Monday, August 18, 2008

Why, me? Blog?

When I moved back to Minnesota four years ago from Georgia, I did so in a dented up Jeep with a Bush-Cheney sticker in the back. Todd had just finished the 10-years of training required in order to be a full-fledged Radiologist and we were moving into a large house in a nice Western suburb of Minneapolis. We were like George and Louise Jefferson that summer "a movin' on up".

I was 6 months pregnant with twins and although I was sitting out the '04 campaign- after working like a dog in '00- I did the minimum and immediately put up my Bush-Cheney sign in the large green yard. My mom quickly said "Oh Sheila, you just moved into the neighborhood". Worried that I'd be blackballed by the neighbors, Mom is always good about looking out for me and is always wanting to spare me from the lightning-rod life that I continue to lead. I love my mom.

Then a funny thing happened, several neighbors came out to meet me. This is an exceedingly rare occurence in Minnesota where people carefully observe and inspect neighbors for YEARS through the blinds before ever making an approach. They asked me where I got my signs, I pointed to the stack in my garage. They took the signs, put them up and we've been friends ever since.

I went door knocking with my State Senator in '06. At one door I knocked, a neighbor said; "Oh you're that Republican activist". I was stunned, shocked, taken aback. Activist? Activist? Do you see Birkenstocks? Does my hair look like it's dirty to you? I mean, please. Activist? I own a set of pearls for Pete's sake. I simply stammered, "Uh, yeah, I guess", I handed him the candidate's literature and walked away shaking my head.

Sure I had political signs in my yard every election cycle, did that mean I was an activist? I then recalled the door knocking, lit dropping, sign posting, phone calling and rebar installing I had done for Republican candidates over the years. Okay, maybe, I guess you could say I was "active". I thought about the fact that I had eagerly watched every national political Convention on TV from the age of eight. A bit odd-Yes. Politics is definitely a past time for me.

Then I remembered that time when I stood in the rain outside CNN Center in Atlanta in 2000 with a homemade sign shaming Al Gore for not wanting to count Military Votes from overseas. I was screaming like a madwoman that day. Jumping up and down and giving exhuberant "thumbs-up" signs to the honking cars that drove by.

So I thought about it. I'm still thinking about it....and I'm ready...I have a confession to make. My name is Sheila Kihne and I am a Republican Activist.

So why this blog? Because I continue to be amazed at people who "sit out". Who think that simply voting in an election will bring about change. (No Obama, you don't own that word). I think we Republicans could learn a thing or two from the hippy liberals who are protesting, door-knocking, passing petitions, etc. Granted, many of them don't work- or if they do work-they work for the government. But we are Republicans- let's not blame others for what's wrong with our government. Let's not sit back and hope "somebody else will take care of it". Let's get this started. Stop yelling at the TV or radio and get off your duff and DO something. If you're all about "talk, talk, talk" I have no time for you. Write a letter to the editor, plan a neighborhood event, make a donation to a local candidate, go to City Hall and give them a piece of your mind, run for office. Become an educated taxpayer and citizen and fight the power man.

I hope this blog will be an entertaining blend of the things that entertain me. Mostly that means politics. Although I might share some fashion and shopping tips as the mood strikes. My bottom line philosophy is that life is short. It has its ups and downs, but you should try hard to make it full and fun. It's about your good friends, your good family and trying very hard to walk the path you think God wants you to walk. (I didn't want to mention God right off the bat, didn't want to lose any atheists here, but I couldn't help it). He IS "The Man". You should do what you're passionate about, what you think is right and not give a hoot what so-and-so thinks.

There is no place in the world where I'd rather be than in my home state of Minnesota observing politics. We are full of passionate, educated people. We take our civics seriously. And where better to observe the follies of socialism than a place where it's practiced and/or attempted so often?

I welcome liberals or "progressives" or whatever you call yourselves these days to post. If you're logical and funny- you stay. If you're boring or obnoxious, you'll be banned. Oh, I love the power already! Now off we go.
P.S. The first person who can tell me the answers to the following questions gets a free "Nobama" bumper sticker!
What show was "The Jefferson's" a spin-off from? And what was the connection?


Mary said...

All in the Family.

The Jeffersons lived next door to the Bunkers--much to Archie's dismay.

Please send me the Nobama bumper sticker. I'm assuming you didn't have to pay eight dollars for it.

Sheila said...

And Louise was Edith's maid- wasn't she...

I'll send your sticker!