the Teacher-Student Relationship from the Perspective of Fifth Graders.”

What kind of person says this about themselves?? Well...Ron Case, that kind.

At the debate last Tuesday, Ron proudly described his "Doctorate in Leadership with a emphasis in Change Theory and Resistence to Change".

I wonder if Dr. Case was resistant to change when he changed parties a few years back?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where are all the White Women At?

This Sept 21st Gallup Poll shows that among my fellow college-educated women between the ages of 30-49, McCain leads Obama by 21 points. I wonder when Vogue, US Weekly and Marie Claire will figure this out?

Campaign Music

I was thinking about Campaign songs today and found this really interesting article from the January '08 Washington Post on the subject.

I'm a fan of the show "Mad Men" and sometimes wish we could go back to those years when candidate's songs had the imprint of Madison Avenue- like this one for Eisenhower:

Or this one for Kennedy:

Frank Sinatra's version of "High Hopes" for JFK was another great tune along with "Happy Days are Here Again" for FDR. The music was so much better long before I was born!

Nowadays when you have every artist threatening Republicans not to use their music- maybe commissioning something isn't such a bad idea.

What would you pick for your campaign song?

Since I'm a Republican gal myself I'd have to pick something written/performed by people who have died in order to have any chance at securing the rights-- so I'd go with one of my theme songs (In my family we have theme songs)-- Frank Sinatra's version of "The Lady is a Tramp".

Todd thought for about two seconds and came up with MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"-brilliant choice.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wife of Madia Staffer is the one who Removed Paulsen Signs

I looked for this on the Madia website- it's nowhere to be found. Here is the statement from the Madia campaign:

“It has come to our attention that a campaign volunteer removed two Paulsen lawn signs from public property. The volunteer happens to also be the spouse of one of our campaign staffers. Since learning of this, we have reminded all staff and volunteers of our standing policy to not touch Paulsen campaign lawn signs or any lawn signs regardless of where they are placed. In addition, they have been reminded that the proper course of action is to call the authorities if they believe that lawn signs may be placed on public property. We apologize to the Paulsen campaign for our volunteer’s mistake.”
Stuart Rosenberg
Campaign Manager

So that explains why she was driving the Communication Director's Car- she MARRIED to him. She knew the rules- this wasn't some college-kid. This wasn't a "mistake"-it was intentional.

So- there's the "I'm sorry"-- now where's the punishment?

Madia Volunteer Caught on Tape Removing Paulsen Signs

You know, it's my studied observation the Madia campaign is highly aggressive- it's matches the candidate's unapologetic trial-attorney style.

Madia continues to say he's "currently an attorney" when he hasn't practiced law for a year, but repeats continually in debates that people have been "lied to, tricked, stolen from, cheated" and "people should be punished". Spoken like a true attorney from the John Edwards School of Law!
I wonder if his cheating, stealing, lying campaign volunteer will be punished? (This video is posted at Minnesota Democrats Exposed -- Michael Brodkorb was at Perkins and saw it happening.)

Just two days ago all of the DFL commenters on MDE were stating that sign stealing was always the mischief of "kids". This "kid" is a Madia volunteer and fellow attorney (I wonder if she actually has a job though). So NOW the DFL posters are claiming she had every right to take the signs down. The POLICE can remove signs in certain circumstances, what is she Deputy Dawg?

Is this a habit? Do they drive all over the 3rd CD removing signs as they please?

Why can't liberals ever just say it-- EVER? "We were wrong, we're sorry, and she'll be punished". Maybe they will- we'll see.

There are so many serious issues, I get that. But as an activist who has placed signs for candidates- driving all over hells half acre with rust-stained hands from rebar- this is just really low.

Washington Stink-fest

My only comment after watching all the news this morning is that there is a good reason why we rarely elect sitting Senators to the Presidency.

And can you believe these jerks are including earmarks in this bailout legislation? ($6.6 Billion worth of earmarks). My favorite is Nancy Pelosi's $1.5 Million for the "Presidio Heritage Center". Shame on both the Republicans and Democrats who are doing this. If someone can find out if Klobuchar and Coleman have included earmarks- let me know- I'll call their offices.

Also thought this was an interesting article from yesterday's WSJ that provided some hope in the mess.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

KSTP gives Madia Ad a "D" for "Truth Test"

A lot of friends have been asking about the slew of negative ads against Erik Paulsen. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reportedly poured $2 Million into this race on top of all of the outside interest groups coming in to win the seat for the unemployed Madia.

This week's KSTP report from Tom Hauser gives you what you need to know about one of the ads:

I see Madia's ads running during morning-TV (like The Today Show) and continually during Fox News prime-time. Those are some big ad buys.

I'm waiting with anticipation, hoping for some more Republican ads in the 3rd CD to come out soon. Like it or not, this is how most people become acquainted with candidates. There's no doubt about it, Madia has a good "story", but he's way too far left for the voters of this district and it's about time we start talking about it.

I may have to come up with some homemade Madia ads soon-- Mary and I have come up with some pretty funny ideas. Stay tuned.

Fashion for Barry

I was once again at the nail salon last weekend where reading material was slim and picked up the October issue of Vogue. The cover proclaimed "Obama's Secret Weapon: Hint, it's not Michelle!"-- inside there was a 4 page spread of one of Obama's top female advisers donning Oscar de la Renta. Michelle Obama was featured separately though in a section on accessories- wearing a pin from a Chicago-designer.

In order to try to be "fair and balanced"- the magazine devotes 1/3 page to unknown socialites sporting McCain buttons. One has a patriotically-attired pooch another is wearing a generic elephant tee.

Elsewhere in the magazine was a page-and-a-half dedicated to "Runway for Change"- Designers who donated their talents to the Obama campaign by designing $70+ t-shirts and $95 scarves to be sold on his website. Some of my favorite designers- Nanette LePore, Tracy Reese, Tory Burch- contributed- there are 25 designers in all. I can't even look at a damn sweater these days without having liberal politics shoved at me. Poor John McCain- not one NYC designer is doing a thing for him. All he gets is stupid campaign buttons designed by the Republican party. I bet he's crying in his coffee.

