Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change of Address

I'm curious as to exactly what month Ashwin Madia moved into his Plymouth apartment. I called his Communications office twice this week to ask for his home address and the month and year that he moved to his current residence. They acted like the data was a state secret-- I was initially told "we can't give out that information". Then I was asked repeatedly "Why do you need it?" Of course they took my name and number, but didn't call me back.

I looked up Ashwin on the Secretary of State's site and found his 7-14-08 filing stating his Plymouth Apartment address.

Jigar A. Madia or Ashwin Madia is not listed on the Dex Online Directory and when you look him up in Zabasearch, Intellius or other methods- you only find him at his parents address in Plymouth which means that his current address is recent.

According to this article in The Rake, Mr. Madia didn't start thinking about running in the 3rd until he heard that Congressman Jim Ramstad was retiring. That was announced in mid-September 17, 2007.

When, exactly, did Mr. Madia move to the 3rd Congressional District? And did he move to his parent's house first and then move to his apartment? Has he lived here for less than a year? And is it too much to ask that the person representing me in Congress have paid a Property Tax bill in their lives?

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