Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jerry Pitzrick.....Jerry Lundegaard?

I called Jerry Pitzrick-DFL Candidate for the House 42B seat- yesterday. I let him know that I was an active Republican and I wanted to confirm what someone had posted on Gavin Sullivan's blog- that he would be speaking at a "Progressives on the Prairie" event that evening and that I was welcome to come and ask questions. Jerry let me know that he was scheduled for that event next week. I asked if he was going to have any non-partisan forums. He said they may look at forums in the fall, and offered that he's written several opinions pieces in the papers. I asked him if he'd let me know when his open forum would be held, he said he would.

Then I asked him a question. "I've had some friends and neighbors tell me that you've told them at the door that you're a moderate Democrat. Do you consider yourself a Moderate Democrat?"

Jerry: "Yes, I do.".

Me: "How do you reconcile that with your endorsement from Progressive Majority?"

Jerry: "They endorse a variety of people. I'm not the most progressive candidate they're supporting"

Me: "Well I was at their office downtown today and saw their candidate questionnaire with the correct answers indicated, the affirmative answers certainly don't indicate a moderate point of view- did you fill out that questionnaire?

Jerry: "I don't recall"

Me: "You don't recall if you completed the candidate questionnaire for Progressive Majority?"

Jerry: "No, I don't recall"

Me: "Well I believe you have to complete that questionnaire to gain their endorsement, but you don't remember if you filled it out or not?"

Jerry: "No, I don't recall".

Me: (a la Margie Gunderson) "Well Okay then"

I then phoned Gia Vitali at Progressive Majority whom I had met earlier that day. I asked if candidates needed to fill out the questionnaire that I saw at their office in order to get their support- she said yes. I asked if they'd consider supporting a candidate who didn't fill out their form- she said no. I then said that I spoke with Jerry Pitzrick and that he didn't recall filling out the form. She offered a few excuses- that perhaps he's received so many that he forgot and that they've been working with Jerry for a year now, so perhaps it was too long ago. This is a local House race- these candidates do not get that many questionnaires. She would not provide a copy of his questionnaire to me.

I let her know that he confirmed to me that he's telling voters that he's a moderate and that I thought it was intellectually dishonest based on the questionnaire I saw today since 100% of the answers needed to be "affirmative" of the the Progressive Majority agenda in order to get their support. This methodology was reported in The Nation in 2006.

I asked point blank if they train people to say they're moderates- she said no. She said that she didn't think Jerry was hiding anything as he mentions their endorsement on his website- I said "no he doesn't". Jerry Pitzrick's site mentions NOTHING of his endorsement from Progressive Majority. I asked if they hide their endorsement purposely in a more Republican district like 42B- she said no. So this is not the training from Progressive Majority- it is Jerry Pitzrick's own decision to describe himself as a "Moderate".

Jerry Pitzrick attended the Wellstone campaign school, yet he considers himself a moderate Democrat? What's worse is that when voters are asking him what party he's in- he's saying "I'm a Moderate Democrat"...Why not just say DFL? Why are you couching your reply and saying you're a "Moderate" when you're not? Are you ashamed of the Progressive Agenda?

If he answered affirmatively to ALL of the questions on the Progressive Majority candidate questionnaire that I viewed yesterday- and according to their Political Director they wouldn't have endorsed him if he hadn't completed it- and if according to "The Nation" they wouldn't have endorsed him if he hadn't answered ALL questions correctly- then why is Jerry Pitzrick telling voters he's moderate when he agrees with 100% of the liberal agenda of Progressive Majority?

Jerry calls himself "an independent voice of Eden Prairie". I'll talk more about how "Independent" Progressive Majority is soon.

Here's my campaign tip of the day: If you're a big liberal- BE a big liberal. Live it, breath it, work it, sell it, ship it man. People respect principle. They want to know WHAT you believe, WHO you are. Paul Wellstone wouldn't want it any other way.


Mary said...

I'm trying to picture him over a wood chipper.

Sheila said...

He wasn't over the wood chipper- that was "the big guy"

Jerry was in the Car Dealership- and couldn't answer questions truthfully.

Allie said...

It seems you got in where others can not tread :)
It sure would be nice for you to ASAP post in as much detail as possible from your notes and recollection as much as possible of the questionnaire and "correct answers" for the benefit of those opposing PM candidates around the country - since we can't seem to access the questionaire ourselves.

Second question - do you know where the farm training for candidates was held? One place or multiple national sites? Local sites? Online photos, based on conference participants, seem to show it was held outside MN. For example your neighbor community Staunton -acclaimed as PM's hottest MN candidate - seems to have attended a national PM event. Do you happen to know? Are these candidates taken somewhere for training and/or the Progressive Majority introductions to the world. I don't see any expenditures for such on any campaign filings I've looked at nor on PM's own campaign finance disclosures. Even your Minneapolis office is not declared in Minnesota filings.

Having read your blog - I hope the above provides you with the opportunity for more fun. Thanks.

Sheila said...

Allie- I'm not sure where you are-but Matt Filner- Political Director of MN Progressive Majority said that they'd be "happy" to share the questionairre with fellow Progressives- so if you have an honest Progressive friend who believes in open government- they should be able to get a copy-
otherwise, do what I did and stop in and ask to see it- they were pretty easy about it (after a bit of badgering on the phone).