Some of my favorite quotes from the piece:

"This election is much more serious than styling" Zac Posen said about his silk-jersey T-shirt with tulle OBAMA IS OUR MAN lettering, "but it also very Warholian".

"Even before the Runway to Change effort, when celebrities such as Halle Berry and Beyonce knew paparazzi would lie in wait for them, they made sure that they were photographed in Obama T-shirts. So, too, George Clooney and his omnipresent white Obama bracelet. Vacationing recently in the South of France, Irena Medavyoy, a national finance chair for the Obama campaign, wore a jangle of Obama bracelets and a white-and-purple Obama t-shirt underneath a sequined Louis Vuitton shirt to a party and was offered money-euros, even- for her gear."

Here's the Obama online store in case you want to grab a $75 Rag & Bone "Change is Awesome" tote bag.

According to this article in the New York Times online, it was the Obama campaign who solicited the duds.

Glambama strikes again! Barack Obama's campaign has arranged for twenty fashion designers to create clothing and tote bags to sell on the campaign's Website next month.

"The benefit to the candidate is a direct line to the 'Project Runway' crowd. The risk, of course, is being perceived as highbrow or shallow." We say go ahead and sling that mud, Obama haters. It will be hard to make it stick to his supporters when they're looking so Glambamarous in their new duds.

Highbrow and Shallow? Yes- I'd also add out-of-touch and overly-commercial. I've read that we Gen-X'rs (born between 1965-1976) are challenging to market to. We're skeptical about advertising and we don't like things pushed at us. We're in the shadow of the boomers and there's way more of them then there are of us. I have hope that those in my generation see through these attempts to market the style of the Obamas vs their politics- and will reject it. But it's probably not enough to stem the tide of "change" -for fashion's sake- that appears to be coming.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts

I've never really heard Ron Case speak for any length of time, until last night. Not since Jack Handey- have I heard such "Deep Thoughts". These Case-ism's had me scratching my head.

Regarding the Arts Center:

"It's not about doing everything, it's about doing enough"

About Keeping the Budget in-line with lower revenues:

"We have a feeling that the government is not us, but it is us."

Regarding the Immigrant Population:

"I hear it occasionally that it's us vs. them, but they are us"

Regarding Historic Preservation:

"I live and breath the history piece of Eden Prairie"

His Closing Statement:

"Do we want to love Eden Prairie again?"

Boy- that's a lot of stuff to ponder Ron and that last question makes me think a lot about a man and his love for a city. There's some great anthems to express that kind of love. Frank has "New York, New York", Tony has "I left my heart in San Francisco" and I picked out this song just for your campaign of love for Eden Prairie:

My Favorite Question from Last Night's Debate

A great, simple question came from the audience at last night's City Council Debate:

Name one or more fiscally conservative action you've taken as a member of the Council? (Jeff Meyerhofer hasn't been on the Council, so didn't answer the question.)

Sherry Butcher went first. She could not come up with ONE example. I was genuinely surprised, I thought surely she'd come up with something. In 12 years on the Council, she couldn't even think of one time when she took action to save taxpayer money? She did say that they way she felt about being fiscally conservative is looking at things as a whole-- say what?

Ron Case came up with a time- 12 years ago- in 1996 when he voted against a tax levy but then went on to say that he only voted against it for symbolic reasons-- say what? He also made sure to add that conservative is a "loaded word".

Brad Aho gave a clear example of rejecting an additional "green" roof for the Community Center which would have cost $80,000 but could not show cost savings. He also pointed to support of the city's 20/40/15 program for energy efficiency.

The difference between the candidates was clear on this question.

How to get Kicked off my Site

Here's the recent post from Munchkin Mom- who in one day- is banned from this blog:

I certainly hope one of your daughters does not get raped and beaten up to within an inch of her life and needs that morning after pill.

This was from my very first post:

I welcome liberals or "progressives" or whatever you call yourselves these days to post. If you're logical and funny- you stay. If you're boring or obnoxious, you'll be banned.

I didn't account for hateful and rude. And I have strong reason to believe Ms. Munchkin Mom is very active in the DFL locally- she's certainly representative of the party here from all things I've witnessed in the last four years.

Ron Case Lectures on Divisiveness

I'll post more on last night's League of Women Voters Eden Prairie City Council debate later today.

The format consisted of questions entirely from the audience- one of the questions asked what the candidates thought of endorsements in the City Council race...Brad Aho has the Republican endorsement. Both Brad Aho and Jeff Meyerhofer answered that endorsements were valuable in local races. Brad specifically stated that it meant something for a group of people to get behind your race and support you.

Sherry Butcher said that she doesn't believe in endorsements at the local level because it can be divisive. She said that residents need to feel that you're open-minded and that some residents have said that they don't feel that they're being heard. She said "we're all in this together" and that you need to be SO open-minded and you need to not bring any bias. (I was singing I'd like to buy the world a Coke" in my head as she went on....I found that song popping into my head a lot last night).

But Sherry is sincere, and I can appreciate that.

Then there was Ron Case's response: Case asked, "Could our political system get any more divisive? To bring this divisiveness to the city- the the local, small-town level, I don't get that. The Republican party has gone that route."

This idea that Eden Prairie- a city of 65,000- is some small town amuses me- but a lecture on divisiveness from Ron Case?

Case sent out a letter to supporters a couple of weeks back- I'll be talking about some of the other claims the letter makes soon.

