Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot Mama

If you haven't been reading Meghan McCain's blog from the campaign trail- it's great. Lots of pictures and an insider's view. She posted yesterday about the historic annoucement.

Meghan is sporting some Christian Louboutin's (the red leather soles are the giveaway). But Sarah Palin's shoes are a little more down-to-earth- even though they're 4 inches high! She's all business above the ankle- but a stylish babe below. Red patent peep toe heels- I love this woman!

This is the best picture though: Baby wipes and diapers just after annoucing your acceptance of McCain's invitation to be his Vice President.


Ginny said...

she is terribly cool. a very awesome woman. i am most intrigued to see how things play out. :)

Morgan said...

Hmm, can't imagine how you neglected to tell me you had a blog. ;)

The red soles SHOULD be a giveaway, but Louboutin had to sue for trademark/copyright infringement a while back (last year? 2006 maybe?) because other companies, both "downmarket" (Nine West, which has reinvented itself as a runway knockoff artist, very successfully when it comes to Prada, less so with some faux Alaias I saw) and completely upmarket (I can't remember which company it was, might have been Gucci or Zanotti, but I was actually shocked).

Ms. McCain, of course, presumably has the cash to buy actual Louboutins, and not even at the Barneys warehouse sale.