Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jerry Pitzrick speaking with David Shultz Tonight

The "Progressives on the Prairie" are meeting tonight at Davanni's- their invite reads:

Join us for a conversation with Jerry Pitzrick, HD42B DFL Candidate; and "Generational Politics and Electing a Progressive Democratic Majority in 2008" by David Schultz, Professor, Hamline University School of Management.

Sounds like a talk about how the boomers are going to tax us into oblivion by getting more liberals in office- maybe not. Wish I could be there. David Schultz is on the Board for Fair Vote Minnesota- advocacy group for the ridiculous push for Instant Runoff Voting (ie-- get more progressives into office by stacking the ballot). He has a paper on his website called "The Mythological Presidency" where he basically asserts that President Bush is an illegitimate President who used the War on Terror to establish legitimacy. Uh, huh. Sounds like something right off the Daily Kos.

Jerry Pitzrick is speaking with this guy tonight- but don't worry- Jerry's a "Moderate". And I'm Eva Mendes.

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David said...

I think the topic of last night's meeting was interesting -- "Electing a Progressive Democratic Majority in 2008." The Democrats already have a majority in both the state legislature and congress so Pitzrick must be part of an effort to build a "progressive majority" within the DFL caucus. I suppose that's the point of his endorsement by a group called "Progressive Majority." I'd like to hear Pitzrick explain on which issues he is "moderate."