The opening line is more jarring in light of what Mr. Case said last night about divisiveness in politics, Here it is: "Eden Prairie has been hijacked by a right-wing reactionary group on the City Council"

Hijacked? Hijacked? Likening the three Republicans on the Council to terrorists? That is easily the most divisive line I've heard in my four years following local politics in Eden Prarie. What excuse is there for that sort of conduct? Talk about bringing things down into the gutter. If Ron Case wants to work on getting divisiveness out of the City Council, he should start by looking in the mirror.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So who's at Fault?

Watching the evening news- you know what I never hear?

Who is ultimately responsible for this massive failure on Wall Street?

The people who didn't pay their mortgages. Thanks a lot guys.

But they were just stupid- thinking that they could afford a home when they couldn't. The lenders who made the risky loans to people who couldn't afford to pay are responsible too. Then stupid Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac decided to buy the bad loans so that there was no risk to the stupid lenders.

And who made that possible? The Democratic Congress who allowed the government-subsidized entities of Fannie and Freddie to run rampant.

And now all of us are going to pay.

Other thoughts on last night's debate

Another interesting note from last night's debate was the issue of abortion.

Mary Lehammer said that Jim Ramstad was "technically" pro-choice.

Jim Ramstad's NARAL approval rating is 30%. If you look at his voting record, he sides on the Pro-Life side far more often than the Pro-Choice side. It's a misnomer to say that Ramstad is Pro-Choice and to try to represent Erik Paulsen's views as foreign from Ramstad's on the issue.

They'll do anything to try to separate the fact that Jim Ramstad is supporting Erik Paulsen in this election. Ramstad wants Paulsen to win his seat in Congress, that fact is clear.

Rambling on last night's 3rd CD Debate

Went to the 3rd CD Debate between Erik Paulsen, David Dillion and Ashwin Madia at Bet Shalom in Minnetonka. Overall the debate was a re-hash of the previous ones with a bit of abortion thrown in along with some "we must regulate Wall Street" talk from Madia and Dillion. Dillion continues to be funny and engaging. Erik continues to be knowledgeable on the issues and strong in his viewpoints- happy to hear him soundly reject any "cap and trade" legislation in regards to Climate Change- Dillion and Madia both called for it even in light of the certain economic downturn we are facing.

When I got home and started to type up something for this blog, I put on the the Reagan biography on PBS. There was some irony as they played the Gipper saying this line (from his 1980 Republican nomination acceptance speech):

The major issue of this campaign is the direct political, personal and moral responsibility of Democratic Party leadership --i n the White House and in Congress -- for this unprecedented calamity which has befallen us. They tell us they have done the most that humanly could be done. They say that the United States has had its day in the sun; that our nation has passed its zenith. They expect you to tell your children that the American people no longer have the will to cope with their problems; that the future will be one of sacrifice and few opportunities.
My fellow citizens, I utterly reject that view.

Ashwin Madia is all about telling us we need to sacrifice more. Although he certainly sacrificed during his 6 months in Iraq as a lawyer in the Marines, I can't really see how he's sacrificed at any other time. His life story is a good one, he's had every opportunity that this great country has to offer. He- just like Obama- has had educational advantages that many in this country dream of. Heck, he's unemployed and running for Congress- sounds like a good life to me. But Madia still thinks that sacrifice is necessary- for some. He follows the Biden logic that paying more taxes is patriotic and if you question raising taxes in a time of economic slowdown, then you're unpatriotic. He uses his military service to do this.

His best line of the night? "Hey, I could use a tax cut myself."

But Ashwin you DON'T WORK and you haven't worked for ONE YEAR now. What kind of tax cut would you like exactly? He also was introduced last night as having "come back to work for Robbins Kaplan Miller & Ceresi"-- conveniently leaving out the fact he only worked there for one year and is currently unemployed. He continues to mislead people about his employment. Why?

I grow really tired of people explaining why certain families need to pay more taxes, when they pay none themselves. I grow tired of the assumption that some aren't paying their fair share, when they're paying almost the entire share and 40%+ of their income in taxes. I grow tired of the lectures on sacrifice by Democrats like Obama and Madia which assume Americans haven't sacrificed by the choices they've made in their own lives to achieve success that EVERY American can achieve. Madia believes the same thing that all liberals do- that equal opportunity isn't good enough - that the government must ensure equal outcomes and it's their job to level the playing field.

Mr. Madia won't file a Federal Income Tax return for 2008, he won't file a Minnesota State Income Tax Return for 2008 and he won't pay any property taxes for 2008 (in fact he's never paid a property tax bill in his life). He's unemployed which raises the question...who's paying his rent? He's not married-- so are mommy and daddy paying his rent? How about utilities, gas and groceries? Did he magically save enough money in your ONE year of employment to pay for the last 12 months since he's been unemployed? Really, how does this work? And he wants to represent the families of the 3rd CD? I don't think so.

I got out of there quick and didn't stay around for the reception- but I finally accomplished an answer (well sort of answer) to my long-time, simple question of the Madia campaign: What month and year did Ashwin move to his 58th Ave Plymouth apartment? Meaning-When did he move to the district? I chatted with his Policy Director after the debate and although he couldn't/wouldn't answer the question directly he said "yeah that sounds right", when I offered October 2007. So Madia quit his job and moved to the 3rd less than 12 months ago.

What a knave.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

October MORE Magazine Palin Bashing (and Michelle Obama's on the cover)

Perusing the Magazine rack at Walgreens while picking up diapers I saw Michelle Obama on the cover of MORE Magazine- "For women over 40". When I looked for a picture of the cover on their website- I found this story on their home page explaining why Sarah Palin isn't on their cover. Obviously they're taking some heat. Good.

But right under that story is a hate-spewing article entitled "Sarah Palin and Having it All" written by Suzanne Braun Levine. The Spin Sisters are at it again.

Here's Ms. Braun Levin's bio from her Publisher:

Suzanne Braun Levine is a journalist and a recognized authority on women, media matters, and family issues. She was editor of Ms. magazine from its founding in 1972 until 1989 and is currently a contributing editor of More magazine. She is the author of Father Courage, a book about contemporary parenting, and lives in New York.

