Friday, August 22, 2008

Lonely Barn calls out to Butcher: "Sherry where are you?"

Sherry Butcher- a woman who never met a barn that she didn't want to rehab- was suspiciously missing from Tuesday evening's City Council Meeting when two issues- which directly impact historic preservation efforts in Eden Prairie- were debated.
1. The Dunn Brothers Coffee House Lease at the Smith-Douglas-More house

2. The Pioneer Trail Hwy Project and the Goodrich-Ramus Barn study

Ms Butcher's homepage proclaims:

I am running for reelection to the city council so I can continue to work to preserve and protect our community’s parks and open space, environment, infrastructure, public safety and cultural history.

Spending tax money on Historic Preservation is a hallmark of Ms. Buther's- it's her political identity. There's even a picture of the Goodrich-Ramus barn on her website.

She hasn't missed a regular City Council meeting all year- why did she miss this one?
If protecting our cultural history is one of the main planks of your re-election efforts- why would you miss a meeting that was deeply debating the future of two historic properties in Eden Prairie? I await a reasonable explanation.

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