Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jackass Watch

It's the first day of school at U of M Morris- what's my favorite bigot- Professor Paul Z. Myers up to today?

Well let's see- he's scheduled to be lecturing BIOL 4181 Developmental Biology
from 2:15-3:20pm

But he posted this lovely little gem under "Humor" at 2:28pm

He's blogged 5 TIMES since 8am today- But fear not dear taxpayers--it's his "personal blog" and he's a "private citizen" according to U of M President Bruininks. He's probably just sitting at home for the first day of school.

And if you're a Catholic student in his class- don't worry at all that your Professor just called you a "zombie" because of the religion you practice-- it's just humor.

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