Here's how the article begins:

Bella Abzug –- the shrewd, hard-hitting, passionate and idealistic legislative genius who led the women’s movement and represented New York in Congress -– once remarked that we would only have true gender equality when an incompetent woman could go as far as an incompetent man. That milestone appears to have been achieved with the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President.

It goes on:

Even the reportedly clear glasses she wears to play down her beauty-queen credential and enhance her gravitas can’t make up for experience

IDIOT here's a picture from Sarah Palin's Biography (thanks Jake).

These baby-boomer Ms. Magazine Feminists are SHAMELESS VICIOUS HAGS! Can somebody explain to me how this story made it past the gate? What editor reads this and doesn't even THINK to fact-check things that sound so outrageous. These are the same imbeciles who fell for the "Days of our Lives" fake pregnancy story!

And more:

a mother in her circumstances would have a hard enough time getting to work every day, let alone being a heartbeat away from leading a family of nations she has never even traveled through

Spare me, please spare me. How out of touch can you be? "You've never visit other countries? You Neanderthal!" Some people are working babe- don't you get it? While you're advocating for "universal child care", some of us are taking care of ours which prohibits us from globe-trotting. Probably 90% of the country hasn't traveled outside of the U.S.--- and wait a second- our President and Vice President aren't "leading a family of nations"- they're leading THIS nation you pompous twit.

Then she continues to show her complete lack of journalist integrity by purposely misquoting Palin (conveniently forgetting the word "hockey" which added the humor and truth to the statement):

“The difference between a pit bull and a mom,” she has said, “is lipstick.”

Ms. Levine wouldn't know a hockey stick if it were shoved.... (OK, I'm going to calm down) . I'd just love to show her how a good Minnesota hockey fight works- first I'm going to pull that jersey right over your big liberal head.

And more:

He obviously chose Palin primarily because she is a woman. Again, this is not an anti-Palin observation; it is an anti-sexist point.

So much for "I am Woman, Hear me Roar" huh?

These women DO NOT GET IT- Republican women vote for individuals and we have no intention of winning over liberal feminists (nor do we want to)-- Palin's pick helped secure the Reagan Democrat vote- not the Hillary vote.

These old witches hate Palin because she 1. doesn't live in NY (like Levine) 2. has too many kids 3. is Christian 4. Is happy with her choices and her life, I could go on and on. But most of all? She may be the first female President of the United States.

P.S. There's hope! I just checked out the Comments section on their website and added my own--they all bash the article. Add your own comment and let these people know how you feel.

Catholic Guilt (for some)

I went to Mass this morning. I attend a liberal Catholic Church in the western suburbs a mile from my house, Pax Christi. One of our priests wrote a letter a few years back saying that we were "killing people to steal their oil". My parish focuses on the social justice side of the Church doctrine. In our Prayers of the Faithful this morning we were asked to remember the "common good" in this upcoming election. Rarely a prayer for the military, rarely a prayer on the Life issue. Sigh.

Why do I stay a member? It's a great church with great priests and I'm able to take a lot of what is said and apply it to my life in my own way. Guilt isn't always a bad thing and I sincerely believe we have an obligation to help those less fortunate, I just believe that the government is the least effective way to help people.

Being a Catholic is good fit for my healthy ego-- it's an intellectual religion that makes you reflect a lot...and the outfits are pretty cool too.

We got it good this morning- the topic was stewardship and there was a very good speaker who did a nice job outlining why we need to give back- and he did it in about 10 minutes- bonus! If only my fellow Catholic- Joe Biden were listening.

The National Review reported last week that Bidens have given about 1/8 of 1% of their income in charitable giving over the last 10 years. Wow- Joe- come to Pax Christi, you need some serious guilting. Typical liberal- he thinks that taxes are "patriotic" and qualify as charitable giving. And isn't it funny that Senator Biden- like most Congressman- conveniently falls under the $250,000 a year income level that now defines "the rich" according to the Democrats.

And Finally....What not to Wear to a Daytime Campaign Rally

Shimmery lowcut evening gown
Black sequined mini dress

Pictures of the Blaine Rally 4

Loved the KARE 11 sign in front of us- the end read "Not your Liberal Views"-- their 6 o'clock news coverage that day proved it
Me and My Todd
"Jackasses Raise Taxes" Now- THAT is GREAT!! It's fun to be with your "peeps"

Pink Elephants- with my good buddy Kristen

Pictures from the Blaine Rally 3

Senator McCain speaking
Working the crowd
We got pretty close
Sarah and Todd Palin

Pictures from the Blaine Rally 2

The crowd was huge!
Here's the "Straight Talk Express" pulling right up to the door
There's Todd Palin walking in
Sarah Palin speaking

Pictures from the Blaine Rally

Senator Coleman
Brian Davis- Candidate in the 1st CD
Congressman John Kline- my parent's rep in the 2nd CD
Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann- 6th CD
Oops-wrong event

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Music to Lose By

From the KARE 11 Website
"Bob Dylan to play at the University of Minnesota on election night"

According to the Northrop Auditorium website Bob Dylan and His Band will take the stage for an election night concert at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets will cost $66-$86 and go on sale at 10 a.m.
Students will get the first chance to buy the tickets at the Northrop box office.

McCain Palin Rally

Went to the rally in Blaine yeterday- it was AWESOME. I forgot my camera battery (bad activist!) But my friend let me use hers and I'll have a bunch of pictures up soon.

Here's the video link on KARE 11 http://www.kare11.com/video/default.aspx

We sat down to watch the KARE 11 6 o'clock news and our mouths dropped at the coverage- they showed the rally (with an estimated 13,000 people there) for maybe 30 seconds and then spent the next minute and a half talking about the Obama rally (he wasn't even here and there were 3,500 people there). Unbelievable bias by the local news.

