Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska Goldmine!

I am THRILLED with the selection of Sarah Palin!!

This was Rush Limbaugh's pick months ago and when I heard him say her name I googled her and did some research. I've been a fan ever since. While fellow Minnesota Republicans tried to sell me on the merits of Tim Pawlenty- I held out hope that Sarah Palin would somehow make it through the process.

This woman challenged her local Republican party when she ran for City Council and Mayor- she cut Property Taxes by 60%. She challenged her state Republican party when she ran for Governor against the longtime Republican incumbent. Like Ronald Reagan she ticked off party leaders in order to bring the party back to the basics. She's a fearless conservative which is so refreshing and inspiring at a time when so many politicians in our party are wringing their hands and apologizing for their views. She's a true feminist- mother of 5 children and the Governor of Alaska. She's a beauty queen and a champion snowmobiler.

Instead of picking a man who said "It looks like we should have listened to President Carter." in regards to Energy Policy (Pawlenty)-- he picked a woman who- like the majority of Alaskans- believes that we should be drilling in ANWR. It provides McCain a much-needed "out" on that issue and it will provide our party with a clear choice to provide voters in November on the Energy Policy gridlock that Washington has given us.

Funny too that I got an email from a local Republican leader that said "Pawlenty is the pick" early in the morning last night. I love that they specifically fed bad info to people who they knew had loud mouths. It was brilliant!

Alaska is as far from Washington DC as you can get-the visual of that is crucial. When Congress has a 9% approval rating and three Senators on the tickets-we needed this pick.

It shows that McCain cares about his base, it shows that he's a true Maverick! Bring on the bumper stickers, sign me up for a phone bank, I'M ON BOARD!
And watching Governor Palin just now, I told my girls- Women can do anything!

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