Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet home Alabama, Is Madia from Mobil?

Unfortunately I can't make it to the Twin West Chamber debate between Ashwin Madia and Erik Paulsen this Thursday at 7am in Golden Valley. I look forward to seeing some video of the event. I wonder if Ashwin will be talking with his adopted Southern accent.

I know he was raised here in Minnesota. I haven't heard Madia speak until I heard this clip on WCCO and I'm perplexed by his strange clipped speech patterns. I know he was in the military and traveled, but I lived in the South for six years, you don't just pick up an accent like that. So what's up with it? It's almost Clinton-esque at times the way he says "country" "oil" "together" "thinkin" "generation". Really odd.

Update: I just listened to the 3rd CD Debate- Madia was born in Boston and moved to Minnesota in High School and attended College here--so he only lived here for maybe seven years? He moved back to Minnesota just two years ago- so perhaps he did spend time in the South where he acquired the accent heard on this video.

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Mary said...

That is quite the mysterious dialect indded. At first, he sounded East Coast. But later, I picked up a bit of a drawl. He definitely speaks in that clipped military fashion that is so near and dear to my heart...but it is odd, very odd.