I'm really motivated to work for McCain/Palin after that campaign. Join me at their Victory Office located at 6870 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie- find your MN office here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Campaigning in the Classroom?

Rumor has it that Ron Case has his OWN campaign signs in his Oak Pointe classroom!! He wants to teach his social studies class about what a great candidate he is, I guess. "Now Bobby and Susie go tell mom and dad how I'm going to improve their lives!"

I may just have to see a picture of that one. Do they let the kids bring in camera phones? I'm sending in a spy. I am the pied piper of teenage babysitters Mr. Case- if this is true, you better get those signs down soon.

Isn't there some school policy?

I can't imagine being stuck with a teacher like that. A raving liberal who you have to agree with in order to get an A-- oh, wait a minute I had a lot of those at the University.

This guy is shameless!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Subsidized Glass Blowing on the Prairie

Where do I even begin on the Eden Prairie Arts Center? According to today's Sun Current the City Council has approved the $91,000 to create a parking lot, but is holding off on the $83,000 for interior renovations. Why not hold off on everything? I'm with Councilman Jon Duckstad- sell the thing, now! The economy is slowing way down and the Friends of the Art Center only has a $25,000 grant to show for its fundraising efforts- with a goal of $500,000 to raise by January '09. Why not wait on everything until this group can raise the money? And let me get this straight- $500,000 is just for the renovations and equipment cost for the building? That's a lot of dough to put into a building worth- what $1 Million? And if the city does make these modifications, it ours in perpetuity?

The person who donated the building to the city was kind (although I have to think there was some tax incentive to the estate for doing it)- but it looks like- once again- the taxpayers will be footing the rest of the bill.

The Friends of the Eden Prairie Arts Center website has a "who they are" tab, although it doesn't really say. But it does say this:

Plans call for the center to have a glass-blowing studio, a pottery studio, two standard classrooms for painting and drawing, and a multipurpose room for jewelry and glass fusing. The pottery studio will have 10 pottery wheels, including four that are accessible to handicapped people.

Do we really need a city-owned glass-blowing studio?? Please people, Dale Chihuly is so 1996. I mean why not add a dark room while you're at it? And a special room for making jewelry and glass fusing? This is just stupid. I have no other intelligent words to offer- I'm sorry.

Is there a reason art classes can't be held at the brand-spaking-new Community Center? Don't answer that- I'm sure the EP liberals have 105 reasons why that can't happen. When will we ever learn? We have ourselved subsidzing a lease on a municipal coffee shop because a small gorup of Eden Prairie citizens thought it sounded like a nice idea. We used a private marketing firm to re-tool the Parks Referendum to get the Community Center which also sounded good until the final bill came in at $10 MILLION over budget- with a $6.65 Million Budget, that's no small feat! Is there a reason that a suburb located 20 minutes from one of the greatest art cities in the country needs an art center? You know the reasons I've heard from neighbors: "Edina has one". Not good enough.

According to City Manager Scott Neal in June '08: “This is an exciting opportunity for the Eden Prairie community,” said City Manager Scott Neal. “An Art Center will enrich the lives of all generations and establish a place to celebrate the arts for many years to come.” (Statements like this are why Sarah Palin changed city policy as mayor of Wasilla so that all media requests went through the Mayor- but I digress). With all due respect Mr. Neal, I really don't care what you think will enrich the lives of Eden Prairie Citzens- you live in Northfield and don't pay property taxes here.

And just wait- we'll be sitting here in 2 years looking at a $1.5 Milion proposal to modify the space so that the Eden Prairie Players can perform there- think I'm crazy? That's what they want- more on that later.

I'm now going to bang my head against the wall.

Madia Continues to Contradict Himself

Watching Tuesday's TPT debate- more to come.

A couple quick thoughts- it was funny when Mary Lahammer asked each candidate about specific financial sector experience they had- Madia had this to say:

"When I was in Law School I had the opportunity to work for unemployed people.....When I was a lawyer in intellectual property, I worked for General Electric, I worked for Honeywell, I got a chance to experience some of the issues they deal with every single day"

A. You have to cite Law School as experience? please!

B. You practiced corporate law for what- one year? You're seriously citing that as experience in the financial sector?

C. Your newest campaign literature that I picked up just a few short weeks ago says you're "Currently an Attorney" now you say "When I was a Lawyer"-- which one is it??

Also I noted Madia's continued arrogant style-He told Mary Lahammer to "hold on a second" when she rightly asked him to answer a question that he wasn't answering. Lahammer is like the queen of Minnesota political reporting- don't mess with Mary.

I'll have more thoughts on the debate later in the week.

The Unsinkable Campbell Brown

Boy Campbell Brown is tough these days- she's just taking on her interview subjects left and right- her new motto "no bias, no bull" shows she means business.

Last week she took on a McCain spokesman and got in his face with this misstatement of fact: "No Governor makes decisions on how to equip or deploy the National Guard."

Last night she took on Lynn Forester de Rothschild- a former Hillary supporter who presented the facts on why she's now supporting McCain. But unlike the McCain spokesman- Ms. de Rothschild went right back at Campbell making her look like a fool.

It's funny because the youtube title says "Rothschild gets schooled"-- I completely disagree- her handling of Campbell's badgering was quite brilliant especially at the end when she basically says "look Campbell if you need to call me bitter like Obama does, fine, but it really doesn't further the dialogue". Right on sister.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Doctor in the House

My two favorite Congressional Candidates: Brian Davis (1st) and Erik Paulsen (3rd)

I've donated some dough to Dr. Brian Davis. A Mayo Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Davis is ready for "prime time". 58% of the Senate and 39% of the House are Attorneys. I think that profession is over-represented and has led to some of the problems we have today in Washington. (Note to Obama and Biden).

We're sorely in need of some physicians in Congress. If I have to listen to one more poltician talk about "fixing" healthcare, I'm going to hurl. The government can't fix healthcare- the government is already over-involved in the business of healthcare.

