Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Days

There's a really basic way of determining who will win the Presidency. The most likable and the most optimistic candidate wins. It's simple.

Barack Obama should be the most likable and the most optimistic. He's young, good looking and has a beautiful family. He's had every opportunity that this country has to offer. But somehow, someway, in the last six weeks he's accomplished a stunning deed- making John McCain appear to be more likable and more optimistic candidate. John McCain is a lot of things- but warm and fuzzy isn't one of them.

This race is Obama's to lose. He's had Oprah appearances that no Republican could buy with all of the "special interest" money in the world. He had the big money from the get-go that is required to build the apparatus that brings the small donations later. The Obama political machine steamrolled the Clintons. In knowing just a little bit about party politics, I understand that there are people behind Obama that made that possible.

Obama painted a dark view of America and who we are tonight. It was downright depressing and he came off angry. A man who went to Harvard lecturing about the inability of people to attain a college education? It made no sense. Promising the moon to everyone- a tax cut for 95% of families (not mine), government-led health care for everyone, huge government investment into unproved alternative energy sources, promising social security for all, pay raises for all teachers, and a promise for an America which promotes our "mutual responsibility".

I have a great line for a McCain speechwriter- when Obama talks about redistribution of wealth and mutual responsibility during a debate he simply needs to say "Son, you're talking about communism, and I know something about communism".

This is an unsettling election- we have a 9% approval rate for Congress yet we have two Senators to choose from for our President. This speech tonight is good for Republicans and even though I still think it will be difficult to beat Obama, they're sure making it easier every day.

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