Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Jerk

I've been saying through this campaign "if John McCain can be as big of a jerk to Democrats as he's been to Republicans in the past then he'll win". He's been a huge jerk to Democrats in the last couple days (and I mean that in the very best sense of the word). He's left the Obama camp saying, "I can't believe he did this to us! I mean, what a jerk!"

No sooner did Obama finish his speech on Thursday night then John McCain ran his classy "respect" ad thanking Obama. The news was done for the day and by early am on Friday the entire news cycle turned to the Republicans-- and it's not turning back anytime soon because the media doesn't know anything about Palin. I'm going to be relishing this Palin choice for a long time.

I was getting my nails done yesterday and CBS News was on--how else would I be watching CBS News? Katie Couric was interviewing Jeff Greenfield and I said out loud "they just don't get it!!" Women in the nail shop just looked at me strangely- I get that a lot.

After giving the rundown between Obama and Palin (even though Palin isn't running for President) and then talking about Palin's appeal to women and disgruntled Hillary voters-Jeff Greenfield-Sr Political Correspondent- had this to say:

"If it's seen as an affirmative action pick, one made mostly because she's a woman, may not be the way to white working mans' hearts" SAY WHAT?

Palin is not going to win many Hillary voters. John McCain is going win Hillary voters. That's OK- because Palin isn't just a "woman's" candidate. She's the MAN'S candidate! Smart men like smart women- they also like attractive women and Palin is both. (Kind of like our very own Michelle Bachmann). She's going to win more men's votes than women's votes-and "white working men" are going to love her- mark my words.

and then Greenfield said this:

"Can you put someone with no connection with the wider world a heartbeat away from the Oval Office with a 72-year-old President?"

Nah-ah- No you DID NOT just say that!

No connection with the wider world? Because she's from Alaska?

Brack Obama was born in Hawaii!! He was basically raised there. Does being from Hawaii somehow give you a greater connection with the wider world?

The liberal media better watch it- they are only going to help Republicans win the West, the South and the Heartland with ridiculous statements like that.

Greenfield's last objection to Palin?

"It's her first time in the ring, unlike McCain, Biden or Obama"

That doesn't even merit a rebuttal.

The common theme of the CBS news report was "a heartbeat away from the Presidency"-- interestingly enough I heard that same argument from a literal "Country Club Republican" last night. Can she handle it? My friend had a fantastic retort- "The woman has five kids, she can handle anything."

Palin is Reaganesque- maybe not in her eloquent speeches, but in her ability to connect with people and to sell our conservative message with a smile on her face. She "plays nice", but isn't afraid to dig-in-her-heels and stand firm in what she believes. So, let her stay "Miss Congeniality" and let McCain take on a familiar role-be "The jerk".

I don't know how to edit videos, but the Greenfield interview is about 11 minutes in.

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