During the GOP State Convetion, we had to sit through a slew of speakers. Most of the time I was downright bored. But,, Brian Davis was one who inspired me, called me to action, had the guts to say how things were. He's an unapologetic conservative. It's refreshing.

He's just a fantastic candidate and whether you live in the 3rd or the 5th or the 1st- you should donate money to his campaign. This will be a tough race against Tim Walz, but in a District that's been red in all but 22 of the last 150 years, it's winnable-- especially with McCain's numbers improving in Minnesota.

Learn more about Brian Davis at his website.
And here's Erik's site

Can you Believe This?

From Michelle Malkin's website:

Sometime early this morning, between approximately 3:00am - 4:00am, members of an infamous group of hackers broke into Gov. Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail account. The incriminating discussion threads included screenshots of Palin’s e-mail and private e-mail addresses of her contacts. The threads have since been deleted.

The screen shots are up on the web now along with personal pictures and Sarah Palin's private email addresses.

I shouldn't be shocked, I don't know why I am.

These people are absolutely 100% nuts- and they're going to jail. Can you imagine if your email was hacked into and published for all of the world to see?

The same people who don't want us to wiretap terrorists under surveillance will protect these sick people. Think that's a stretch? I googled for twenty seconds and ran into this post on the Daily Kos.

And the spin so far? According the Dallas Morning News- Sarah Palin used her personal email account for a few state business emails and dared to tell somebody that she was "praying for them". That's the story. HOW DARE THEY??? How DARE the media blow this off?

Do we really want to "go there"- do we want to post the personal emails of every elected official in Congress? I'd personally like to see Charlie Rangel's and Chris Dodd's and Barney Frank's- maybe we could have some insight into the downfall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You want to bet me any amount of money that none of them have ever used their personal accounts for "business".

These people on the Daily Kos and Gawker are the people who support Barack Obama. They think that it's no big deal to illegally hack into someones account- just like they think this week's "hacked" pictures of John MCain were no big deal.

The left in this country are like a bunch of high 15-year-olds with their childish tactics. Americans are sick of it. I can't believe they're trying so hard to throw away this election.

University Resources Still being used to Promote Anti-Catholic Blog

A dedicated reader informs me that the link from a U of M Morris site to Professor Myer's Atheist blog is still live and active. Indeed it is- with 33 Million hits and a Morris logo on it. I'm glad to see his "personal blog" -as U of M President Bob Bruininks calls it-is still linked via a webpage which is/was "built with Expression Engine, and is being run on a PowerMac G5 and Mac OS X in my lab at the University of Minnesota, Morris"

When you have Bob Bruininks as your loyal defender, why worry?

Professor Myers really isn't the problem, he's just getting away with whatever he can, blogging on the clock. Why not? Every Prof should have a personal blog where they pretend what they're doing is academic in order to subsidize their paychecks- by golly the taxpayers should pay for new laptops! A theology Professor could do a religious blog about atheists and how stupid they are-- oops, no you can't because there's separation of church and state and there aren't theologists at the University- only Atheists, silly. You can only blog at a state-funded institution attacking religion, not promoting religion- there's no separation necessary there. (And by the way-I don't think Atheists are stupid at all- one of my mom's cancer sight just posted the most beautiful ideas about death- that's not the point.)

The problem with this is the fact that the University doesn't seem to care about this potential mess. That they're willing to say that the University Code of Conduct doesn't matter- that anybody can say anything they want on a "personal" blog even when it's clear that University resources have been/are being used. They want to try to be some Ivy-League school dying on the hill of academic freedom when they are a STATE-FUNDED institution. And the best part? We're all supposed to sit back and like it that our tax dollars are being spent so this guy can sit and blog all day long from his University office with self-aggrandizing rants that have nothing to do with his field of study and that call Catholics "superstitious idiots" and religious people "morons". We're supposed to say "Gee that University is really high-brow and tolerant these days, gee I'm a proud Alumna. How much did you want for that new building?"

We're supposed to shut-up and understand it when the U puts on an Anti-Catholic play- as they did last year. A play that no other public University in this country has produced to my knowledge. I can just hear the chatter in The Campus Club now: "But Bjorn, Yale put it on, I mean Yale. Isn't it just fantastic we're doing this here in Minnesota? We are so enlightened."

Thank goodness that 40-year University of Minnesota resident Bob Bruninks is retiring soon. Unfortunately I think we have an extremely liberal Board of Regents who will just hire another President in this same mold.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some People Just Don't Belong

I stole this link from my sister's blog, Blurbs from the Burbs . She's smart and is invite-only, but if you're a friend of mine she'll let you in. (Well unless you're really liberal although she has a few recovered Hillary supporters in the group).

Mary's a hilarious writer and posts some great stories about life in the 'burbs (today's post about an actual kid's birthday invitation which requested that people bring juice boxes or a side dish to share had me chuckling all day). She mixes in political commentary which is always dead-on. She's a military wife and a producer for a nationally-syndicated radio show. Her perspective on life and politics is entertaining and informative. She told me to blog as an outlet and now we laugh at each other's blogs.

Anyway- this is a great commentary on Palin from a Canadian perspective making some comparisons with Thatcher and the hatred she evoked in her time.

It also mentions something that I firmly believe about the Republican party- that we are the populists in this country. We've moved away from that- we've let the left define us as only being for "the rich".

There are a lot of Republicans out there who are going to come to hate Sarah Palin- should she get elected. She has a record of not towing the party line and cleaning out the stalls when need be. She doesn't do as she's told and she doesn't care. She has a ton of guts and has risked her political career time after time. Compare that to Obama who votes "present" and never authors legislation. He's as risk-adverse as he is arrogant. (His choice of Biden proved both of those qualities- if he picked Hillary this race would be over).

