Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. Eden Prairie

Ron Case the gift that keeps on giving. This guy REALLY WANTS TO BE ON CITY COUNCIL. I mean he really cares, don't you see how much he cares? And you should vote for him because he cares more than anybody else IN Eden Prairie ABOUT Eden Prairie. Ron Case knows what Eden Prairie needs and that's Ron Case. That's his platform in a nutshell.

The guy cares so much that he writes non-stop letters to the editor about the "legacy" that he wants to leave and takes personal credit for making Eden Prairie a great place to live. The guy wrote a letter to the Editor almost immediately after he lost the Mayoral race two years ago. If I got my butt kicked, I'd be hiding out of embarrassment. I'd at least go underground for a year before sticking my head out again- not Mr. Eden Prairie. Mr. Eden Prairie thinks that we can't live without his insight into our problems. Did I mention that he cares?

This guy is like my local Joe Biden...I love having him around to laugh at. The only problem is Joe has a sense of humor, Ron Case takes himself very seriously.

For my non-EP friends here's the scoop: From all sources Ron Case is a mediocre middle school teacher. He takes his social studies class on an annual bike-ride to the historic Dunn Brothers Coffee- because there's a lot of civics to be learned in how he saved the place with our tax money- $720,000 of it. We all remember the teachers like him- they wanted to be the "cool" ones. This guy actually has his students in the audience in debates wearing his tee-shirts.

He was supposedly a Republican once-upon-a-time, but was re-buffed by the local party (perhaps because he's a liberal?). Now he's whatever you want him to be. He's known to wear his own name tag while sitting at Kowalskis talking very loudly on his cell phone so everybody can hear how important he is- yeah, he's that kind of guy.

He was on the City Council from 1994-2006 when he ran for Mayor and lost. He's now running again to get back to where he belongs- on the City Council dammit.

His campaign slogan (on all of his signs) is "Bring Back Ron Case"-- as if he was some popular product taken off the market. Isn't it the most egotistical thing to say "Bring Me Back". In Ron's mind he is just a king in exile, waiting not-so-patiently to be restored to his throne.

Here's the actual announcement in the paper today:

When he announced his campaign, Case said his main reasons for running are to "bring logic and reason back to the budgeting process, ensure that government is more responsive to it's residents, lead Eden Prairie into a greener future, revive the cultural heart and soul of our town and return Eden Prairie to a "Top Ten City"

Mr. Eden Prairie can do it all! Don't believe me? Look at this picture, also in paper today:

P.S. To one of my loyal readers who said that the last thing that Ron Case wants to talk about is old buildings? You were wrong.

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Allie said...

Hey, changing the subject to get your attention.

Noting your Sept posts and our mutual love of Progressive Majority :) I want to call your attention to my just now made August 21 comment (found you googling). Perhaps a new blog entry re the items I listed?

If it helps - so far Gloria Totten has been paid $298,000 in 2008 through the August filing. Are you sure she's a "share the wealth" left-winger?