I never understood what Rush Limbaugh or my father-in-law were talking about when they called people "Country Club Republicans". I like Country Clubs. I'm not a member of one, but I like their food a lot and if I could afford a membership I'd join. But now I know that they weren't talking about me. They were talking about the Republicans who only understand one thing about our platform: low taxes. People who could care less about Judges or culture- they just want to pay less money to the government. They're Republicans only because their parents were and they always come from money. They think that being Pro-Choice is still de rigeur. They make the wry comments about religion and send their kids to the top (secular) private schools.

They look down their noses at people like Sarah Palin just as much as liberals do and I want them out. I mean it- I want them out of the party now. If McCain/Palin can pull an upset- this extinction of the blue-blood Republicans will be one of the many positive results.

Bail Out

This is scary: (from today's Strib)

A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll finds that fully seven in 10 respondents think government needs to do more to fix the economy; 63 percent believe federal authorities should step in to keep people in their homes when the possibility of foreclosure looms.

Where in the World is Michelle Obama?

This is old news- but when I was looking at pictures of the 9/11 ceremony last week it popped into my head again.

You're a major party's candidate- your wife is campaigning on 9/11. Shameless.

Out-of-Touch in America

Here are some the Obama supporters and their 2007 earnings according to Forbes Magazine's Celebrity 100- this is ONE YEAR of INCOME

Oprah Winfrey- $275 Million
Tyler Perry- $125 Million
Steven Spielberg $130 Million
Jay-Z $82 Million
Beyonce Knowles- $80 Million
Will Smith- $80 Million
Michael Jordan $45 Million
Madonna $40 Million
LeBron James $38 Million
Sean "Diddy" Combs $35 Million
Kanye West $30 Million
Jennifer Aniston $27 Million
Gwyneth Paltrow $25 Million
Matt Damon- $21 Million

Why stick with your promise of public financing when you have friends like these?

I only included names that I recognized as having publicly shown support for Obama. I'm pretty confident 80% of the rest of the names will vote Obama too. Rush Limbaugh made the list with $33 Million a year-Republicans Kelsey Grammer and Chuch Norris did not.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beware the Crazy

So I'm a housewife and one of the things I do from time to time is sell on Craig's List.

I've sold a lot of furniture and have met a ton of great people. An amazing artist in Linden Hills who bought a sofa for her studio. A military man who bought an armoire for his wife. A retired couple who bought my in-law's leather furniture, on and on. I've also bought a lot on Craig's list- a Baker cabinet for a steal from an old Kenwood mansion and some cute chairs from Burnsville. I've never had a problem with Craig's List until today.

So I decide to list my kid's clothes on Craigs List last week and have a great response. Sold a ton of stuff on Saturday to a nice group of women excited to get some cute clothes for a deal.

Then I get a woman today who spent $5 and moved an item from one bin to another (this is called stealing in retail FYI). She also took part of another outfit. I didn't realize it until she was gone.

I send her an email that asks if she inadvertently had this one item- giving her a chance to fix it. I let her know I inventoried everything and it was missing...this is what I get back:

You inventoried everything huh? Do you really have that much time on your hands? You know as I read this email and see the insinuations you are making regarding my character, my first impulse was to get angry. Then it hit me, the feeling I really should be feeling is pity. You obviously have something pretty big going on in your life to lash out at a perfect stranger over some garage sale clothes. Are you losing your home? Is your husband cheating on you? Maybe one of your children is ill? I guess I don't know what it is, and could not begin to wrap my brain around why you feel it to be ok to personally attack me the way you did.

P.S. I buy used clothing not because I don’t have the money, I buy used clothing to be environmentally responsible.

Hey- at least she's "environmentally responsible"...that means she a good person (who just happens to steal things from garage sales).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Speechless

The nutso left-wing media (and the photographers they employ) have sunken to a new low. This is a disgrace.


The magazine that hired her should be suing her- or the McCain camp should.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. Eden Prairie

Ron Case the gift that keeps on giving. This guy REALLY WANTS TO BE ON CITY COUNCIL. I mean he really cares, don't you see how much he cares? And you should vote for him because he cares more than anybody else IN Eden Prairie ABOUT Eden Prairie. Ron Case knows what Eden Prairie needs and that's Ron Case. That's his platform in a nutshell.

The guy cares so much that he writes non-stop letters to the editor about the "legacy" that he wants to leave and takes personal credit for making Eden Prairie a great place to live. The guy wrote a letter to the Editor almost immediately after he lost the Mayoral race two years ago. If I got my butt kicked, I'd be hiding out of embarrassment. I'd at least go underground for a year before sticking my head out again- not Mr. Eden Prairie. Mr. Eden Prairie thinks that we can't live without his insight into our problems. Did I mention that he cares?

This guy is like my local Joe Biden...I love having him around to laugh at. The only problem is Joe has a sense of humor, Ron Case takes himself very seriously.

For my non-EP friends here's the scoop: From all sources Ron Case is a mediocre middle school teacher. He takes his social studies class on an annual bike-ride to the historic Dunn Brothers Coffee- because there's a lot of civics to be learned in how he saved the place with our tax money- $720,000 of it. We all remember the teachers like him- they wanted to be the "cool" ones. This guy actually has his students in the audience in debates wearing his tee-shirts.

He was supposedly a Republican once-upon-a-time, but was re-buffed by the local party (perhaps because he's a liberal?). Now he's whatever you want him to be. He's known to wear his own name tag while sitting at Kowalskis talking very loudly on his cell phone so everybody can hear how important he is- yeah, he's that kind of guy.

He was on the City Council from 1994-2006 when he ran for Mayor and lost. He's now running again to get back to where he belongs- on the City Council dammit.

His campaign slogan (on all of his signs) is "Bring Back Ron Case"-- as if he was some popular product taken off the market. Isn't it the most egotistical thing to say "Bring Me Back". In Ron's mind he is just a king in exile, waiting not-so-patiently to be restored to his throne.

Here's the actual announcement in the paper today:

When he announced his campaign, Case said his main reasons for running are to "bring logic and reason back to the budgeting process, ensure that government is more responsive to it's residents, lead Eden Prairie into a greener future, revive the cultural heart and soul of our town and return Eden Prairie to a "Top Ten City"

Mr. Eden Prairie can do it all! Don't believe me? Look at this picture, also in paper today:

P.S. To one of my loyal readers who said that the last thing that Ron Case wants to talk about is old buildings? You were wrong.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cooling Down to Global Warming

A friend sent this blog post about Governor Tim Pawlenty on the Glenn Beck Radio Show on Wednesday.


Here's the clip (pardon the polar bears and liberal alarmist video)

Global Warming is an issue that can make grown men turn into scared little boys. They don't want to talk about it, they don't want to be seen talking about it, they don't want to go to events that are talking about it. They're too worried that someone might question their position on the issue. They're trying to read the tea leaves and they want to be liked.

Why can't politicians make their mind up on this issue? Why are so many afraid of this issue? I mean- it was less than 18 mos ago that Pawlenty said we should have listened to Jimmy Carter and that "Climate change is real. Human behavior is partly and may be a lot responsible. Those who don’t think so are simply not right. We should not spend time on voices that say it’s not real. Please don’t let these voices discourage or distract you from your mission." And now he's dismissing it? What changed his mind?

I first caught Pawlenty moving on this issue back in early March. KSTP did a story on the Governor's Climate Change Advisory Group. At the end of the interview the Governor stated- "I don't think people should be afraid of talking to people who have a different view, an opposing view"

You either think man-made catastrophic global warming is likely and that we must do something about it, or you don't. You either believe there should be debate on this issue or you don't, So which is it?

Amy, What you wanna do? Get free style advice from the Activist Next Door!

Senator Amy Klobuchar is popular and smart politically- there's no doubt about that. I might argue that legislation to eliminate trace quantities of lead in toys has about as much political gravitas as "Bruiser's Bill" from "Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde", but nevertheless Ms. Klobuchar isn't going anywhere- yet.

So while she's our Senator I'd like to ask- I mean implore her people to take her image up a bit. We may not be New York or Chicago, but there are some chic women here in Minnesota. I respectfully request representation that reflects some of that style and polish. You're in the "big time", look like it.

The Conventions are over, we're waiting for the debates and I'm growing tired of the Palin media backlash news. What to do? What all good Republicans do-- give time to a charitable cause. Philanthropy's important- so I'm ready to give one of my talents to our Jr. Senator- my style advice.

Now Amy may have had some media consultants early on- trying to tweak some things-but Senator Klobuchar- I'm FREE! I've been dressing my girlfriends, sisters and mom for years. I have seven years of retail experience under my belt, and I'm GOOD. .

Let me start by saying that I try very hard not to criticize any woman's actual appearance, we're all sensitive to these things, even big bad Senators. I truly believe with good hair, makeup and lighting, anybody can look like a cover girl. I mean look at Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston. So let's begin.

Senator Klobuchar has one thing going for her that Senator Clinton can never quite manage well- a nice, natural smile. (She shares the same strange monotone speech deliver though). But her smiles shows that she probably has a good sense of humor- something missing from SO many liberals. That's good, it's inviting. I like this picture without the glasses. We Republican women invest in great shoes and handbags. Liberal women invest in great glasses- usually $700 frames from Invision in the Galleria. It's 2008, there's really no need. I'm as blind as a bat with astigmatism in both eyes- you'll still rarely catch me in my glasses. Sarah Palin has the frameless thing going on. My guess is she wears them to play down how pretty she is. Ms. Klobuchar looks much better without her glasses- so ditch them.

Some more tips for Amy:

Tip 1: Get some color up by your face, you have very fair skin - you need a pop. But don't do it with these large collars over the lapel- outdated and manish. Buy some great scarves- they're back in. Or- some funky jewelry. You're a liberal! Get's some artsy, large rock-crystal jewelry going on. Like this red choker from tenthousandvillages.com (a fair trade web site).

Tip 2: I like the Senator in that deep ruby red she wore to the DNC- a lovely GOP color- works well for her. Amy's a "winter"- she needs jewel tones emerald greens, pretty purples, royal blues. Black is great on her (and everyone) or white- no cream/ivory.

Tip 2: Beware of the pants suits, (a Clinton staple). Wear them with great care and only in dark colors. I love a great cream/white pantsuit, they're sharp and dressy for evening. But they just ain't good in full length pictures as evidenced here.

I wore a cream pants suit to the 3rd Congressional District Convention- I had ink on my butt and highlighter on my thigh by the end of the day. Good in theory- not in practice.

As for the gal standing next to the Senator- well, hmm, I'll just caution her to stay away from the short-sleeve T-shirt over long-sleeve. I know- you're at these events and the candidates want you to put on their shirts....don't do it. Don't do it.

Tip 3: Follow Nancy Pelosi's lead and add some more soft natural-looking highlights to your hair. Dark Brunettes need a bit of softness as we age. Grow out the hair maybe just another inch or two and keep it bigger as you have in this picture. The Senator's only 48!! She's aging herself with the hair.

The makeup needs to be a bit heavier. More blush- some light bronzer and when you're on state there is this amazing product called Revlon "Skin Lights" it's a great anti-aging tool and brightener-- buy some, use it.

Tip 4: Always try to create a waistline for yourself. Easy this season with belts. Or look at rouged waists on suit jackets. Stay away from linen and never wear untucked shirts this way- I don't care if you're at the State Fair. It's sloppy.
A couple ideas when you're on the stump or in more casual settings:

And here aer some D.C. Power Suits (from Saks)

Or if you really want to get some serious legislation passed while turning heads Senator, just go for this:

I'm really hoping someone out there can get this blog post into the right hands.